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Published: 2012/04/26

Umphrey’s McGee Post A Word About Tonight’s Park West Show

As previously reported, Umphrey’s McGee will perform at Chicago’s Park West this evening. The show was designed as a “thank you” party for Choose Chicago volunteers, and the band will perform their new “Chicago” anthem. After additional tickets to the show were inadvertently released online, Umphrey’s McGee’s management has posted the following message:

We wanted to post a quick note about this evening’s private concert for the City of Chicago. Tonight’s show is designed as a thank you to volunteers of Choose Chicago for generously giving their time to help make Chicago the city that it is.

Some additional free tickets were released earlier this week inside the city’s network but – in classic Umphrey’s fashion – they went viral in a hurry. An error in the ticketing system inadvertently released more tickets than the total Park West capacity (approximately 150). It is unfortunate but it is what it is and we are going to do our best to make things run smoothly regardless. Volunteers and benefactors will be given priority as this is a private event designed and operated by the city. That said, the city and UM are going to do our absolute best to honor every issued ticket but we ask for your understanding given the reality of the situation. Please help us ensure an orderly and safe event by being aware that we can not exceed capacity.

We are trying to be as proactive and transparent as possible by alerting everyone to the facts on the ground. We’re hoping to be able to accomodate every ticket holder who wants to celebrate all things Chicago & Umphrey’s McGee. Please do not come if you do not have a ticket as there will no way to get in. Let’s show the city just how classy Umphrey’s fans are by being respectful of the situation and showing patience & kindness to every employee, volunteer, patron, and fan you may encounter tonight, inside or out of the venue.

Thanks in advance for your understanding and thanks for being the best fans around.

Team UM

Umphrey’s McGee will return to the Park West tomorrow for UMBowl III

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