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Published: 2013/03/05

Help with Our Warren Haynes Reader Interview

Photo by Allison Murphy

Warren Haynes will be the subject of the next Relix/Jambands readers’ interview. So if you have a question about the forthcoming Gov’t Mule album, the Allman Brothers Band, his upcoming symphony performances that will pay tribute to Jerry Garcia, the Phil Lesh Quintet, the Warren Haynes Band or most anything else please send them to by this coming Friday, March 8. We’ll compile your questions, speak with Warren and post his responses.

Warren will return to the stage with the ABB this evening at the Beacon Theatre.


There are 28 comments associated with this post

eddie stocker March 5, 2013, 18:09:23

Warren when I see you in concert i close my eyes an almost see hard for you was it to play his style of guitar.Out of all who have tried you seem to be the best at it….THANK YOU

David "Whaler" Matteson March 5, 2013, 18:19:42

What is your Favorite Guitar to play… What Amp..Will you be coming back to Detroit anytime soon…Whaler

Luigi Biagini March 5, 2013, 18:22:31

When will you come again to Italy to have a concert?

Alex Beaton March 5, 2013, 18:22:57

Warren buddy im a huge fan! Naturally as a guitarist i have to ask you, what kind of wah pedal do you use it sounds amazing!

milo carr March 5, 2013, 18:23:39

Warren, heard you are big fan of Rory Gallagher’s music. In your opinion what made him so special?

cristin post March 5, 2013, 18:30:22

Hey, We all love soulshine….................what is the inspriation behind this ?
Young fans are drawn to this song….I know from experience…...........loveon

Jay Grabow March 5, 2013, 18:34:12

Do you have a “Musical Bucket List”? If you did have one, what would you like to accomplish in your lifetime? Any special projects or people you haven’t jammed with that you want to?

Demitri March 5, 2013, 18:41:22

Just wanted to thank you for the music. Any thoughts on Mule’s touring plans for the upcoming album?

mark hegstad March 5, 2013, 18:49:51

hey warren hows it goin? gotta question. there is a youtube video from farmaid 2007 of gregg allman, dave mathews and yourself performing the song melissa. to
me thats the most beautiful love song ever written and that was the sweetest version i have ever heard.i have been doing everything i can to see if it is available on cd. i would pay 20 bucks just for the single and i am in know way a rich guy. please any help????

Phil in SC March 5, 2013, 18:54:58

Seen you many times, love you at Music Farm. What is your favorite song to perform and what song are you most proud of writing? Soulshine is a classic, but I love Mule, Don’t step on the grass Sam, Beautifully Broken, 30 Day’s in the Hole, Monday Mourning Meltdown, and I was wondering do you still have that xanax t shirt? Met you at The Handlebar in Greenville,SC and got jammed up for smoking at your spring show in Spartanburg SC many moons ago. My wife knows you and used to baby sit Derek T. on tour

Mike Dempsey March 5, 2013, 18:55:14

During your days with David Allan Coe how influential was Wayne “Bear” Saul’s (EQT) playing style to you. My dad, Steve Dempsey (Songrider) worked for David as a Roadie and tells me of some awesome jam sessions between the two of you. “Bear” was like an uncle to me growing up.

Larry Johnson March 5, 2013, 19:45:19

Who is the “Boots” in the David Grissom tune “Boots Likes To Boogie”? Does a musician know of every musician who ever lived regardless of genre? Even that Gangnam dude? What is the best concert you ever went to as a fan? What’s your favorite Warren Haynes song? Thank You.

Jeff Page March 5, 2013, 20:48:19

Warren thanks for the 25+ years! of the pleasure for seeing you play live! My first time live was at The Lone Star Cafe in NYC with Dickey in ’87-‘88 ish.I saw the second show(11:00 pm) when Sly Stallone and Mick Taylor showed up ! But here is my Q.,How do you switch your musical head with such a” true to your style“mindset while being on stage with the best on the planet guest musicians from such a vast spectrum of sounds. Straight blues to over the top jazz/ fusion players and all things in between,, .But never sounding out of place and always playing with whats happening…You never sound like you are not listening to every thing that’s happening at all times…..?

Ziggy March 5, 2013, 21:10:47

When do you find time to sleep? You play everywhere with everyone. Looking forward to seeing you play again soon. You are the man!

Bill ONeil March 5, 2013, 21:32:59

Hey Warren, we met years ago In FL you were playing in Venice @ the Distillery, you borrowed my Roland cube & blew the fuse, you put a piece of tin foil in & it’s still in & working, where did you learn that trick? Also what was the name of your band back then and were you playing a Les Paul in those days? I’m a little Haynes’ ey on it, we were having way to much fun with Jack Black, should say I was. Thanks for all the great music through the years. Bill

Justin March 5, 2013, 22:34:52

Is there an artist out there you would like to collaborate with? Who is it and why? Is there a genre of music that you have an interest in that your fans might not be aware of? Thank you from a mule fan for life!

dougie March 5, 2013, 22:55:23

Howdy. I guess what I really want to know is what was the moment, you know, the song or show or something that gave you the push to pursue music. It was Sgt. Pepper for me, 9 years after its release. And after the Jerry Tribute in SF maybe we can go feed the ducks…

Tom Faunce March 5, 2013, 22:57:25

Will there be another Allman Brothers Album? ‘Hittin’ The Note’ was fantastic

Werner March 6, 2013, 03:02:18

Warren, I have two questions:
Although the Mule started out as a trio, I always felt a closeness between your band and Mountain. Can you share your thoughts about Mountain, will we maybe see some of their more obscure songs covered?
I remember Derek and Susan talking about the joy of parenthood. What is it like for you to be a Dad?

Christopher Smith March 6, 2013, 04:44:47

Warren, First off, thanks for being such an inspiration to me and countless other musicians. I was wondering what up and coming musicians do you find compelling and also, how do you find the music “industry” is changing over the last 10-15 years, and how do those changes affect you as an artist? Thanks so much, and see you in KC next month. Chris

john a belgian fan March 6, 2013, 06:59:43

it seem warren never takes a break from recording or playing what does he do the relax or take a rest??

Mark Smith March 6, 2013, 12:04:03

If you could make an album with three artists or bands that are dead and three that are current or still playing, who would they be?

Jason Giordano March 6, 2013, 12:12:13

How much influence did you have Derrick Trucks’s guitar style/playing. It was my opinion that when he first joined the ABB he was a mediocre guitarist. He was good but far from great. After a few years of playing under your wing he grew into a fantastic player that I really enjoy listening to and I hear a lot of your style in his playing. Did you help him grow in the great guitarist he is now?

Colorado Mule Fan March 6, 2013, 16:55:40

Warren, I am a big fan of all the different projects that you are involved. I first was turned on to your playing in the mid 90’s with ABB. My question is regarding the future of the WHB. I was able to see that band play a number of times and hope that there is time for that project to continue.

John March 6, 2013, 18:26:12

Hey Warren, My 13-year-old son (you signed a part of his guitar in Jamaica this year) really wants to learn to play Mule’s music on guitar. He’s having trouble finding guitar tabs online (Songster, etc.). Any plans of releasing a retrospective guitar tabs books for Mule tunes?

Thorsten March 7, 2013, 06:55:23

Warren I saw you innumerous times with Mule & the Warren Haynes Band here in Germany. Derek made it over here with his band and with Susan and even Gregg were here on tour although due to health problems a couple of gigs get canceled. Thank god he’s in good health now! Is there a chance to bring the Allman Brothers over here? I know a lot of people would really looking forward to see you guys on European soil!

adam wing March 7, 2013, 10:01:07

warren, are you going to release a mountain jam dvd? and why doesnt steph mc the festival? and Wtf, what happened to the apple crisp?!!!

jeff fetterman March 7, 2013, 13:07:34

How would one get to be so lucky to open a show for you? Ive opened shows for Molly Hatchet, Buck Cherry, Ana Popovic, Kenny Wayne Shepherd and now I want to open for you. I love your music, the soul and emotion that come from you is incredible.I love your vocals but you sir are stone cold deadly on a guitar. Please consider checking my band out for a possible consideration of opening a show for you? Peace

Janet March 7, 2013, 19:54:00

How does it feel to grow a festival from the rainy/muddy early years to one of the best in the country? Your ability to get the line-up just right and the festival goer’s repeated refrain of “I come back every year because of the people I’ve met and love” is the ultimate compliment.

Drew Lamb March 10, 2013, 14:53:07

Is their a projected release date on the new Govt Mule record? Why is “Lay of the Sundlower” rarely played?? Thanks Drew in Arcata, Ca

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