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Published: 2012/11/19

Members of Blues Traveler, Spin Doctors and The Authority to Reunite as Wasabi

In the early ‘90s, intertwined bands Blues Traveler, Spin Doctors and The Authority frequently shared bills at clubs throughout Downtown New York. In 1991, the members of these three groups solidified their collaboration by forming the loose super group Wasabi. Though the jazzy, highly-improvisational group’s exact lineup changed a bit over the years, the band’s core lineup usually consisted of Blues Traveler frontman John Popper, Spin Doctors bassist Mark White, Spin Doctors drummer Aaron Comess and the musicians’ teacher/mentor Arnie Lawrence on saxophone. Authority percussionist Rene Lopez and Spin Doctors
guitarist Eric Schenkman were also members of Wasabi at most of their shows. Wasabi played NYC clubs like Wetlands, New Frontier, New Music Cafe, CBGB’s and Nightingale Club and even developed a few original songs (Blues Traveler recorded Wasabi’s “Battle of Someone” for their 1997 album Straight On Till Morning).

The group has been inactive since around 1994 but will reunite for a show at Brooklyn, NY’s Brooklyn Bowl on December 9. of a tribute concert for Wetlands founder Larry Bloch, who recently passed away, the ensemble’s lineup will feature Popper, Lopez, Schenkman, White, Comess and saxophonist Erik Lawrence (Arnie’s son). Special guests are expected. All proceeds from the event will benefit the Wetlands Activism Center.


There are 10 comments associated with this post

Befuddled November 19, 2012, 18:22:23

The Authority? They were terrible…

Not Befuddled November 19, 2012, 20:00:51

I beg to differ.

Jdog November 19, 2012, 20:31:28

........and one time on summer tour…...H.O.R.D.E. Fest…‘92 Jones Beach…. Spin Dr. Gloria jam> BluesTraveler Gloria jam…...

Greg K. November 19, 2012, 22:24:09

The Authority were a GREAT band.

Walt November 20, 2012, 00:36:22

Saw Wasabi twice at Wetlands…. Awesome!!!!!

Peachhead November 20, 2012, 00:59:57

Authority, good band for sure.

me November 20, 2012, 10:13:06

I saw The Authority open for Phish at my first show in Plattsburgh 12/4/1991… from what I remember of that night, The Authority were a good band, then Phish came on and my head came off… there’s good, then there are a few bands like Phish… almost an insult to simply use the word “good” to describe them…

Befuddled November 22, 2012, 00:13:54

These guys brought their NY attitude to Boston years ago and got smacked down. These guys were goons, pure and simple.

Sushi lover November 22, 2012, 00:24:57

Did someone say wasabi?

JB July 1, 2013, 13:32:47

Frikin Awesome Band! Boston Douchebag!

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