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Published: 2013/07/16

Tom Hamilton Leads Pink Floyd Tribute, Marc Brownstein’s Son DJs to Packed VIP Tent at Camp Bisco

Brothers Past’s Tom Hamilton led a Pink Floyd tribute with The Disco Biscuits’ Marc Brownstein and Aron Magner and Nicos Gun’s Jeremy Worthington in the VIP tent at Camp Bisco over the weekend. Disco Biscuits guitarist Jon Gutwillig also sat in during the set for “Breathe” and “Have a Cigar.” VIP guests were also treated to a packed DJ set from Brownstein’s 8 year-old son, who was billed as DJ Miniman. Brownstein took to Facebook to describe the set as “about 45 minutes of heady house.”

This year’s Bisco had a number of other surprises, not least of which was the weather. Atypically clear and sunny skies kept the crowds dry and happy all weekend. However, complications with one of the main stages (it was sinking) forced a number of shows to be rescheduled. Nevertheless, fans of the Disco Biscuits were able to watch a more traditional show on Sunday night, as the set break did not consist of a DJ set, as has been the case at Camp Biscos. World music powerhouse Thievery Corporation was also added at the last minute to replace Animal Collective, who were forced to cancel because of a band illness.

Photo via Marc Brownstein’s Facebook page


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Dushebag July 16, 2013, 22:48:34

So does this mean Marc will stop asking people to borrow money that he befriends only for that reason. Now at least he can put his son out there to work for him and make literally hundreds of dollars off of an adolescent, while he is sniffing pixie dust and puffing deemsters with Bernstein. When in doubt start trying to make money off your kids. Marc it is better than asking for six figure loans everywhere you go. Jon at least asks online like a public beggar that blew the tens of thousands of dollars his lucrative career has brought him.

Giant Outdoor Muddy Crack Park July 16, 2013, 23:19:03

Well amidst the sloppy mess of old songs my favorite band of a decade ago and surely not anymore, could not deflect from the disgusting garbage the whole fest devolved into. The Biscuits had good moments as any band who plays a couple times a year will with lots of trainwrecks. I cannot emphasize enough how my whole RV will never return to Camp. This was the worst festival I have ever been to. I felt unsafe at times, unsanitary given the used condoms in many of the Porto lets and dissatisfied with the music. About the highlight was a little kid playing a program on his iMac to a bunch of etards. They are just cashing a check these days it’s obvious.

Morph Goldbloom July 17, 2013, 00:52:15

I heard there is a consensus amongst fans who were there that asking for a partial refund is going to happen and of course the boyz will do at least 30-40% if it effected you. We are all family. The stage sinking was their fault. It messed up everything pretty much. I know people are just emailing the band and either working out a discount on the next event or a partial refund. This is where I trust the band. They always are generous and organized. The band will address it, but the email route apparently is a start if it effected your camp.

Not Surprised July 17, 2013, 11:51:14

Glad to hear it was another rousing success (sarcarsm, clearly). It’s exactly what I expect from these jokers, so glad I don’t waste money on them anymore.

LOL July 17, 2013, 12:19:06

This years camp was a rousing success and a great time. The band was on fire and the scene was totally cool. Those who posted above clearly have some issues and the rest of us are hopeful that you will stay away from the scene so the rest of us may enjoy it even more.

Question LOL July 18, 2013, 01:55:20

LOL you probably shouldn’t tell people not to go to shows given the financial state of the band. Jon was trying to borrow 25 grand on this site recently. They need every ticket sold if you like them playing 10 shows a year and making HDPF sound like a Philly cab accident. A rousing success? Who did Marc beg for money this year to underwrite the fest? Really a rousing success by a sunk band with a sinking stage. Get your refunds

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