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Published: 2012/10/05

Mike Love Responds To Allegations That He "Fired" Brian Wilson, Al Jardine

Mike Love wrote a letter to the Los Angeles Times responding to allegations that he kicked Brian Wilson and Al Jardine out of The Beach Boys. Love categorically denied the claims, writing:

“Let me get right to it: I did not fire Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys. I cannot fire Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys. I am not his employer. I do not have such authority. And even if I did, I would never fire Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys. I love Brian Wilson. We are partners. He’s my cousin by birth and my brother in music.

Love also wrote that the dissolution of The Beach Boy’s 50th anniversary reunion tour line up was always intended. He said that any notion that he “fired” the other members was a result of media speculation.

“This tour was always envisioned as a limited run. None of us wanted to do a 50th anniversary tour that lasted 10 years. It was meant to be special….Like any good party, no one wanted it to end. However, that was impossible, given that we had already set up shows in smaller cities with a different configuration of the band — the configuration that had been touring together every year for the last 13 years. Brian and Al would not be joining for these small market dates, as was long agreed upon.”

You can read the full letter here.

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