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Published: 2013/07/30

Keller Williams Rereleases Dance as a Free Download

Keller Williams is celebrating 10 years since the release of his seventh studio album Dance by making a single-track version of the record available for download.  _Dance_ features remixes made using samples from his 2002 album, _Laugh_ (“Freeker by the Speaker,” “One Hit Wonder,” “Kidney in a Cooler”).  

The single-track re-release of Dance may be downloaded for free until Friday, August 2. After Friday, the track will be sold for $6.99 as a discounted alternative to the original CD version. You can also stream the album below.

Williams released an official statement about the release that reads:

Hello music loving Freeks. About 10 years ago, I began working on my 7th record, ‘Home’. It was to be the follow up to my record ‘Laugh’. Unfortunately, the fine folks at SCI Fidelity records informed me that they weren’t even close to finished pushing the ‘Laugh’ record to radio stations, and anything else that I would record would have to wait until the plan for ‘Laugh’ was done. I was bummed…for at least a day.

Then I got the crazy idea to do a remix of ‘Laugh’. The label agreed, and I jumped right into sessions with a mad musical scientist (engineer, producer) named Jeff Covert. He and I had almost completed ‘Home’ by this time, and watching him work his crazy magic with the computer made me confident that with my ideas and his computer skills, this record could be rad.

The idea was to extract my favorite samples from the ‘Laugh’ and create new tracks around those samples. With Dave Watts on drums and Tye North on bass, being the total badasses that they are, it was easy to find samples. I had more than enough. The creative process was a blast.

The end result was a record called ‘Dance’ that I am extremely proud of and even more proud to re-release it as I originally intended for it to be heard. The entire record as one continuous track! And to celebrate 10 years of its existence, I am ecstatic to announce that for a very short time, you can have it…for FREE! After that, the one track download will continue to be an option along side the cd and single track downloads at the discounted price of $6.99. A HUGE thank you goes to SCI Fidelity Records for allowing this to happen.

Now excuse me while I shut up and DANCE. Please enjoy. KW.

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