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Published: 2012/10/01

"Summer’s Gone" For The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys closed out their 50th anniversary reunion tour at London’s Wembley Arena on Friday night. Surviving classic Beach Boys members Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Al Jardine, David Marks, Jeff Foskett and Bruce Johnston reunited earlier this year to record a new album and tour the world. The tour marked the first time Wilson has appeared with the group since 1996, and the first time Jardine has performed with the band he co-founded since Love licensed the band’s name for touring purposes in 1998. Marks, the band’s early ’60s guitarist, rejoined The Beach Boys from 1997-1999 but left the group until their 50th anniversary reunion after being diagnosed with hepatitis C. Johnston continued to tour with Love as part of The Beach Boys while Foskett worked with Wilson. The Beach Boys stuck with a similar setlist throughout their summer tour, but curiously added a new song to their setlist on Thursday night. While performing at London’s Royal Albert Hall, the band debuted the new original “Summer’s Gone,” a song from this year’s That’s Why God Made the Radio. The group played the song for the second and possibly final time at Wembley Arena. In interviews, Wilson described the track as a song he wrote for his late mother and brother Carl as the “final song” on the “final Beach Boys album.”

Given the success of the recent Beach Boys reunion shows, many fans speculated that the group’s core members would continue to perform into 2013. Love stirred some controversy earlier this year when he added some 2012 dates with his latter day version of The Beach Boys featuring only Johnston. Both Wilson and Jardine remarked that they were “surprised” Love did not want to continue playing with the band’s original members, even though the tour had a set “beginning…and end.” As of press time, the band’s future remains in question, though Love, Johnston and some backing musicians will perform as The Beach Boys this fall (including some members of the reunited classic Beach Boys’ backing band). It is entirely possible that Wilson, Love, Jardine, Marks, Foskett and Johnston will perform as The Beach Boys at select events in the coming months.


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John October 2, 2012, 09:40:12

Mike love is really the antithesis to artistic integrity. He seems happy to use all the Brian Wilson songs but just doesn’t seem to actually want Brian Wilson around. Maybe he realizes he just isn’t anywhere up to Brian’s level.

Mark October 3, 2012, 00:58:06

This should have been a classy farewell tour, but Love ruined that opportunity. If Wilson and the others tour together, that’s the show I’d see, never Love’s schmaltz fest.

joe conroy October 3, 2012, 07:43:26

brian is the beachboys al is a founding member loves tour is a ripoff hope brian al and david tour without love

Amanda Miller/Johnston October 4, 2012, 18:29:43

So Perfect I Am Hurt And Upset I’m Coming Biloxi Four Time..Bruce Is Still Member Beach
Boys I Need See Bruce Been Missing Bruce
I Choose Bruce.

Tanya Lucero October 7, 2012, 07:21:58

I love that the Beach Boys have reunited in celebration of there 50 th anniversary of making great unforgettable music, it really is a historic event, I would like to see the group continue on with each other and see how far they can go, musically speaking, it’s a blessing that they were able to reunite. I say, stay together ….

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