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Published: 2013/03/03

The Allman Brothers Band Revive Old Songs, Perform with David Grissom at the Beacon

The Allman Brothers Band’s residency at New York’s Beacon Theatre continued last night. The evening featured a series of unique song choices as well as this Beacon run’s first guest.

A few songs into their first set, The Allman Brothers Band moved into the new Warren Haynes tune “Dusk Till Dawn,” a number the band debuted on Friday night. Then, the group busted out the Dickey Betts/Johnny Neel original “Low Down Dirty Mean” for the first time since March 20, 1992. The Allman Brothers Band recorded the song for their 1990 album Seven Turns and played “Low Down Dirty Mean” regularly from 1990-1992. Both Betts and Neel have long since parted ways with The Allman Brothers Band.

A little bit later, Austin, TX guitarist David Grissom emerged—appropriately enough on Texas Independence Day—for “You Don’t Love Me.” Grissom has collaborated with Haynes numerous times over the years and appears on his latest solo album, Man in Motion.

The surprises continued during The Allman Brothers Band’s second set. At the start of the set, Gregg Allman emerged with an acoustic guitar in hand and led his band through the classic 1959 Danny Dill/Marijohn Wilkin country classic “Long Black Veil.” Though last night was the first known time The Allman Brothers Band performed the song, the individual members of the group have covered the country classic in a variety of settings during the years. Haynes and Gregg Allman performed “Long Black Veil” during the Love For Levon benefit this past October. They also covered the song earlier in the week during a Country Music Hall of Fame benefit held at New York’s Best Buy Theater.

The Allman Brothers Band will return to the Beacon on Tuesday. They are expected to debut several more covers and also introduce a new Haynes/Phil Lesh original.

Here’s a look at last night’s setlist via The Allman Brothers Band forum

Saturday, March 2, Beacon Theatre, New York, NY

Set I:
Done Somebody Wrong
Come and Go Blues
Every Hungry Woman
Dusk Till Dawn
Low Down Dirty Mean
Stand Back
You Don’t Love Me*
Sky is Crying

Set II:
Long Black Veil#
Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody’s Home
Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad
In Memory of Elizabeth Reed>
In Memory of Elizabeth Reed

E: Whipping Post

(*)with David Grissom
(#)first time played


There are 20 comments associated with this post

the Baker March 3, 2013, 04:49:33’s VEIL ;)
So where does an Evolutionary Reject find these shows to listen to/buy? Looks like they’re 2-for-2, for sure! Peace&dough

Soul stu March 3, 2013, 05:19:30

Shows can be bought & downloaded @ The Brothers are sounding great!

Anthony March 3, 2013, 07:23:54

Amazing show…

JR March 3, 2013, 09:00:43

Kick Dickey out of the band and then revive one of his originals? Odd choice.

PALancia March 3, 2013, 09:20:16

Crying shame about the departure
of Dickey Betts. Ain’t it about time to put any difference aside and play before time runs out? History demands it.

Jack Irvin March 3, 2013, 09:30:54

To all you dickey betts fans, the brothers have offered Dickey the opportunity to come play the beacon dates with the rest of the band and he has turned them down. It is a shame but dickey still harbors anger

shinymetalass March 3, 2013, 10:16:16

Dickey may be a Guest this run along with clapton again, The low down dirty mean they played may be a signal of whats to come. Dickey is the staple sound imo of the Allmans. His voice and harmonic guitar defined their sound and his songwriting singing abilities fit perfect with gregg and the rest of the brothers.. Im hopin he shows up and they blow the statues off the walls of the beacon!!

Deadman March 3, 2013, 11:12:42

The band is having so much fun without Dickey. Why would you bring back the ornery old man. The band is better without him. I don’t miss him at all.

Chula March 3, 2013, 11:28:20

Come and Go Blues, Revival, Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad, Dreams, Liz Reed, and Whipping Post? My oh my all my favorites in one show! Unreal! Don’t need Dickey a guest slot would be cool though.

Danny F. March 3, 2013, 12:26:42

I understand Greg and Dickey’s incompatibilities. However; does Warren or Derek ever play with Dickey? These guys play with everyone, but I never see any mention of guest appearances with Betts. I have a feeling Betts is just too much of a pain in the neck to have fun around.

Peach head March 3, 2013, 12:53:09

I completely understand not wanting dickey back at all, but it’s ironic the band has no problem playing the majority of his abb catalogue (low down dirty, les brers, Jessica, southbound, no one to run with, revival, Liz Reed, blue sky every now and then, etc)

spikenyc March 3, 2013, 13:18:35

Warren & Derek have both played with Dickey since his leaving the band. They have guested with him and also Dickey has guested with them in their other projects.
I think the annomosity rest mostly btw. Gregg, Butch and Dickey.

peachhead March 3, 2013, 14:11:02

“I think the annomosity rest mostly btw. Gregg, Butch and Dickey.” Truth. “It is a shame but dickey still harbors anger” I’m sure, but so do Gregg and Butch. It’s very apparent from numerous Butch Trucks interviews as well as Gregg’s recent autobiography.

Tony Menown March 3, 2013, 17:25:38

I’m fairly certain that Warren Haynes has NOT played with Dickey Betts since he left the ABB. I really, truly hope I’m wrong, but Dickey’s behavior and decline in playing were paramount among the reasons he left.
If I’m wrong, please give me an example and/or date when they played together post 1997.

Kyle March 3, 2013, 22:00:02

Does anyone know what that old blues video was that played before second set? It was spectacular.

steve March 4, 2013, 05:56:38

The Beacon’s on the bucket list, for sure. Seems to get better every year.

TBudd March 4, 2013, 10:25:46

I wish Duane was still alive. Dickie and him were two southern gunslingers on guitars. I saw them at Northwestern U in 1969. That show was the bomb! Gregdoes his best, a perfect keyboard man andleader but the band is jjust a shell of what was.

Powderfingers March 4, 2013, 13:32:02

Dickey played on stage with Warren multiple times since the ABB departure as a guest of Phil & Friends.

Tom March 8, 2013, 15:32:55

Several time right. Phil Lesh And Friends
Beacon Theater
New York City, NY
(total time: ~3:05) Set 1: Jam> Alabama Getaway> Tenessee Jed, Patchwork Quilt> Jam> Masons Children> Jam> Mountains of the Moon> Night of a Thousand Stars
Set 2: Jam> Arcadian Driftwood, Uncle John’s Band> Deal, Shakedown Street> Viola Lee Blues> Jam> Other One> Viola Lee Blues> Sugaree> Jam>Viola Lee Blues
E: *Mtn. Jam> *GDTRFB> *Bid You Jam *with Dickey Betts 07/26/02
top Phil Lesh And Friends
Verizon Wireless Amphitheater Charlotte, NC
(total time: ~3:00) Set 1: Set 1: Jam> Dupree’s Diamond Blues, *Goin’ Down The Road Feelin’ Bad> *Mtn. Jam> *GDTRFB, Here Comes Sunshine> Jam> King Solomon’s Marbles> Lay Of The Sunflower, Box Of Rain
Set 2: Jam> Dear Mr. Fantasy> Again & Again> Jam> No More Do I> Lady With A Fan> Jam> Space> Into The Mystic> Terrapin Station> Sugaree
E: Night Of A Thousand Stars *with Dickey Betts
Dickey Betts & Great Southern then RatDog (setlist) opened RA
top Phil Lesh And Friends
HiFi Buys Amp. – Atlanta, GA
(total time: ~3:00) Set 1: Jam> Till the Morning Comes> Broken Arrow> Brown-Eyed Women, And It Stoned Me> Soulshine> Jam> Cumberland Blues> Casey Jones
Set 2: Celebration> Jam> Uncle John’s Band, *Blue Sky, The Wheel> St. Stephen> Millenium Jam> The Eleven> Jam> Midnight Hour
E: The Real Thing> Scarlet Begonias *with/sung by Dickey Betts
Dickey Betts & Great Southern then RatDog (setlist) opened RA
top Phil Lesh And Friends
Mars Amphitheater
W. Palm Beach, FL
(total time: ~3:00) Set 1: Night Of A Thousand Stars> *Truckin’> *Jam> *Good Lovin’, +Smokestack> +GDTRFB
Set 2: Jam> Shakedown Street> Rock And Roll Blues> Viola Lee Blues> China Cat Sunflower> Viola Lee Blues> I Know You Rider> Viola Lee Blues>
Golden Road
E: And We Bid You Goodnight *with/sung by Bob Weir +with Dickey Betts
Dickey Betts & Great Southern then RatDog (setlist) opened

jeff stets March 19, 2013, 11:19:42

i went on3-15-2013 all i can say was all my god i was happy happy i went with my bf stu i am fortunate i have a life time of fun with john-stu the show was the best——thank you john -clark jeff

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