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Published: 2012/10/08

Phish Teases at a Justin Bieber Show

There have been some new developments in the once unlikely Phish/Justin Bieber story. As previously reported, Bieber’s guitarist/musical director Dan Kanter is a longtime jamband fan and even took the teen idol to a Phish show in California earlier this summer. Kanter also helped Phish lighting designer Chris Kuroda score a lighting gig on Bieber’s current arena tour (Bieber reportedly just beat Kuroda in ping pong backstage).

Now, Kanter has started to work some Phish teases into Bieber’s show. A series of recent videos reveal that Kanter has started to tease Phish staples like “Divided Sky,” “Sand” and “First Tube” during Bieber’s sets. Be sure to skip 4:32 (“Sand”) and 5:35 (First Tube) in the video above and to 13:40 (“Divided Sky”) in the video that we’ve posted below to see Kanter’s unlikely teases.

For more on the Phish/Bieber connection, be sure to read our recent interview with Kanter.

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