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Published: 2012/06/22

Nick Mason Comments on Pink Floyd’s Future

Pink Floyd’s latest reissues

The June issue of Relix features an interview with founding Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason. In the Q & A, Mason discusses a number of topics, including Pink Floyd’s extensive series of reissues, Floyd co-founder Syd Barrett and the band’s extensive vault of recordings.

Our sister site has now posted an expanded version of Contributing Editor Jeff Tamarkin’s interview. Of particular note, in the extended interview Mason discusses Pink Floyd’s future.

“I get on with both of them,” Mason says of his relationship with surviving members Roger Waters and David Gilmour. “But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they want to go back on the road as Pink Floyd. I think David, particularly, is not enthusiastic at all to return to that scale of operation.”

When asked if he’d tour under the Pink Floyd name, Mason explains, “Oh, I’m ready to go. But it’s easier for me. I don’t have some of the creative issues that the other two do. It’s a bit more difficult without Rick [Wright] there as well. The trouble is if we did it, we’d have to do it properly, and that would be very difficult at this stage, to go out for a year and play old material. I cannot see us going back in the studio.”

Though Pink Floyd has not performed together since their reunion appearance at Live 8 in 2005, both Mason and Gilmour joined Waters onstage in London last year during a performance of The Wall.

Please click here to read Mason’s full interview with Relix.


There are 5 comments associated with this post

eotw June 23, 2012, 07:38:35

Are they going to release boxes for MEDDLE and ANIMALS? That’s al lI want. My two faves of theirs.

Russ June 27, 2012, 15:07:33

There is probably no imediate plan to release MEDDLE and ANIMALS in box sets since the new remastered versions were just released. But check out the Wish You Were Here Experience Edition for some live takes of Dogs & Sheep before they became what they were with the ANIMALS release. Its good stuff.

Jhon July 14, 2012, 03:13:41

Yes @psychomoth06 Yes it was. I saw the show on Helsinki, Finland and it was the singlemost amanizg spectacle I’ve ever seen in my life. Ever since I saw it, I felt bad for everyone who hadn’t seen it, because they will never see anything so amanizg in their lifes. This was seriously the best thing I’ve ever seen and heard.If you have a chance to get a ticket for any of the last upcoming shows, GET IT. NO MATTER THE PRICE. You will not regret it, even if you pay 1,000$ for it. I’m serious.

dennis armato January 23, 2013, 23:45:11

Its funny. The most dissapointing thing in my entire life has been two old men’s inability to put aside creative differences to simply perform old material. If John Lennon had survived the 80s and Harrison the 90s I have no doubt there would have been numerous beatles reunion tours. Its really sad because these stubborn old british geezers refuse to realize the value their music has in our hearts. Can you two just let it go? I want to see you play echoes, us and them, and pigs as much as I want to see you play comfortably numb and on an island. I just want to experience pink floyd again before I die! Is that a lot to ask? You’re on easy street mates thanks to the fans. Thanks to us. Thanks to several generations of teenager’s money and you still deny us on account of some adolescent feud.get over it. We paid for you. We bought you. We made you. Our thanks is this.

Dan August 2, 2013, 16:34:25

Its easy for us as fans to say “just suck it up and tour”, but put yourself in their shoes. It’s not like they can just rehearse and go play 20 or 30 theater rooms or something. People will want an elaborate stadium production that entales tons of effort, marketing, interviews, resources, and basically consume their lives for 3 years. When you’re in your late 60’s and don’t need the cash you wouldn;t care too much about it either.

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