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Published: 2013/01/04

Umphrey’s McGee’s Inaugural Poster Subscription Series

Umphrey’s McGee have confirmed their first ever Poster Subscription Series along with the artist roster for their early 2013 tour.

As the band explains:

Here’s how it works: you can secure a Special Edition print of all 11 posters for Early 2013 tour, and receive identical numbers of each print. Numbers will be allocated based on the order in which you enroll. Enrollment begins today at 2:00 pm CT, and will be capped at 75 people. The numbering system will be 1 through 75 for the edition and the “SE” element is entirely left up to the artist’s discretion! Sound fun yet?

There’s more: to ensure your posters arrive in mint condition we have hired a poster artist to handle the shipping and packaging. Prints will ship twice, once mid-tour and again at the end of tour, from Baker Prints in Chicago. The price will be $375.00, which includes 11 prints plus shipping and handling right to your doorstep.

Added bonus! As this is our inaugural poster subscription series, we’d like to reward our early adopters. If you try it out this go around, and you like it (we bet you will), you’ll be given priority enrollment the next go around, and a chance to keep your same number.

All standard editions of these posters will be available at the Umphrey’s McGee merch booth (henceforth known as “Booth Love” as the song of the same name) in the following markets. Edition size will vary per market.

Here’s a look at the artisits participating in the series

Dan Grezca- 1/17/13 Landmark Theatre, Syracuse, NY
AJ Masthay- 1/18/13 The Beacon, New York, NY
Nate Duval- 2/2/13- The Fillmore, Detroit, MI
DKNG- 2/8-2/9/13 The Pageant, St. Louis, MO
David Welker- 2/16/13 Orpheum Theatre, Madison, WI
Scrojo- 3/6-3/7/13 Belly Up, Aspen, CO
Jeff Wood- 3/16/13, The Fox Theatre, Oakland, CA
Baker Prints- 3/22-3/23/13, HOB, West Hollywood, CA
Jim Pollock- TBA
Billy Perkins- TBA
Michael Michael Motorcycle- TBA

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