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Published: 2012/07/11

moe. Percussionist Jim Loughlin Addresses Show Cancellation Rumors

moe. percussionist Jim Loughlin has taken to the message boards to dispel rumors surrounding yesterday’s news that group would be cancelling most of their July dates while drummer Vinnie Amico recovers from an undisclosed illness (believed to be mono). Following the cancellation, speculation quickly spread across the message board Phantasy Tour questioning why the band chose to cancel the shows instead of having Loughlin fill in on drums, as he did for the group’s past four shows.

Here’s some of Loughlin’s comments from the message board thread.

Jayel1 Phantasy moe. Tue Jul 10, 2012 05:11 PM

Ah, speculation and rumor. Even the occasional conspiracy theory as to what goes on behind closed doors. The fuel of the internet.

Anyway, just so you know, this isn’t about ticket sales. It’s mostly about the fact that I truly don’t feel comfortable being the drummer for that many shows. I haven’t been a full time drummer in years. The shows that I just did is the most drumming I’ve done in at least 3 years. I really felt that the possibility of putting on shows that were not very good was high with me drumming. Too many unknowns and too many things to adjust to in too short a time for me to be able to say that I could do it with no problem. Also, to be honest, to me it just doesn’t feel right if Vinnie is not there. Personally I have a difficult time not thinking that we’re playing and he’s home sick and wanting to be playing. It’s tough for me.

In my mind it was more fair for the fans to be able to refund money now and try as hard as we can to reschedule all the shows then it was to put on the shows, have them not be great shows, and have disappointed people who can’t get there money back because they didn’t get to see the whole band. Not everyone knows that I used to be the drummer. Not everyone knows that I even play the drums at all.

That’s not to say that I didn’t have a great time drumming for the shows that I did. We all did. It was tons of fun as well as hilarious at some times. To those of you who for some reason think that Rob or Al didn’t enjoy playing with me on the drums because of some look you saw, all I can say is that you just don’t know Rob or Al. That being said, I really don’t think it would be fair to the fans to do a whole tour with me playing drums. I mean, people go to the shows with a certain expectation of performance, some with much higher expectations then others, I really don’t feel that we can reach those levels at a consistent enough basis with me behind the kit.

“But you’re playing the LI show?”. Well yeah, look at our upcoming schedule and look at which shows can be rescheduled and which can’t. Occam’s razor. I mean, yes we can speculate on ticket sales and how it affects which shows we do and which we don’t, but usually the simplest explanation is the correct one. To be honest the concept of advanced ticket sales is fading out. These days most people don’t want to pay the fees. Also, a lot of people don’t want to commit to what there doing this weekend let alone next month. It’s understandable these days.

Secondly, as far as the ticket sales thing goes, we lose money when we don’t play. It’s not like we get paid if we don’t do the show. It’s also not like we can just say “just cancel the shows, we don’t need the money.”. Remember, we do this for a living. This is our job. It’s how we make money. Cancelling shows due to ticket sales is not really an option.

As far as those who made plans and spent money on plane tickets and such. I’m sorry, I truly am. That sucks, flat out. Maybe you can get a travel voucher from the airline or talk to your credit card company and see if you can get a refund through them. It might be possible.

Anyway, Vin is sick. He needs rest. Please keep in mind that these guys have very busy lives outside of moe.. They have families and children. They really don’t get any downtime when they get home from tour. It’s tough. It wears on you. Eventually it wins out and makes you stop and rest. That’s what Vin is doing. He not only needs but deserves it. Believe me, after sitting in his seat for four shows I don’t know how he does it for an entire tour. He’ll be fine but right now he needs rest. That is all.

Finally, to me personally, hearing that we might be using Vin’s health issues to our benefit is a bit offensive. Vin is one of my closest friends and to imply that I would see anything at all good in his illness is a bit dark.

Jayel1 Phantasy moe. Tue Jul 10, 2012 6:35PM

Well, I hope I shed some light on things as far as the cancellations go. At times I feel a need to step in here and straighten some things out. I hope my presence on this board remains welcomed from time to time. Although this board isn’t the biggest cross section of our fan base I feel it is an important one. This is a group of most of our biggest and most concerned and vocal fans. Although I sometimes find discouraging posts I mostly find good things here. Good opinions and ideas. It is also a great place to find shows that I want or need to hear. I find this board an invaluable resource so please keep it going.

Also, I mostly understand where certain ideas and opinions stem from. Sometimes I think it’s hard to separate moe. the band from moe. the individual people. It’s difficult to see the tour bus (leased), the light show (rented), and all our gear (mostly paid for through years of tremendous credit card debt), and think that we’re just normal people doing a job. Is it an awesome job? Yes it is, but it’s still a job. I feel tremendously lucky to do what I do. I love what I do and wouldn’t change it for the world, well, mostly. However, there still is an element of jobiness to it. I do it for a living. It’s my only source of income and I am by no means independently wealthy. Not even close. I don’t have much and am lucky to have what I have. If it wasn’t for being part of an awesome family I’d be, well, I’m not sure but it probably wouldn’t be good. I’ve said it before on this board. All of us in the moe. work very hard to be able to do what we do. We all realize that we are lucky to be able to do this for a living but we all also know that it’s not easy at all. We work very hard for those 3 hours on the stage. Those 3 hours the 5 of us get to do what we do, to connect with each other and try to get to that place that makes everything else worth while, and to share all that with you.

Please just remember that aside from the lights and the bus and all the sound gear, there is also health insurance and mouths to feed and tuition and taxes to be paid not to mention gas for my truck.

Again I ramble on. Thanks for everything, all your continued support and even your critical words.



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The Flesh July 11, 2012, 13:30:22

Awesome and unnecessary for Jim to take the time to address a bunch of kids on the internet. I hope he painted a clear picture for all the critics and complainers. Get well soon Vin!

Scott July 11, 2012, 14:16:45

It was awesome of Jim to post this and respond to the chatter that was happening on the board.
I don’t mean to rant, but as a longtime fan of the band, it was disheartening to read some of the nonsense – but having been someone that has laid out money for tickets, airfare, hotels, etc, I understand where some of it was coming from – but still feel a lot of it was angry jibberjabber.
If you are a fan of the band, then you should understand that they play for you. It is their job and they do it very well, and have done it at times when they are under the weather – but they did not let it affect their performance. At this time, one of their own needs time to recover and the other four do not feel that it would be right to perform at less than 100%.
I love seeing all five of them. I love Vinnie on drums and Jim on percussion. Vinnie holds such a steady beat and plays fantastic drums. Jim adds so much to the music when him and Vin hook into a groove, and then with his fills on percussion, accoustic guitar, and those vibes! He is truly a talented musician, and his response on the board also shows that he is an incredible person and a great friend to Vinnie and the other guys in the band.

me July 11, 2012, 15:49:11

I think Jim hit the nail on the head when he said “Sometimes I think it’s hard to separate moe. the band from moe. the individual people”... that holds true for most fans of most bands, especially in the jamband (and related) world where us fans have such passion for a particular band… These situations suck, but people need to take a deep breath and realize the big picture… for example, other than a death in the family about 5 years ago, I don’t recall moe. ever doing something like cancelling shows… how many of us have not called into work in the last 5 years? It’s weird, a band cancels a show and people get PO’ed, but if a member dies THEN we all mourn… Vinnie’s sick, show some sympathy rather than getting PO’ed!!!!

melissa July 11, 2012, 16:53:45

Jim – tell it like it is. I don’t often feel the need to chime in, but people need to remember, we are the fans, they are the band. how often do we come home from a 3 night run needing a vacation from our vacation? etc. I know I do. I also see the other side where my partner gets up at 9am for press till 2pm load in by 4pm, soundcheck at 5pm, quick dinner while working out the setlist and practicing tunes to surprise their fans, play till 2am, load-out, in bed by 4am (if we’re lucky), then repeat the next day. tour is hard. its harder than any fan could ever understand unless you do it for a living. I’m glad Jim addressed this and I hope Vin has a speedy recovery because his fans are definitely missing him. But how much more would we miss him if he didn’t take this time to rest and things got worse? ponder on that for a moment. Oh and yeah 90% of the artists WE the fans of jambands go see are not independently wealthy or living in mansions, they are not Big Boi or 50 Cent, they are doing it for the LOVE of the music. Take this and keep it in mind, Levon Helm, the one and only, The Band drummer and singer, died in debt….Levon…now apply that to your favorite band, because it’s probably the same situation, god forbid. But man that hurts my heart to know how hard Levon worked and he didn’t even OWN his home. Now, if you have a day job, that pays your mortgage and your airfare and your hotels, go and appreciate it and send positive vibes to one of your favorite bands, they need a lot more of that than they do negativity right now.

suge July 11, 2012, 17:30:28

its refreshing to see straight talk from someone in the music business.

Ruby Starr July 11, 2012, 20:11:25

I’m so glad to hear that Vinny is recovering. Bless all their hearts – they work so hard and are on the road all of the time. I’m so grateful to get to see them when I do. Here’s to Vinny’s continued improvement. Jim, thank you for the 411 – let me know if there is anything y’all need – I make killer cookies and will have some for you when you get to Denver. Remember people “A little moe. is better than no moe.”

rob July 11, 2012, 22:02:44

Vinny, I hope you have a speedy recovery
Jim, thank you for your honesty. Taking your time to answer some outlandish claims is very refreshing to hear. It is just one more reason why I love this band. See you sometime for the fall tour.

Mia Irizarry September 9, 2012, 18:27:38

I just saw my first moe. show at Bell’s Eccentric cafe in Kalamazoo, Mi. I’m new to moe., so Αm nit really familiar with the band yet. But whoever it was on drums was simply AMAZING!! Looking forward too more Moe.

Seabass November 16, 2012, 11:57:48

Jim is my favorite musician in moe. and a huge reason I still play drums. He’s an inspiration, as hokey as that sounds. That said, I think he should stay off the message boards. This stuff sounds petty. Despite his repeated qualifiers about how he knows he’s lucky and feels fortunate to do this for a living and has equipment debt, etc., taking criticism and putting up with rumors comes with the territory. Keep rockin, Jim. I’ll be listening. Just not reading.

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