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Published: 2013/03/25

Levon Helm’s Management Talks Future of The Midnight Rambles

Barbara O’Brien, Levon Helm’s final manager, has posted an official statement on the future of Helm’s Midnight Rambles. Since the drummer passed away in 2012, O’Brien and her team have worked to preserve Helm’s legacy by keeping the Midnight Ramble series alive. A variety of artists have also recorded in Helm’s studio.

O’Brien’s note says:

Just a note to update our friends about what’s happening at the barn.

Things are moving along. We face the challenges head-on every day. The Rambles continue and we’re talking to many of the friends who’ve played there in the past – inviting them all back again. The response has been very positive and uplifting. As they route through our area, we’ll work to get them back!

The Dirt Farmer & Midnight Ramble Bands are alive and kickin’. No changes there. They’re both available for bookings so please pass the word along. Send all inquiries to me and we’ll be happy to talk.

The barn has hosted several very successful recording sessions over the past few months including Steep Canyon Rangers and David Bromberg. We can offer competitive pricing for the space and God knows it’s THE MOST optimal place for sound.

Sandy and Amy remain committed to carrying on Levon’s legacy and to continue to host a haven for delivering quality, respectable music.

And then, while we typically choose not to respond to negativity, some things need be addressed out of respect for the family, out of respect for Levon and out of respect for all the people who have contributed so much to the successes over the years. Some times things appear in the press, on blogs, within websites, in letters to the editors, etc., that is so off-base that it appalls us when copies are sent to us. It also hurts the family – and they see or hear it all.

For those who have visited Levon’s resting place, we thank you. He’d want visitors. The absence of a headstone has become a topic of discussion on some blogs. Please be assured that there will be a headstone. This has been a very painful & emotional process for Levon’s wife and daughter. We respectfully give them the space & time they need to place a stone. That decision is very private, intense and personal. “Management” has nothing to do with it – and shouldn’t. On another note, there was a recent Letter To The Editor in one of our local newspapers, smearing the names of Richard, Rick, Garth and Levon – all brought on by the proposal of Assemblyman Cahill to re-name a road in Levon’s honor. Thank you to all who retaliated and commented on Levon’s behalf.

There have been other nonsensical and unfounded remarks or comments, but they’re not worth addressing. Our true friends and supporters know who we are and what we’re about and we thank each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you for helping us keep it going.

The Midnight Ramble Band and special guest Eric Andersen will perform at Helm’s studio on March 30.

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