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Published: 2013/07/09

Phish Postpone Toronto Show

Phish have postponed tonight’s performance at Toronto’s Molson Canadian Amphitheare due to power outages in the city stemming from recent severe downpours. The Vermont Quartet will now play Toronto on July 22. It will be the band’s first international appearance in 13 years.

A note from the band reads:

Due to insurmountable transportation and public safety issues resulting from the power outage in Toronto after severe downpours in the city, Phish’s performance tonight at Molson Canadian Amphitheare has been postponed. The show has been moved to Monday, July 22. All tickets will be honored at the new date. Refunds are available at point of purchase for fans who cannot attend. Phish has been greatly looking forward to their first Toronto appearance in nearly 13 years. Everyone involved worked tirelessly throughout the day and exhausted all options, but ultimately, public safety had to come first. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Phish has only cancelled one show since they started touring nationally, a Baltimore, MD appearance on July 19, 1993. That show was cancelled due to lack of ticket sales.


There are 19 comments associated with this post

Mr.E July 9, 2013, 19:19:04

I figured Phish would enjoy the water

janet July 9, 2013, 19:32:33

You would think that LiveNation would have enough sense to post the postponement for people…......thoughtless as usual

Jay July 9, 2013, 19:52:43

Regulatory red tape and liability in Ontario? No way. It was just impossible to come up with a solution in the biggest city in Canada. Weak.

Jill July 9, 2013, 20:19:20

We were turned away at parking lot gates . Have now been sitting in traffic for over an hour and not even 5 min away from venue . Have witnessed a minor accident . Maybe it would have been safer for fans to leave area during a not so busy time- maybe after the show ?? Or had the announcement been made earlier – many people could have avoided coming into the city at all ?!!

dude July 9, 2013, 22:43:51

phish blows

Undude July 9, 2013, 22:46:58

@dude… think of how lucky you are to be able to say that, what with how often your mom did the same thing, you could have ended up in the back of her throat rather than in her basement….

juiseppie July 9, 2013, 23:41:15

That is tough, to think all the wooks that actually succesfully made the border crossing, and to have the show cancelled. Amazing. Talk about rolling the dice, winning, only to find out you really lost. Also, I doubt phish had anything to do with the cancellation. It was most def Livenation, who couldn’t care less. Hello, Kid Rock!

Peachhead July 10, 2013, 02:34:02

@Undude.. you sure seem butthurt by some standard Internet s#%#alking. Don’t cry because some dissed your favorite band.

owsley s July 10, 2013, 07:59:33

You guys are ridiculous,im sure this was a phish scam,are you kidding me,look at the weather,it wasnt made in a hollywood basement,clowns!

Uncle Phish July 10, 2013, 11:26:47

Took my 12 year old daughter to the show this would have been her first. Total bummer they had to cancel. Was at the gate with her for an hour before some dude came out from back and made the announcement. Lot was weak almost like no one was there I’m sure they’ll bring in on the 22nd. Can’t wait to make the lame trip to Toronto again from buffalo. #blamecanada

Undude July 10, 2013, 12:13:09

You’re right Peachhead (shouldn’t that be Internet Policehead?)... I’m crushed, I guess you must be pretty upset too… I’ll be sure to check with you next time before I post my trash-talk rebuttal… okay big guy?

duane July 10, 2013, 15:13:16

Uncle Phish i was in line right beside you…. your daughter had funky bitch stickers on! I really feel for the people that traveled far for this … I am a local guy and it is not such a big deal to come back for the make up show.
What pisses me off is that ONE DIRECTION still were able to put on their show in Toronto that same night at the ACC. How can the city allow that to happen?
I AM SURE that none of the those fans traveled from California for the show!

tweezer1 July 11, 2013, 11:42:48

The whole thing feels like a very sad dream. Although the show has been postponed, the worst part of it all for me was watching a family of 5 out-of-towners head to their car. There was a dad, a mom, an older teen brother, a boy around 6 and a little girl probably around 4 all decked out in their most colourful garb just emanating disappointment. The irony of it all is that 2 weeks ago I was embracing nature in all it’s glory in Algonquin park Ontario, just to have nature’s wrath rear it’s ugly head in my hometown and rob all Phish Phans (young and old alike) of the beauty that is the show. My heart goes out to the hoards of families and Phish-Heads that traveled, to all that used vacation days, to all that got harassed at the border for no reasons other than being Phish Phans, to all that were seriously inconvenienced by this cancellation. Being a parent of 2 young boys, I mostly felt bad for the kids as they slowly dragged their feet, holding hands, hoping for a “miracle” that would turn disappointment into happiness. Just wanted to say (as a local Torontonian) that I hope ya’ll come back on the 22nd. It was a pleasure hangin in the lot and priming with all of you even though the show did not go on. Check out this link for more info on why the show was cancelled: For those of you who can’t make it back, here’s how you get your money back for the parking: Scan or take a photo of your parking receipt and email it to the info below:
General Manager’s Office & Guest Services
Valerie Holliday
Executive Assistant to the General Manager
Phone: 416-314-9784 Peace and love to you all!

nate July 11, 2013, 12:24:03

My friends and I left Detroit Tuesday afternoon for Toronto. Of course we were harassed at the border crossing bc I told them we were going to go see Phish in Toronto. After a ten minute search they custom agents let us go and make our way to Toronto. After numerous construction delays, accident delays and traffic delays from London Ontario to Toronto my friends and I had made it! It was a miracle! We planned on driving straight to the Molson Amphtheatre instead of our hotel due to lack of time. Then we heard the news on 680AM Toronto news radio. “Indie band Phish has canceled tonights show” We drove to the venue so we could see it to believe it. What a punch in the gut. Nightmare, disapointment, crushed. I have a wife and kid in Michigan, my friends and I all took a sick day from work to attend the show. Life is not so easy for us to just turn around, drive back to Detroit and return to Toronto for a freckin MONDAY NIGHT show on July 22. I wish I could. I wish I went to the Chicago Show instead, but thought Toronto would be a better experience. THUMBS DOWN. I love Canada, but this truly was awful. To announce the cancelation of the concert at 5:45pm???????? I even called the theatre at 1:00pm to make sure the concert was still on and they said “scheduled as planned”. Don’t know when i’ll be able to see PHish again. Sure did suck to drive back into Michigan at 1:15am.

coaster July 11, 2013, 12:53:10

I flew in from Nova Scotia to catch this show. When I got to Toronto on Monday I was stranded in a flooded-out downtown and had to get a hotel room. The next day I met up with my friends and were pumped to see Phish again. On the way to the venue we found out it was cancelled. It was great to see my friends again, but man am I disappointed. I’m going to have to sell/refund my ticket now, which won’t make a dent in the travel costs it took me to get there. What a let down and a waste of money.

smile July 11, 2013, 22:52:12

Undude…... your a joke

marcoesquando July 14, 2013, 18:05:18

The decision was made between live nation and the band/their mgmt.. after the morning was going in good order, the power in the entire neighborhood went back off around 1:30 in the afternoon. They called in as many generators as they could and could not safely run the show – not to mention the lack of streetlights and other services with no power in the area. Post-show Phish fans plus no lights, no power, etc would have been too tough to bear on one’s shoulders.
Livenation does not “care less”, it was an extremely tough call for all parties involved. They care. Just goes to show the power of mother nature and our power grid system, etc.
Plus, after they play every song ever in Chicago, they will be forced to bring some serious bustouts. >> July 22nd all the way baby. and yes I drove many hours to get there too.

Matt M July 15, 2013, 09:29:24

Took a day off to stand in line to get pit tickets. Cancelled Dave Matthews and a trip out to the east coast and booked all the rest of my holidays to go to the show. Got the cancelation notice at the gate at 6:30, we were at the front of the line to get posters. Got my wife’s parents to come from the east coast to babysit the kids in a hotel room. One Direction played that for their teeny bopper fans, bigger venue and same area, no issues. Their excuse is became bulls after about 4pm as everyone came, parked and got spun then had to leave while peaking, almost more dangerous. As a last FU from the band they reschedule on a Monday. After 13 years they couldn’t give us a weekend and then reschedule on yet another weekday and far too soon to get things in order such as more time off (most needs two weeks min). I’m so hurt and betrayed. Been watching everyone hit show after show for the last three years only to have the band screw me out of thousands. City said go, venue said go, band said FU Canadians that traveled across one of the largest countries on earth not to mention the wonderful Americans that came up here (don’t blame Canada, city and venue did what they could, One Direction played as did many, many smaller shows). It’s gonna hurt to see people enjoy my tickets at face value with no sacrifice. Just had to tell my story, sorry for the negativity, didn’t ask for it.

MalcolmO July 19, 2013, 01:53:40

Hey, coaster! Sounds like I was in the overcrowded car with you. I’m in Calif. when the rescheduled show happens. Maybe one day, Phish.

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