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Published: 2012/12/22

The Disco Biscuits, Umphrey’s McGee and STS9 Play the 6th Mayan Holidaze

The Disco Biscuits, STS9, Umphrey’s McGee and celebrated the end of the Mayan calender during the 6th annual Mayan Holidaze at the Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa in Tulum, Mexico this past week. Each of the headliners played three shows over the course of 4 days at the all-inclusive resort, which sits in the shadow of the ancient Mayan ruins of Tulum.

The Disco Biscuits kicked off the festival with a two set show on Monday night. The band lived up to the jam part of their “jamtronica” label, bringing a non-stop onslaught of sound throughout the second set, which included a “Rock Candy’ sandwiched between “Strobelights and Martinis.” Fans were also treated to an inverted “Svengali” during set one. STS9, on the other hand, managed to stay pretty much jam free during their first show of the festival. The group played a fairly standard setlist, with the exception of the encore, which consisted of “Satori” followed by “Ramone and Emiglio,” The show also included a cover of Daft Punk’s “Robot Rock” in the first set and a somewhat rare cover King Tubby’s “King Pharaoh’s Dub” (which they call “King Pharaoh’s Tomb”) during set two.

The second day started off with afternoon performances by Lionize and Break Science before Umphrey’s McGee took the stage for their first show of the week. The prog-jammers ended their first set with a debut rendition of Eddie Money’s “Two Tickets to Paradise.” Umphrey’s also brought some holiday cheer to Holidaze when they jammed Mykola Leontovych’s Christmas classic “Carol of the Bells” in the middle of “Mulche’s Odyssey” during set two. The Disco Biscuits once again kept the jams tight on Tuesday night, fitting an inverted “Confrontation” into a first set that literally never stopped. The second set was very much “based” around “Basis for a Day,” with the band jamming in an out of the tune three times before finally finishing at the end of the encore.

Brothers Past got the ball rolling on the main stage as the sun went down on Wednesday. They were followed by STS9, who kicked off their first set with an old school “Frequencies Suite” of “Frequencies DnB 1 > 2 > 3.” The second set included a notable “Hidden Hand, Hidden Fist” segued into “F. Word,” as well as covers of Deee-Lite’s “What is Love?” and the Grateful Dead’s “Shakedown Street.” Umphrey’s McGee started off their performance with an appropriate “There’s No Crying in Mexico.” The first set also saw the appearance of their Tears for Fears/Michael Jackson mash-up “The Way You Rule the World.” Umphrey’s ended things with an encore of “Hangover” sandwiched between “August.”

All three headliners got a one set slot on the main stage for Thursday, the final day of Holidaze 2012. Seeing as there were only a few hours left until the long predicted Mayan Apocalypse, the question on everyone’s mind was the same: “Who will cover R.E.M.‘s “It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)?” Fortunately, Umphrey’s cleared things up early in the night when they closed out their first set with their debut of the classic tune. That set also included a rendition of The Police’s “When the World is Running Down You Make the of What’s Still Around” sandwiched between “Miss Tinkle’s Overture.”

Likewise, The Disco Biscuits also threw some “End of the World” lyrics into their “King of the World” opener. Their final show also included half of “Spraypaint” sandwiched between an inverted “Waves,” as well as an inverted “Bernstein and Chasnoff.” As the Biscuits left the stage, everyone waited for the much anticipated midnight 12/21/2012 STS9 performance. The band—which has long had a fascination with Mayan prophecy—had been hyping the show for some time. And while everyone there had a lot of , the setlist was still pretty disappointing for diehard Tribe fans. “Baraka” was the closest thing anyone got to a bust out, and nobody was expecting their long awaited “13th Baktun” show to end with a cover of The Cure’s “The Walk.“Then, Brothers Past offered a fantastic hour long set to close out the main stage.

In addition to four days of amazing music, attendees were also able to pay a little extra for a variety of activities with their favorite artists. These included a Salsa Off judged by Jake Cinninger of Umphrey’s, a Jungle Maya Expedition with Marc Brownstein of the Disco Biscuits, a trip to the Tulum Mayan Ruins with Hunter Brown of STS9 and Snorkel Xtreme with Rick Lowenberg of Brother’s Past. There were also a number of opportunities to give back to the local community through the Positive Legacy non-profit. No matter where you spent your time at Mayan Holidaze, there was always something fun and exciting to be done.

The Disco Biscuits, Umphrey’s McGee and STS9 setlists from Mayan Holidaze 2012 can be viewed below.

The Disco Biscuits, December 17, 2012, Mayan Holidaze, Tulum, Mexico setlist via PhantasyTour

Set I:
Spectacle, Little Lai > Svengali^ > And The Ladies Were The Rest Of The Night

Set II:
Strobelights and Martinis > Rock candy > Strobelights and Martinis > Cyclone> Tricycle > Mulberry’s Dream


The Disco Biscuits, December 18, 2012, Mayan Holidaze, Tulum, Mexico setlist via PhantasyTour

Set I:
MEMPHIS > Voices Insane > Air Song > Voices > Confrontation^ > Munchkin Invasion

Set II:
Spacebirdmatingcall > Shem-Rah Boo > Reactor*, Basis For A Day > Great Abyss > Basis > Lunar > Basis

Hope > Basis
(^)Inverted (*)Ending only

The Disco Biscuits, December 20, 2012, Mayan Holidaze, Tulum, Mexico setlist via PhantasyTour

King of the World^ > Waves* > Spraypaint > Waves* > Shimmy > Tempest > Bernstein And Chasnoff* > Spraypaint
(^)with “End of the World” lyrics (*)inverted
Umphrey’s McGee, December 18, 2012, Mayan Holidaze, Tulum, Mexico setlist via All Things Umphrey’s

Set 1: Gurgle > Conduit, Rocker Part 2, Deeper1 > Miami Virtue > Ocean Billy, Two Tickets to Paradise2
Set 2: Push the Pig > Making Flippy Floppy > Higgins, Puppet String > Mulche’s Odyssey3, Resolution > Puppet String

[1] with Jake on keys
[2] debut, Eddie Money
[3] with Carol of the Bells (Mykola Leontovych) jam

Umphrey’s McGee, December 19, 2012, Mayan Holidaze, Tulum, Mexico setlist via All Things Umphrey’s

Set 1: There’s No Crying In Mexico > Bridgeless > Booth Love, Prowler > No Comment > White Man’s Moccasins, The Way You Rule the World > Bridgeless
Set 2: The Floor, Wappy Sprayberry > JaJunk > Professor Wormbog, The Linear > Day Nurse > JaJunk
Encore: August > Hangover > August
Umphrey’s McGee, December 20, 2012, Mayan Holidaze, Tulum, Mexico setlist via All Things Umphrey’s

Nothing Too Fancy > Willie The Pimp > Anchor Drops, Hajimemashite > 2nd Self, FF1 > Andy’s Last Beer, Glory > Wife Soup, Miss Tinkle’s Overture > When the World Is Running Down You Make the Best of What’s Still Around > Miss Tinkle’s Overture, It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)[2]
[1] with drums as power cut out
[2] debut, R.E.M.

STS9, December 17, 2012, Mayan Holidaze, Tulum, Mexico setlist via The Lowdown

Set I:
Beyond Right Now
Scheme Reprise
Inspire Strikes Back
Move My Peeps
Robot Rock (Daft Punk)
Set II:
Be Nice
King Pharoahs Tomb
Looking Back on Earth

Ramone and Emiglio

STS9, December 18, 2012, Mayan Holidaze, Tulum, Mexico setlist via The Lowdown

Set I:
Frequencies DnB 1>2>3
Breathe In
Music, Us
Golden Gate

Set II:
What Is Love?
Hidden Hand, Hidden Fist>>
F. Word
Shakedown Street
Bloody Beatroots>>
Unquestionable Supremacy of Nature

STS9, December 20, 2012, Mayan Holidaze, Tulum, Mexico setlist via The Lowdown

Really Wut??
Twilight Intro
When The Dust Settles

The Walk (The Cure)

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