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Published: 2013/04/28

Bob Weir is Back in Form

Bob Weir returned to the stage with Furthur last night in Atlantic City, NJ and by all accounts he was in fine form. Following Thursday night’s show at the Capitol Theatre when he was forced to leave the stage late in the second set, reportedly due to complications associated with medicating a sore shoulder, Weir appeared to the resounding cheers of the audience at Boardwalk Hall. He then took a an active role from start as the show opened with “Jack Straw,” in which he shared vocals. He remained an active presence throughout the night, as if to demonstrate his health and vitality. The complete setlist appears below as drawn from the Box Scores section.

Furthur’s next performance is on May 9 at the BottleRock Napa Valley Festival.


Boardwalk Hall Atlantic City, NJ

Set I: Jack Straw, Crazy Fingers > Bird Song, Cumberland Blues, Doin’ that Rag, Cosmic Charlie, Midnight Hour

Set II: Space > Mountains of the Moon > Saint Stephen > Dark Star > Let it Grow > The Days Between > Dark Star > Help on the Way > Slipknot > Franklin’s Tower

Enc: Touch of Grey



There are 79 comments associated with this post

gr8tful April 28, 2013, 15:25:34

Stay safe Boys. Fare thee well. (~);-} Peace.

Doug April 28, 2013, 16:15:04

I love how it’s fine to call it “complications associated with medicating a sore shoulder”. When Mikey Houser was sitting down( & I KNEW him) ,jamming his ass off,some idiotic chick behind me says,“Your friend is so f%^d up ,he’s about to nod off.” I asked her if SHE could do that if she were that wasted & she said ,“No.” I then told her… stfu in that case. Looks Bobby’s nodding off for sure!! I’m just sayin….take er easy Weir. Hang up this cover band & go do something original(that SHOULD be on his bucket list) while he has time still left to do so.

Suckie McSuck April 28, 2013, 16:41:10

Stay classy Doug.

Deadhead April 28, 2013, 17:30:31

ANYBODY that calls Furthur a cover band is an idiot. It’s obvious that the jams are creative and different every night not to mention original members and other musicians from the GD extended family. Some older songs have different arrangements and they do play new tunes and some interesting cover songs. It always amazes me how closed minded so called Deadheads are. Some people just want to be dinosaurs and criticize anything that isn’t the original Dead. As far as Weir goes, he sounded great last night as well as The Port Chester shows with the obvious exception of Thursday night. IT WAS AN ISOLATED INCIDENT!!! Don’t go to the shows if you don’t like it. More tickets for true Deadheads!!

tellsemlikeIsmellsem!!!!!! April 28, 2013, 17:53:35

Get over it, Deadhead… Furthur is washed up and def a cover band. only good GD played today is when Phil puts an all star team of people like Medeski or Herring in the mix. The only all -stars in Furthur are Phil and Russo.. the lead guitar player from Furthur is a dark star dude and has no original sound whatsoever!!! thats a fucking cover band!!! so… YOU ARE ACTUALLY THE FUCKING IDIOT, DEADHEAD... I’ll smell your patchouli later bra…. learn an instrument. Bobby never did.

Kyle April 28, 2013, 18:18:12

Deadhead I think what most people mean by calling them a cover band is due to the fact that they play primariily all dead songs with very few exceptions.So the rearranged some old songs that makes them even more of a cover band and thats ok. Its why the areFurthur not The Grateful Dead. Its just nice to see em play

Kyle April 28, 2013, 18:25:54

@ deadhead again. ISOLATED IINCIDENT??? Holy shit man Its Bob Weir He had an “incident” a few months ago when he garbled the words to half the songs he sang. I dont care he is a grown man but when I pay$120 for a fucking ticket I want to get my $$ worth and having Weir slobbering all over himself due to an ISOLATED INCIDENT and a “sore shoulder”. Why cant people just be honest did you watch the video were you at the show I was and that mofo was noddin hard and hey he can but he has 21 other hours out of the day to do that when you charge me that much money you better bring your A game EVERY NIGHT.

Bobby McGee April 28, 2013, 18:45:38

Wow! Where do they charge $120 a ticket?! These guys have stood on stage and played longer than most people can hold a career. They’ve been the fore front of the counter culture and partied harder and longer than most of us, ALL THE WHILE MOSTLY MAINTAINING FACE and performing for us. Watching Further or Phil, its a memories and respect thing. It’s a gathering of POSITIVE people and family. Just chill with the critiques and enjoy your surroundings. Haven’t been to too many shows cause I got a little two yr old. I’d love to go to a crappy show with all extended family any day!!! Bobby, keep on truckin man! You’ve all rocked it and made my life much better! Grateful Electric, Denver!!!!!!!

Bobby McGee April 28, 2013, 18:46:14

Wow! Where do they charge $120 a ticket?! These guys have stood on stage and played longer than most people can hold a career. They’ve been the fore front of the counter culture and partied harder and longer than most of us, ALL THE WHILE MOSTLY MAINTAINING FACE and performing for us. Watching Further or Phil, its a memories and respect thing. It’s a gathering of POSITIVE people and family. Just chill with the critiques and enjoy your surroundings. Haven’t been to too many shows cause I got a little two yr old. I’d love to go to a crappy show with all extended family any day!!! Bobby, keep on truckin man! You’ve all rocked it and made my life much better! Grateful Electric, Denver!!!!!!!

Jedfro April 28, 2013, 19:32:49

Would y’all please stop all this mad mouthing and hate! Thank you!

Deadhead April 28, 2013, 19:38:09

With all due respect, I don’t consider a band a cover band if there are original creative members from the original band in it.
They aren’t calling themselves the Grateful Dead, it’s something different. THAT doesn’t mean it isn’t just as enjoyable. How can anyone with an objective view listen to this band and not see the talent? Whatever you think of John Kadlecik, it’s obvious he is a great player. They can’t please everybody. Some people complain if the guitar DOESN’T sound enough like Garcia. Now you have the other people complaining JK sounds too much like Garcia. Jeff Chimenti? Are you kidding me tellsemlikeIsmellsem? Chimenti is a monster! If you can’t hear that, you have lost your credibility if you had any to begin with. Kyle you are correct! I would be pissed too. With ticket prices what they are, you should expect a coherent show. I meant the falling down is an isolated incident. We should give him a pass on this one. If it happens again, then we are justified in calling for action. I really don’t think Phil would put up with it if it is a symptom of a big problem.

PatchooliePattie April 28, 2013, 19:52:38

Ooooh the haters….!!

Two Cents Worth April 28, 2013, 20:14:59

My first GD show was 7-18-72 and I have seen it all. With the fire power Furthur has in my eyes they are just not getting it done. These days I can go see Dark Star Orchestra play the music with spirit, energy for half the money and walk away happy. I have seen Furthur drop the ball one to many times and for the most part they are a snooze fest.

JP76 April 28, 2013, 20:23:52

Deadhead, you’re absolutely right. For some reason there’s a vocal minority of angry, bitter, former Deadheads who lost the ability to hear music the day Jerry died.

Been there done that April 28, 2013, 21:06:28

So why all the bs about cover band vs non-cover. It is the music I’ve been listening to since the late 60’s. if you don’t like it don’t go. Just that simple. & if you paid $120 for a ticket. My sympathy.

w.boltman April 28, 2013, 21:11:11

how soon you all forget! let’s see you do it night after night for how many years? All I can say is I am still on the bus and have no plans of getting off. See you at All Good!

Fee April 28, 2013, 21:22:46

I don’t think it’s hate to take a step back and and state some obvious things. Whether that was heroin, or 5 pills and whiskey….it doesn’t matter. That was very dangerous and people come before some show. His health is at stake here. It’s not something to be taken lightly. I thought putting people first is what hippie is all about. They didn’t learn that with Jerry? We all love the Dead, and Furthur does a fine job. They cando things that Jerry couldn’t near the end. And come on….Phil is 72 now! But none of this matters if a guy cracks his head open on stage….or worse. I hope Bobby takes the time to work it out…..and shave the beard, and hit the gym too! :)

Jonathan Meyer April 28, 2013, 21:23:59

I love Bob Weir and was sorry to see him in that state on stage. I was more surprised that the band just kept playing like it meant nothing to them. I guess that’s show business.

Alligator April 28, 2013, 21:28:10

Trolls. How can it be a cover band with people that wrote the songs? Did the fat man do everything? I seem to recall hearing once that Bobby fans are people too. Well, something like that. What are y’all gonna do when there are no more original members left??? Like it or not, tour has been over for more than 15 years. Jerry’s gone, your hate will not bring him back. There are plenty of deadheads that have never even had the chance to see the dead. Y’all go see DSO. Like I’ve shouted plenty of times in my life, you know my love won’t fade away. By the way, I am sure the scene is better without you.

Row jimmy April 28, 2013, 22:55:38

Look man… I was watching Phil’s two boys on you tube today.. Believe it or not they are the future of the the Dead family…I was sad to see the shape Bobby was in the other night….BUT.. You know how many times Bobby carried the “FatMan” when he was in a stooper? ........I’m sure plenty..Bob and Phil ,John,Jeff ,Jeff P, Sunshine, keep it going they have us getting together and dancin our butts off….for now enjoy it while its here ?.Remember. FURTHUR....lets just hope the keep it going longer than the Rolling Stones.. I’m sure they will..By the way check out Phil’s boys on you tube doing “BERTHA” I Can Dig It..DSO they are On top of their game too..Fun to go see …..(re-creating something already done)..lets enjoy Bobby and Phil while we can..It’s a blessing that they are playing together at all…. Don’t let me get into what Bill and Mickey got goin on these days! Pfffffffffftttt!!!

Saint_of April 28, 2013, 23:00:11

The best thing about is is that the rest of the band never stopped playing. Classic!

Ron April 29, 2013, 02:24:09

Furthur is so much fun.
Don’t waste time hating kids.

Luke April 29, 2013, 04:10:53

By definition a band cannot be a ‘cover band’ with not only one but two original members in it (key ones at that).

Eric April 29, 2013, 07:47:40

Ashes to Ashes Bobby fell down..

eotw April 29, 2013, 08:05:08

Jerry Garcia WAS the HEART of the Dead. For me, this version is one too many. I tapped out after PL&F 206 version. Gad I caught those shows. But I don’t begrudge any of them a living but none have done anything as good as when Garcia was alive.

Yossarian April 29, 2013, 08:14:41

I’m takin’ in too much music to be bitter! Furthur, DSO, Terrapin Flyer w/TC or Melvin, Mickey, 7 Walkers, JGB, even Donna’s band isn’t bad! It’s 2013 and I can catch the spirit all the time without even traveling far. Some people can’t enjoy things like they used to, but if you’re open to it there’s plenty to be grateful for.

the venezuelan hippie April 29, 2013, 10:20:07

Whoever think furthur is o cover band, is full of BS. Keep trucking boys….. Whatever happened to Bobby, it can happen to anybody…. And by the way, whoever thinks this band suck, dont know anything about music…...

Vanessa Emma Goldman April 29, 2013, 10:37:04

Get well soon, Bob!!! I saw Furthur last summer in Rochester, MI and they were AWESOME!!!!!! They also sound great in this video. May they keep on rockin’ til they can’t rock any more. And then, others will step up and continue the tradition because the Dead will never die!!!!

Kent April 29, 2013, 10:48:04

Love me some furthur, hope bobby gets some rest and gets it together. it’s tough out there.

Hippos April 29, 2013, 10:40:19

Funny we have Panic fan calling Furthur a coverband…does that make Panic a cover band now? And then a Phish fan calling out Bobby for chemical dependence… Neither these fans, nor the bands, would exist without what Bobby and Phil have done. Carry on children. Disclaimer: I am also a big Panic and Phish fan.

Tostonesfix April 29, 2013, 10:51:00

Sad. The guy literally falls down on stage and most people’s reaction is: “Keep on Truckin’ Bobby!”. Unfortunately this wasn’t an isolated incident. If the guy wants to keep playing until he drops, fine. But in my mind, he needs help. He’s depressed, on drugs, or has a medical condition, whatever, something ain’t right with our dear Bob Weir. Obviously, it’s not the fans’ place to say what a professional musician should or should not do, but if I were asked, I’d recommend that Weir retire from the road for the foreseeable future. He’s done enough in the music business and still has TRI Studios to fall back on. No need to die prematurely for the sake of Rock and Roll. Get well, Bob.

Robert W April 29, 2013, 10:53:17

You analyze me, tend to despise me
You laugh when I stumble and fall
There may come a say when I’ll dance on your grave
Unable to dance I’ll still crawl now sugar
Unable to dance I’ll still crawl
Unable to dance I’ll still crawl
Unable to dance I’ll crawl.

Ali D April 29, 2013, 11:28:46

Poor Bob man, people have a heart. Cover band, blah blah blah,
Who gives a shit. You like it or you don’t, don’t like it, fuck off
And go find something else to do, like trippin your brains out on a mountain top or something awesome like that, play bridge, i don’t give a shit but don’t dwell on the negative, there’s a world out there, the only time is now. No matter how much more bad ass the old days were. Oh by the way calling Jerry the “fat man” is very sad and disrespectful. What fuckin assholes you folks are who called him that. I love Jerry Garcia. Though i never met him, i knew him just the same, cause he was a friend of mine. And remember folks, when you get confused, listen to the music play!

bmcscarlet April 29, 2013, 12:06:39

Doug not sure where you have been but Bob has been doing something original since 1972. Especially since 1995. It was only in the last 3 years that he and Lesh had agreed to work together and do Furthur. I was at the show where he collapsed. It was more of a drunken stumbling lean and slow fall to his knee and then a humorous sort of roll to his back- and yes the band kept playin on…I went to AC and the shows was great. Dead music is what its all about- would you go see a bobby original show? What’s not gettignmuch attention is that Gracia’s daughter Trixie was there as they dedicated the house bar to Jerry calling it, “Garcia’s:...Bob just got lit that day, Great shows by the way!

Wookie April 29, 2013, 12:08:09

It sickens me to read all the badmouthing about Bob’s incident. For a bunch of so called hippies, who preach about their fellow man and peace and all the other things hippies are about, you people sure seem to have little sympathy for YOUR fellow man. Bob, for whatever reason had an incident on stage, that’s all, there is to it. Having played in rock and roll bands for the past 30 years, I can tell you all something. Everyone has a bad night, would you all still complain if he had the flu and passed out? You sit there on you high and mighty throne and spit vile insults to a man and a band that is out there playing 22 shows over the summer, ALL for US! Go follow Green Day if you want to complain about an alcoholic, of phish if you want to talk about a cover band, (any of you ever really listen to Treys leads? They sound hauntingly like many of the leads the The Fat Man played way before him…) When any one of you haters can do what they do day in and day out for the fans, let me know, I might go see you too, till then shut up , go away, and find something positive to do with your life.

Dave G April 29, 2013, 12:26:07

Never fails,jamband civil war!
My question is not about Furthur v. GD v. DSO v. p&F in determining who is an acceptable renditiion of the post-warlocks musical group’s body of work, but rather what type of muscle relaxer takes down Bob Weir.
JFC, its Bob Weir, it must have been some high powered shit.
In all seriousness, these fights crack me up. Just because I know this or that or have seen umpteen shows just means that I am a fan. Nothing MORE! What moves me doesnt have to move you, who I like the most I don’t care if you like.There are bad shows and good shows, Ive found that the most important part of any show is the live experience and being in the moment.

Ali D April 29, 2013, 12:17:23

Btw, I’ve seen Bob weir live more than any other artist, he has always been in form and reserved, always a pro. Check out his recent solo acoustic stuff on YouTube, incredible, its amazing how easy it is too play these songs incorrectly, its a trip seeing them done right all up close like that. Im sorry about what happened to him and am very pleased that he is alright. I think the ticket prices are shame, im not blaming anyone, they have to make a living, whatever. Everything costs an arm and a leg these days. Its like the opposite of what it started out as. Good economics, cheap tickets, great music, great psychedelics and some cool folks. Lets bring those days back. Im down.

doug mlyn April 29, 2013, 14:43:29

Lot of haters on here. If you have a different opinion than someone else.. just state your opinion, and your reasons why you feel that way. But don’t personally attack someone or call them names just because they don’t agree with you. Just my 2 cents.

fastrackfred April 29, 2013, 14:49:18

call it what you will children, I am still moved brightly, will catch it every time I can and suggest that you, who pay $150 to “make the scene”, take up the rhythm guitar and when you can emulate Weir, start your own trip. quit complaining!

fastrackfred April 29, 2013, 14:49:20

call it what you will children, I am still moved brightly, will catch it every time I can and suggest that you, who pay $150 to “make the scene”, take up the rhythm guitar and when you can emulate Weir, start your own trip. quit complaining!

tricia April 29, 2013, 14:54:25

I agree with Jonathan, what was up with that???

Silence D. Good April 29, 2013, 17:39:53

Ain’t got time to call your soul a critic no!!! Now are you on or off the Bus???????

Jacare April 29, 2013, 19:21:38

A cover band plays covers. A Jam Band improvises or jams whatever material they’re covering. Furthur is a Jam Band covering a lot of different material, mostly the Dead. Anyone who thinks Furthur is a bunch of has-beens, or washed up or nostalgic has not truly witnessed them. No, they’re not in top form every night. I’ve seen a few lackluster shows. But NEARLY every time I’ve seen them (and it’s been many) they have MANY truly inspired, vibrant, fully CREATIVE, sometimes explosive jams that transport you to another place. And Bob Weir is a big part of this creative process. As is Chementi—he’s so on fire he’ll knock your boots off! These guys can—and often do—take WHATEVER material is front of them and jam the shit out of it. If you like improvisational “jam” bands, they’ve got the magic. Don’t sell yourself short by dismissing them before you’ve truly given them a chance. And…my best to Bob Weir on dealing with whatever this is on his plate—probably only he and those close to him know what that is….but I hope he lands on his (talented) feet.

Alligator April 29, 2013, 19:31:36

Correct me if I’m wrong but hasn’t this always been the case? I remember hearing how cheesy Corrina is or how Samba sucks or how you will “only catch me in the Phil zone”. Oh, and the fat man comment was a reference to an old sticker that I used to see for sale that said “the fat man rocks!”. Just kind of stuck with me all those years. Never thought it was meant to be mean. It’s all perspective I guess.

ts April 29, 2013, 19:45:30

Everyone has an opinion but few say anything meaningful or helpful.

Sea Biscuit April 29, 2013, 20:39:29

Bobby fans are people too… I always loved that line :)

Willie d April 29, 2013, 22:50:17

furthur’s just that, bob n Phil going furthur on down the road. they are two of the originals of GD. call it what u want, but I for one appreciate that they still choose to share the music with the public. either of them could do a weekly show at terrapin or sweetwatermusichall and just stop touring and throw in the towel except for the occasional gig local in Marin, but they don’t, they keep on going. i think it’s awesome and am thankful each time I get to see them. sorry I only got to see Jerry roughly 40 times, but I am soo thankful for the shows they(which includes bob n Phil) allowed to be taped and nothing like a five mile run listening to Jerry’s music from the past, including JGB or the GDead. point being, sorry to hear Bobby had a tough time the other night, sending vibes out for him to heal and hoping we get another ten years plus of seeing him perform and sharing the stage with other fine musicians. bobby solo, he shared the stage with the giants coach, and that was an honor to have gotten to see. if your not into them, plenty of other music to go see.

Chinacat9 April 30, 2013, 02:01:38

Good health Bobby! I hope all is well. I am a deadhead that loves Furthur. I miss Jerbear everyday but there is a reason that he chose Phil and Bob to be his guys. Don’t forget that they as we’ll as us are the keepers of the flame. If you truly love the grateful dead you want the music and spirit to live on, not fade away. Furthur is doing a great job of it. I’ve seen them tons. I think they have more tunes in rotation than GD ever did. They play every original and cover with token rhyme and suggesting rhythm. I have seen a bunch of killer Phish and Panic shows lately as well but nothing does it for my like the boys (and Sunshine).

dire wolf April 30, 2013, 10:14:20

Saturdazed… everything happens simply as it does indeed … the chocalate brownies with added ‘ vitamins’ Help>Slipped us into a realm that such a thing as Time Stopped…. and a million lifetimes were singing and dancin’ for the eternal evening and it was sooo unreal … it’s now Mon… nooo.. it’s now Tuesday and those jovial cosmic feelings live on indefinitely. Also , incredibly.. the Hard Rock SYF party and long sets Graced the night even Furthur … Blessed are all Deadheads , especially the kids… the natural ‘ glow’ which they’re blessed … and many have this gift from God at 40 … 50 + ... yet another of so many virtues Tour imparts to all. Music 4 the soul .. the 4Ever young .!!!! Grateful Dead !!!

cocheese April 30, 2013, 16:12:59

The Dead played a lot of covers in their early years and continued through the 90’s. So, who cares?

Bill April 30, 2013, 10:40:44

I’ve seen Further twice and Phil and Phriends numerous time. I will take the latter any time. They much more interesting covers than this band does. I’m sure Bobby is fine. Garbled words? He NEVER remembered words!. Listen to ’70s versions of Truckin’ ! I think it’s great that he and Phil still want to play together, but I hope each gets back to his original band.

DJF April 30, 2013, 12:35:03

I think everyone should see them play. And, if you don’t like them, just don’t go see them again. Furthur’s goal, as is PL&F, is to continue the music of the GD. Younger generations get to enjoy the sound, which in turns moves the music forward. If half the musicians I saw had HALF the resume that Bob Weir did they would consider retiring. Enough of the disrespectful rhetoric folks, it is the sound. Enjoy it, or just fade away.

Togo April 30, 2013, 13:08:38

It would be helpful if anyone here knew at least a little about prescription medications before spouting their “thoughts”. To those who think it couldn’t have been due to medication, you are dead wrong. The dude in the lot who sold you Xanax and Oxy didn’t hand you the Prescription Indications nor did they show you what is known as “fair balance” that lists all the side effects and warnings. Taking a muscle relaxer or pain killer and then taking an anti-histamine for allergies could do to anyone exactly what happened to Weir. If you don’t believe me, do the research. The life you save may be your own.

Kevin Collins April 30, 2013, 14:02:52

Bobby please bring back RATDOG!!

Deaddylanphish April 30, 2013, 14:46:47

Take Togo’s advice. Be safe kids. Get well Bobby. And Long live the Grateful Dead!

Phil April 30, 2013, 15:16:27

After reading all the opinions I think,, I remember more than once or twice going to see the Dead and thinking ,, yes they really sucked tonight.

Phil April 30, 2013, 15:22:28

After reading all the opinions I think,, I remember more than once or twice going to see the Dead and thinking ,, yes they really sucked tonight.

Matteo April 30, 2013, 18:35:19

Wow- so many different opinions and feelings from so many perspectives. I honor the diversity but the haters should go. I think Garcia would laugh his ass off at all this. He’d probably tell us all to go listen to some other kinds of music for once.
As a person as dead to the core as the next, I just don’t wan’t another sad ending is all!
I am so grateful for the years of shows I’ve been blessed to see and the lifestyle this music has given me.
From the Grateful Dead to everything that has followed, we have all been shaking our bones in one form or another.
Be the love you are meant to be… Peace Folks-

Pammi April 30, 2013, 19:33:08

This is not an “isolated incident” and I feel like someone thinks we’re all stupid. God bless Bob, he has some personal problems and needs to be prayed for.

Bosoxyacht April 30, 2013, 19:38:09

$120 for a ticket? I’d guess the seller knew you were a fool, and played you like one. Sure, there are “premium seats” at some shows, but those are sold only to wealthy fools.

mb April 30, 2013, 21:32:22

It seems rather obvious that most of the people who post here probably haven’t seen the other side of thirty. As someone who is a few years past fifty, I can appreciate more the land mines that lay ahead. Bob has earned the right. Because it happened on stage, people want to blow it up out of proportion. Had the band stopped, Bob would have really been put on the spot. In hindsight it seems they did the right thing. It’s a killer Unbroken Chain to boot. tellsemlikehesmellsem is a fool. Cover band. Indeed!

The G-Man April 30, 2013, 22:33:08

Cover band, not a cover band, $120 a ticket, isolated incident. Man, this is a rough crowd. Does anyone remember Jerry ever getting all the lyrics right? He did in the early days but from about 1980 on, he never did. He always got a pass. I never was much a of a Weir guy but he’s been at it for 50 years. Maybe he’s a little tired… think? Frankly, I’d prefer sit in my listening room and play a 1970’s show, but what do I know.

Acid Test Graduate May 1, 2013, 00:50:42

Wasn’t happy seeing such a show as that last night at the Cap. Bobby’s state was my biggest complaint. It it’s the precursor to his rethinking some of his ways and would help ensure he could be active for considerably longer than I guess it’s ok. Just wish I had gone the night before instead. Ideally it would be great if Bob didn’t need to take any more prescription meds. So easy on those curls and presses when you’re in the gym, ok? lol
Having 32 years on the bus I’d prefer to see Furthur than just about anyone else out there right now. On a real good night they’re fantastic and harness some of that good ol’ Grateful Dead energy. To say they’re a cover band is absurd.

Ed May 1, 2013, 06:50:45

I first saw the GD at Woodstock’69, which makes me an “old” Deadhead. They did and still do lots of covers (often better than the original artists, and like Furthur, as a tribute to the other bands they admired.) They acknowledged and we all witnessed off nights. But no one danced as far out on the limb or soared as high among the heavens. And we ALL were there for that unique adventure. The cover band project reminds us all (or should), that the music plays the band(s) and the audience. It will always be that way. (think Mozart) I have seen every iteration of this band (from sitting 10 feet from Pigpen at the Fillmore East to shaking hands with Kadlecik at Bethel Woods) and I refuse to compare the players, the eras, or the concerts. It’s been a wonderful journey,a song for the road, and we are all blessed. Focus on the Good Lovin’, and listen to the music play.

Joe from va May 1, 2013, 06:56:54

Cover band? You people are crazy. Dont you fn people know who Bob Weir and Phil Lesh are.They are The Dead!
When Ace Freley left Kiss and Paul and Gene stayed that didn’t make them a cover band!
Bill K. is doing the same thing with 7walkers…covering dead tunes!

Mtnjammer May 1, 2013, 15:02:45

Thank you to the entire Futhur band (and Mickey and Billy) for the great music and for having fun while performing it with those you choose to play with. For those who are so jaded they feel Furthur is a cover band…stay home and quit following the band and all the info they put out there! It’s that simple…. Remove yourself from the scene if it is that horrible and let the rest of us enjoy ourselves and the positive energy the band is putting off.

Paul & Ana May 1, 2013, 18:13:12

Get well and take care, Bobby See ya at Hard Rock LV in October 2013

Paul Bell May 1, 2013, 18:22:39

Get well Robert Hall Weir! We wouldn’t be talking about all this if he had collapsed in his home. I am pretty sure he didn’t want this to happen. Whatever caused it is being addressed by him and I am confident we will see him return. As for original music. Everyone should get a copy of Evening Moods from ratdog. (Not sure if it is still available.) Great album with some gems, Ashes and Glass, Welcome to the World, Odessa, Lucky Enough, Two Djinn, Bury Me Standing, Corrina! I remember him looking like he was going to pass out in San Diego at Ratdog back in 2004 or so. He didn’t come back out to the second set and was hauled off in an a,bulance, the rest of Ratdog played a set without him and the full Terrapin which ensued was spectacular! I know we all care for him, and that is why we all want to know if it was oxycontin, or heroin, or whiskey, or a mild stroke. I think we should give each other the benifit of the doubt that our curiosity is based on real concern, and not a tabloid fascination. If any are in San Diego, my band Electric Waste Band, has been playing “high voltage” interpretations of Grateful Dead songs since 1992 weekly (Monday nights) at Winston’s in Ocean Beach. It is only $5 for 3 hours of sonic tonic and some of the nicest folks around! Would love to have you all out!

timmy May 1, 2013, 21:24:57

All Furthur haters fuck off and see something else. Anyone who calls them a cover band instantly loses any shred of credibilty. Isn’t it literally impossible for Bob and Phil to “cover” their own music? Plleeeeeaaase stay away and leave us more room to dance. Jerry would flip you all off with his one good middle finger and go with the rest of us to the Furthur show.

danny boy May 1, 2013, 22:54:39

Keep on dancin in the light of consciousness.lay down the criticism and enjoy the blissful space provided by these highly inspired musicians.or i suppose the nay sayers should stay home in their own little hell cave. This will clean up some dirty energy at the shows.realize it or not the music provided more times than not is an exceptional vehicle for spiritual experience anything else perceived by the entangled mind produces much fodder for a grumbling ego to complain about, hence the numerous cry baby complaints.Be grateful for the gift of awesome music Bob and Phil provide.and may you stay in the shining light of the present moment….Be well Bobby and phil…...rock on

Katie's Habit May 2, 2013, 14:33:22

I got the soundboard from Furthur’s website, both the band and Bobby sounded amazing!! I can’t believe anyone would put down this band. They are excellent, passionate musicians, making incredibly magical music night after night. I hope Bob gets well soon! Katie’s Habit
The band that brings the party!
Playing Rock, Pop and Dance.

fderf May 4, 2013, 21:21:48

It’s obvious that these alleged critics are clueless.
They stay home blogging after reading stories here. They haven’t been to a show & shared the vibe ever. My history goes back 40 years with my friends. I suggest you STFU & go away.My condolences idiots. Keep blogging – what a waste of life. Can’t wait for Red Rocks.

charlie May 5, 2013, 22:51:08

how sad it is that so many would rather worship a dead heroin addict than celebrate the music he made with his closet friends.

Jaydog May 6, 2013, 19:57:39

One love.

blacknife May 6, 2013, 23:42:48

It is the worst kind of shame to find judgement, arrogance, divisiveness and vitriol in here. Seriously. How does it serve you? Furthur is a cover band? Check the Dead’s repertoire. Do you critical sages know what you were listening to 50+ percent of the time at Dead shows? Complaint about ticket prices? Check the price of other artists’ live albums against bootleg pricing. Ragging on the most generous band there has been? Take yer meds. Yer arguments have fallen down. Lost Sailors on Ship of Fools

blacknife May 6, 2013, 23:51:30

It is the worst kind of shame to find judgement, arrogance, divisiveness and vitriol in here. Seriously. How does it serve you? Furthur is a cover band? Check the Dead’s repertoire. Do you critical sages know what you were listening to 50+ percent of the time at Dead shows? Complaint about ticket prices? Check the price of other artists’ live albums against bootleg pricing. Ragging on the most generous band there has been? Take yer meds. Yer arguments have fallen down. Lost Sailors on Ship of Fools

Charles Brown May 7, 2013, 03:57:20

Furthur is not an original act. JK is just a chump with not one original thought. Those guys playing with that chump = a sad day for the legacy of the band.

micah May 8, 2013, 17:06:31

Is it me or do the Furthur fan boys and girls doth protest a bit too much? Who really cares if someone calls them a cover band? To write breathlessly, “...the worst kind of shame to find judgment, arrogance divisiveness and vitriol in here”, is a wee bit over the top. And sorry, just because you write that “(a)nyone who calls them a cover band instantly loses any shred of credibility” just doesn’t make it so on either account. If you enjoy Nerf football, that’s fine- but it’s still Nerf football.

dk70 May 8, 2013, 17:37:07

Nerf footballs are great, orange was always the best color. Great for “Night Nerf” What a weird word that is “nerf”. .

Loubert May 8, 2013, 18:03:29

Tickets are a bit pricey… i usually dig furthur but i am partial to phil & friends

sarah May 29, 2013, 10:57:40

My name is Sarah and I am doing a research paper on Bob Weir. I found out he was adopted and he also had dyslexia. Well I too have dyslexia and i was also adopted. It was cool to find out.

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