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Published: 2013/07/23

Umphrey’s McGee’s Kris Myers Joins Kung Fu in Chicago

Umphrey’s McGee drummer Kris Myers sat in with Kung Fu at Chicago’s Tonic Room on Saturday night. The Windy City resident emerged to play drums with Kung Fu on a cover of Billy Cobham’s “Stratus.” Kung Fu will perform at Bridgeport, CT’s Gathering of the Vibes on Thursday. The guest-heavy set, which will be billed as Kung Fu with special guest Dojo Allstars, will feature appearances by Nigel Hall, Soulgrass banjo player Ryan Cavanaugh, Deep Banana Blackout singer Jen Durkin and Deep Banana Blackout guitarist Fuzz. Additional guests are expected to join Kung Fu during their set.


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Question July 23, 2013, 03:30:21

So all Umphreaks know the ship is sailing for two me,bers in 2014. Did this seem like a tryout gig for Kris? Their merch girl said things aren’t good and we all know or if you don’t know him it’s obvious Kris is dreaming of an inhalable Chrismas. UM has had to begin downsizing for the fall tour and I heard Vince predicted they are hoping for a walk up sell out on NYE but if SCI plays Broomfield he knows it will be another rough blow during a heartbreaking year for my gods of guitar. So maybe Kris is moving on because whether you are a family man with kids or a family man that operates on the downlow on the road, Kris is the single guy with the wig and is beginning to resemble Leo DiCaprio in Basketball Diaries so the wives and roadboys think he is getting the other guys into weird stuff. He’s so good it’s my hope he becomes less like a guy who seems to have the future of Rock Hudson and more like the sexy silky Jimmy Chaimberlain with a tight butt. If you knew Plunger Patrick from the old Dirty Nellies days when we saw Kris take Mirro’s job, He always stared at Kris like he was a dog looking at a lamb chop. So is he going to be Kung Fu? We all know these Panic gigs are in Ryan’s new home and it seem like the expendable parts are moving so maybe we get a UM with a serviceable bass player? Nothing changes without Andy and Ryan. Both hit their talent glass ceiling. They can practice til the end of time but the are at as high as they will get instrumentally. We all hear the cash crunch and Vince, Brendan and Joel want to start splitting things more in their favor at the risk of losing the loose parts, but not Jake. The guys are seeing the ups and downs of the road. Sometimes you aren’t proud if you wake up in a crash pad or a parents home full of underage kids with their parents out of town. I love them more than any other band so was it a tryout at Kung Fu? I could see it!!! Would they still be bar non the best Jambamd at Covers that clearly pays honor to artists and spends lots of time chilling relying on music everyone will boogie down to. See you in Denver Nash the flash…...I’ll be in an inappropriate Flash Gordon costume with a wizards hat on looking for a Wizard Burial Ground…..Lets live up the wind down of the band that has been since mirro left and Jake and Kris started Pumping the Pig

An Idea July 23, 2013, 03:40:42

Ryan Andy and Kris hit the road as a trio focusing on tunes like Atmosfarag and trying to play down beat DnB. Ryan would need some electronic or wax spinning lessons for some womp or an imac because nobody makes the crazy accusation that he plays a thick monster bass so he needs toys. Myers as band leader because he’s a great drummer and willing to be cosmetic thoughts?

Bright Lights Big Bruce July 23, 2013, 04:12:18

HEY dont speculate even if you know as I can tell. Anything can happen. Some stuff you dint talk about. What you want your favorite musician to have once kids are in is order, you think we ever get a Local Band Does ok if a marrige with kids runs into a wall. For the band a DL situation is safest for stability. No women deserve to hear they birthed the child of a weekend roughnecker, so let it go brother. You get these mix ups in ettiquette in crowds evenly mixed with LGBT and straights like UM crowds has kind of tacitly championed and the community thanks them…I will always encourage not sharing likely outcomes and secrets about guys Ive got the most dominant dreams about. A man can dream all in time.

Kris July 24, 2013, 07:54:17

I’m up on Mexican monkey lol!

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