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Published: 2013/02/07

Meat Puppets To Release Album, Tour

The Meat Puppets’ 14th studio album Rat Farm will be released on April 16. The desert punk-rockers will also tour the United States in the spring, with dates in the South and Northeast. The touring band will consist of singer/guitarist Curt Kirkwood, bassist Cris Kirkwood, drummer Shandon Sahm and a new addition on second guitar, Elmo Kirkwood (Curt’s son). Meat Puppets will also be announcing SXSW and European shows in the near future. A full list of their upcoming U.S. tour dates and the tracklisting for Rat Farm can be found below.

Rat Farm tracklisting:

1.       Rat Farm
2.       One More Drop
3.       Down
4.       Leave Your Head Alone
5.       Again
6.       You Don’t Know
7.       Waiting
8.       Time and Money
9.       Sometimes Blue
10.     Original One
11.     River Rose
12.     Sweet 

Meat Puppet Upcoming U.S. tour dates

March 28 Shreveport, LA—Voo Doo Lounge
March 29 Birmingham, AL—Bottle Tree
March 30 Athens, GA—40 Watt
April 1 Lancaster, PA—Chameleon Club
April 2 New Hope, PA—John and Peter’s Place
April 3 New York, NY—Mercury Lounge
April 4 New York, NY—Mercury Lounge
April 5 Ithaca, NY—The Haunt
April 6 Rochester, NY—The Club at Water Street
April 7 Clumbus, OH—Skullys
April 9 Bloomington, IN—The Bishop
April 10 Lexington, KY—Cosmic Charlies
April 11 Nashville, TN—High Watt
April 12 Chattanooga, TN—JJ’s Bohemia
April 13 Jackson, MS—Martin’s


There are 9 comments associated with this post

Befuddled February 7, 2013, 16:51:51

“The desert punk-rockers…” I guess “Desert Punk” now passes for “jam” music? Come on guys…what WONT you cover here?

me February 7, 2013, 18:29:24

Befud… you ever see these guys live? I’m guessing not… while they are not your “typical” jam band… they still fit nicely somewhere in one of the corners that makes up the definition of a jam band… seems only reasonable that Jambands covers any band that is either a jam band, or a band that helped define the jam band scene… and that is a huge rainbow of music which I personally think helps create the magic that is a jam band!

Uncle Eb February 7, 2013, 18:29:31

Yeah! How dare you cover music on your music news website?!? The Meat Puppets are awesome, btw. Hope they play west too.

Stoked February 7, 2013, 20:33:26

Please keep giving me info on good music playing anywhere. Nothing wrong in that. I like being introduced to things I may not have checked out before. Jerry introduced me to Irving Berlin, and I still love it.

Funkyriddims February 7, 2013, 20:53:44

If you dont know the Puppets, then you don’t know dick. Meat Puppets!

Charles Brown February 8, 2013, 08:42:19

No the meat puppets arent a jamband….thank fucking Dog. 99% of jambands suck big cock. Especially but not limited to Moe. the Cheese and YMSB.
None of the mentioned bands could tune the Puppets guitars.

dankerator February 8, 2013, 09:59:56

o.k. the meat puppets saw them in 1990 open for the chili peppers (when the peppers were good rite before blook sugar it was the last show of the mother’s milk tour actually) they were awful to say the least!!! but i bet they r better then the chili peppers now!!! LOL

BEfuddled February 8, 2013, 22:41:50

First, a comment for all the respondents: My point is that they are NOT a jamband, no matter how hard you try and squeeze them into that box. I’m NOT saying they aren’t worthy — I know ‘em (DUH!) but they (and many other bands) I see written about should NOT be covered here. Or IF you’re going to feature this news, change the name of the site. Simple as that. Now, to your specific comments: @me: Nope, never seen ‘em, but certainly know ‘em. But they are hardly a “jamband.” That’s all I’m saying. Personally, I’m glad to see they’re back. @Uncle Eb: Don’t be a douche. This isn’t This just ain’t the place I expect to find this kinda news. @Stoked: You make good points, and I agree, I love being turned on to new stuff. I just think they are getting away from the original mission of this site. There are plenty of other sites get news like this… @Funkyriddims: Sorry, I was too busy listen to The Clash to fully read your comment. @Charles Brown: Heh Heh, I hear ya. And I think you’ve proven my point. @dankerator: You saw them open for the Peppers? a) That’s cool, b) you’ve DEFINITELY proven my point… November 27, 2013, 23:35:27

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