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Published: 2013/07/04

Umphrey’s McGee Celebrate Independence Day a Night Early

Photo via Jeff Waful’s Twitter account

Umphrey’s McGee celebrated Independence Day a night early this year. During their performance at Grand Rapids, MI’s Frederik Meijer Gardens last night, the Midwest jam-titans busted into “America the Beautiful” near the end of their first set. Bassist Ryan Stasik moved the song into “Glory,” and the band then segued into “The Fuzz” and the rest of “Glory” to close their first set. Their encore included an appropriate take on “Liberty Echo” sandwiched between “Hangover.”

Umphrey’s McGee are off the road today but will perform at Minneapolis, MN’s Cabooze Outdoor Plaza tomorrow.

Here’s a look at last night’s setlist via All Things Umphrey’s

Wednesday, July 3, Frederik Meijer Gardens,Grand Rapids, MI

Set I: Booth Love, Loose Ends, Sociable Jimmy, White Pickle > After Midnight, Headphones & Snowcones, 13 Days, America the Beautiful > Glory1 > The Fuzz > Glory

Set II: Cheap Sunglasses > Kat’s Tune, Nothing Too Fancy2 > Hajimemashite, Higgins, Day Nurse, Puppet String

E: Hangover > Liberty Echo > Hangover

[1] only Ryan
[2] unfinished


There are 11 comments associated with this post

Nic July 4, 2013, 18:21:08

Hey umphreys can’t wait to see u guys in Des Moines. Just sayin if you want to take requests. :-) Please play me a night nurse, booth love , bright lights, double wide oh and bring ithe day nurse to town I’m feeling ill. Or you can just melt my face like usual. Safe travels

Glory July 4, 2013, 20:56:58

That bass only glory intro sounded like Pete Wentz getting a bass lesson when he was 8. Come on guys quit mailing it in. Brendan should never do JJ Cale it is embarassing. My boyfriend drove from San Francisco and we were both let down enough to sell our tickets to Camp and find ourselves driving to SPAC for Phish. TDB arent a functioning band and UM apparently is having issues. Badger Jim

Jim the Badger July 4, 2013, 22:20:28

Hey Nic a Doublewide is where you probably live. I doubt UM will bring a new one to Des Moines for you so maybe request a Triple Wide like I do from my boyfriend instead;->

Scotty the Salamander July 4, 2013, 22:48:15

Jim are you and your boyfriend bears? You should have cum to Summer Skool. My fiancĂ© Issac and I had a blast. At one point after we had a shower nooner as some call it, we were talking to Joel and he was like damn man who farted? Issac looked at me and was like, “Idiot you didn’t shower off when we were done and we are talking to DL Joel.” We should hook up with your crew of common minded phans. There have been more and more guys like us following the band. On the DL we want to start a table before the hiatus called the Plungers, which would be like a waterwheel foundation for LGBT tour fans. We would offer pre and post parties, contests (For New Years we already are getting word out about a Leather Bear contest and a Leather Cub contest) and protection so as a growing group, excuse the pun, stay healthy.

ChargedLoads July 5, 2013, 07:34:57

Jim and Scotty, it’s so great to hear from the growing LGBT UmphFreaks fan base…it can be tough out here in the Mid-west living out and proud, but the Umphreaks scene is a perfect Oasis where I can freely flaunt my charged loads…I’ve never seen so many barely legal twinks gathered in one area before! And there are so, so few vaginas in the room so it reduces that gross fish smell and having to look at disgusting chest fat that they call boobs! Look for my Umphreaks Rainbow Flag on Lot! Kisses!

AnchorDropsinMyBUTTZ July 5, 2013, 16:02:27

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE me some Umphreys!!! I walked into my first show and I knew I had found heaven; edgeless mid-western prog rock with changes for the sake of changes, with no real soul and the corniest whitebread humor this side of the Mississippi. Plus, all the naive pre-pubescent boys who are using the band as a stepping stone for better music later on in life?? YES PLEASE!!! Love how “rainbow” friendly the whole scene has been, and love when they drop into a disco/techno beat to keep the young naive boys coming in droves. Also love the total lack of any real female presence. Nothing worse than hot chicks to ruin a rock concert experience and I definitely don’t have to worry about that at Umphrey’s. Just watch out for those charged Umphreaks, put a rainjacket on your little sailor out there boyzzz! NEVER FORGET STONEWALL, LONG LIVE THE UMPH!

lovejahlive July 5, 2013, 17:18:59


Jim the Badger July 7, 2013, 02:47:31

We dont need anymore charged loads thays for sure. Lately it seems like you may be right. There have been more young drifters at shows. Young midwestern boys looking for jams. I’d say most are early 20s. One guy caught me and Issac heating up jelly to use for something late night and took it from us until we allowed him to watch. He said he loved the bands open ways and how some left Chicago to try to avoid their true down low primal urges. Hey ask Kris if he has ever had a “sticky situation” with his fake hair. He will laugh he caught a flier playing turbo tugboat all sped up I hear. Cannot wait for holidaze we have 7 rooms of great dudes.
Badger Jim

Bright Lights Big Bruce July 7, 2013, 22:47:33

Im way interested in the idea of a Plunger club for LGBT fans. I feel so open at their shows but at Summerfest the band looked like crap and well rhat means a lot to the guys out there. Plus with the meat head crowd what we were able to freely do at Summer Camp and Summer Skool or even UM bowl. These poor Umphreaks with old school Local Band Does Ok matching shirts were In a porto let. Since it wasnt open like Summer School cops opened the porto john while one guys pants were off and the other guy was working away. They got dragged out doing something totally fine because Umphreys I guess is the only LGBT jamband for us. At camp me and my friend Lance just wore long shirts and tighty whities to all night stuff. Nobody cared who looked and if they did Lance shocked them with his payload!!! UMQueens. We are interested in the leather man contest. Vince said that will be announced with firther info on nye. Bring your jacket!

BelievetheLiz July 8, 2013, 00:03:15

Bruce I saw that poor boy with that caught look on his face when they got him at summerfest in the toilet with his friend. They didn’t let him put his pants on so he had on underwear and that UM shirt getting dragged to the exit with his boyfriend. It’s about the Miami Virtue where it doesn’t matter if a pump or a pull gets you off the power of UM makes us one asexual being where at any point you may like men and you may like women who cares. Isn’t that the message of Miami Virtue? Or should it be as obvious as booth love which is about peep shows and not caring what’s n the other side of that hole in the wall to the booth next door…..Booth Love is about that asexual desire to just get off no matter if its metal, trance or jam rock get off like you are at a peep show and see something to pull or fill in the hole. I love UMs understanding of LGBT life. It’s wide open. In my opinion that community will make up 40% of the crowd at NYE. Can’t wait to tug Kris’s plugs.

John July 8, 2013, 10:58:37

Heeeey Guys!
I’m so glad that I read these posts! I really need to find my jamband community for my out of the closet lifestyle. Everyone kept telling me that SCI had the gay fans. SO imagine my dissapointment when I found out that wasn’t true (in fact thats the highest girl to guy ratio I’ve seen in the community). They’re a great community, but not what I was looking for. Um-Boy can’t wait to get on tour with you boys. Toodles

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