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Published: 2013/05/22

New Monsoon Launch Kickstarter for New Album

New Monsoon will use Kickstarter to raise funds for their next studio release. The album will include 10 songs: six brand-new offerings, and four that have been road tested but never recorded in the studio. It’s been six years since their last studio album, New Monsoon V.

A note on the band’s Kickstarter page says, “The band grew up on great albums such as: Dark Side of the Moon, Abbey Road and Led Zeppelin III. Like their musical heroes, they too have found the ‘beauty in the details’ that the studio reveals. Capturing the sound of their instruments with quality microphones, and the ability to mold and create music with professional mixing gear, simply creates a deeper level of intimacy with the art, and the musicians themselves. The money New Monsoon is asking for will be used to cover expenses such as recording costs, production, mixing, duplication and promotion. More and more these days record deals are only for those already at the top of the heap. For bands like New Monsoon, who continue to make music without big label support, the idea of Kickstarter is a winner. The platform allows fans to become part of the process, which is what really appeals to New Monsoon, as they have always enjoyed a tight bond with their fans.”

In return for their support, fans will receive rewards including the CD and Digital Download of the new album, a New Monsoon house concert, BBQ pre-release listening party, concert tickets, merchandise packages and private music lessons from members of the band.

The Kickstarter campaign runs until Midnight June 16, 2013.


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me May 22, 2013, 13:04:20

Um, record deals were the same way, if not worse, back when Floyd, The Beatles and Zep were not begging for money… sure hope Kickstarter dies out as a way for bands to beg for money… how about making sure all homeless children are fed before we start begging for money for our next album using state of the art hardware? Sorry if this is offensive, but I’m really turned off by artistic begging to ensure low risk results…

Eric May 22, 2013, 13:57:21

Agreed, it’s not the fans responsibility to dig into their pockets and fund albums from struggling artists. How about giving that money to Oklahoma victims. Hey, I wanted a house so worked and saved like a crazy person for years and years, I didn’t ask for money and promise a super awesome bbq for those who gave me money. Another fine example from the generation of entitlement.

Joel May 22, 2013, 14:42:21

Right on! The Beatles played shit holes in Hamburg Germany and slept in dumps to get where they got, they weren’t asking for money to make an album, btw they were rejected by both Decca and EMI records. I like New Monsoon, but what they’re doing is embarrassing.

derreck May 22, 2013, 15:08:28

These comments are far more embarrassing than kickstarter…which isn’t going anywhere. Dopes.

me May 22, 2013, 15:13:53

So, derreck… the world owes you and all of the artists on Kickstarter something… rolling up your sleeves, working hard, saving and using creativity to create your masterpiece… that’s all the stuff of us dopes from the older generation? I’m a pretty liberal guy, but at some point your model crosses the 50% threshold and it gets harder and harder to support your model… although, it would be great if we could all just beg for handouts and not have to make any real effort, or risk anything of our own… now who is the dope?

derreck May 22, 2013, 16:07:53

My model? Since when is this my model? The world owes me nothing and you’re still the dope. I’m an older liberal guy too and times change my man. Kickstarter is a way for small bands to not deal with record companies when making a record. Is that good or bad? If this bothers you, don’t contribute. Save your money for something else. I’ve contributed to two kickstarter campaigns, New Monsoon and Assembly of Dust, and I was glad to do it because I enjoy both bands. Saying these band are lazy, taking shortcuts or not making any real effort is flat out ignoring the changing landscape of the music industry. If you don’t believe me do some research. I for one can’t wait for the first NM record in six years.

me May 22, 2013, 16:49:09

come on now derreck, I think you’re intelligent enough to know what I meant by “your model”! Yes, indeed times change, and if you want to support online begging that is your choice.However, your defense of such a model is weak at best. You point to record companies, however, bands on the level of NM and AoD are essentially still struggling artists making an attempt to succeed in the music business (understand that is not an insult, simply a fact regardless that they may have the ability to fill smaller venues occassionally) and, IMO, should be doing it on their own. If they can’t do it on their own, that should be a good indicator of their future (reality bites sometimes). In fact, I would even suggest that begging will have a negative effect on their draw… I for one, am less inclined to go see a show if I know the band begs on Kickstarter. I see about 100 shows/year so I have to pick and choose, stuff like this helps me cross a band off my list. I don’t need to do research (BTW, maybe you should research the record companies willing to sign bands like this, 9 times out of 10, it’s some tiny independent label not the big evil record company…), I’ve watched a handful of friends attempt to make it in the business, with varying degrees of success and while they all received financial support, it was in a private manner with close friends/relatives, not simply putting up a sign on the internet asking for cash. In fact, I’m in a band, I’d love to get set up in a nice recording studio, but there is no way in hell I’d ever beg for it… maybe that is just me, and certainly my musical abilities don’t come close to rivaling even the bands you have helped… regardless, I’d be embarrassed to ask… if you can’t pay the bills, don’t buy the product. If living within my means makes me a dope, well then I guess you’ve used the label correctly…

mtn gold May 23, 2013, 10:43:55

if fans contribute to the cost of making the new album, and then receive said album as a token of appreciation, WHO is ever going to $buy$ a copy of the album?

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