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Published: 2013/04/01

Panic en la Playa 2014: Less Panic more Playa (The StrangeCreek Ripple)

The annual StrangeCreek Festival announced its lineup last week, with one glaring omission…Strangefolk. While the event’s other namesake Max Creek will participate, Strangefolk has not been confirmed. This has set off a ripple through the festival world. Panic en la Playa will return to the Dominican Republic in 2014 but Widespread Panic will sit this one out. Clearwater Festival will celebrate not just aquatic environmental triumphs but also fetid sewage-infused streams and oil slicks (with the assistance of new mascot, Sludgy, The Dirty Seal). Jam Cruise promises “plenty of drydock fun” as it moves to a larger boat that will remain in harbor. Fun Fun Fun Fest pledges to be “moderately less fun in 2013.” Electric Forest, will go acoustic, which some view as a blow to dosers and electronica fans alike (including some dude named Kevin in North Dakota the one person in the Venn Diagram who does not make the preceding statement redundant).

In a related note, Strangefolk’s Garden of Eden event is slated to return with Luke Montgomery, Scott Shdeed, Don Scott and Russ Lawton set to headline.

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