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Published: 2013/01/15

Perpetual Groove to Go On Indefinite Hiatus

Perpetual Groove have announced that they will go take an indefinite hiatus beginning April 6, 2013. The news came today on their website, where separate notes were posted by frontman Brock Butler and the rest of the band. The decision was announced shortly after Butler confirmed that he would be depart the band in order to “get rested and get happier.” Bassist Adam Perry, keyboardist Matthew McDonald and drummer Albert Suttle will continue playing together in a new project called Ghost Owl. You can learn more about this group and listen to a song by them here. Butler will also continue to play acoustic shows and work on his own music during the break. Both notes from their website can be read below.

Brock Butler’s note:

I imagine this letter will be a disappointing one for some to read, or that it might be a relief to those who’ve been concerned for some time.  I want to apologize to the fans I’ve let down, to my friends and loved ones I’ve put through worry, and to everyone in Perpetual Groove’s organization.  This apology is for the state I’ve allowed myself to be in at shows, which have compromised performances, as well as my personal life.  I’m very aware and sorry to everyone I’ve let down through my actions and lack of actions.

Perpetual Groove has been my life for a long, long time.  In some ways it has defined me.  I’m at a point where I truly need a break. This is the hardest decision of my life but my happiness and well-being must be my first priority. Trying to find balance, break bad habits and develop good ones while continuing a life on the road is something I haven’t been able to do. Therefore, I have decided to take my leave from the band and touring. I can’t give any time frame on this break or a guarantee to return. My current plans are to take time for myself and get my own home in order. My hopes are simple: to get rested and get happier than I’ve been.

I have made great friendships that I will always cherish thanks to my time spent as a member of Perpetual Groove. It’s my hope to get to where I can be the quality friend and band mate to those who have been quality friends and band mates to me.  I will cherish my memories with the band while hoping a time will come to create new memories.

I still plan to do acoustic shows and work in music where I can during this hiatus.  I send my blessing and support to each member of Perpetual Groove on all their future endeavors – from the band on down to the crew. I hope all who support Perpetual Groove will do the same.

I know that the disappointment felt is probably equal to and opposite of the hopes you had that I would not let things come to this. I know personally, I’m disappointed in myself.  I am sorry for my part in letting you down, leaving you underwhelmed and/or feeling that your support was taken for granted or unappreciated.  I’m truly sorry.

Wishing you all a beautiful New Year.  A peaceful year with patience where you need it and empathy when it’s called for.  Support where you can give it or where you might need some yourselves.  I hope you find balance if you feel you’re lacking it.  Balance, good health and even better decisions are the things I’m taking my leave to hopefully find.  With support and love, I believe I can.

Yours sincerely

The band’s note:

The band members of Perpetual Groove as well as our whole leadership and technical team is announcing today, that we are calling a hiatus, effective April 6, 2013.  While we’re taking steps to make sure that the music and community of PGroove lives on and is still readily available to fans, the band will stop touring and recording.  While we haven’t ruled out a reunion in the future, it’s not in the forecast at this time.
Today, it’s stunning to look back on the last 10 years and 4 albums, the thousands of shows, thousands of fans, and dozens of collaborations with other artists that is, collectively, Perpetual Groove.  We are honored to have fans who love the music and who love one another, and proud to call so many of you both friends and fans.

We have to admit, not everything has gone to plan on this journey.  We have seen highs and lows, just like the rest of the country in the past few years.   And now we turn to a new chapter.  While it’s difficult to do, we support Brock Butler in his work to create a healthier, happier life and career for himself.  That work needs to take place in a new and different context and we wish him luck.
For our part, Adam, Albert, & Matt will continue making music together.  We are in a “prototyping” stage of a new sound and a new stage presence which will tour under the name Ghost Owl.  We’re releasing a very rough cut – a snippet – for fans to hear today.  Check back soon for a couple full tracks.
Thank you all again for everything,
Adam, Albert, Brock, and Matt                                      

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