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Published: 2013/08/06

STS9 to Headline Symbiosis Gathering

STS9 will headline the Symbiosis Gathering, which is scheduled to take place at Woodward Reservoir in Oakdale, CA from September 19-23. The band will join previously announced acts like Shpongle (DJ Set), Emancipator, Mount Kimbie, Polica, Hudson Mohawke, RL Grime, and many more at the event. Advance passes are now on sale for $255 until August 21.

In addition to the music, the Symbiosis Gathering will feature yoga, inspirational speakers and workshops, cirque theatre comedy, surrealist bingo, a kids area and various art installations.


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THANK YOU STS9 August 7, 2013, 09:57:44

STS9 thank you for splitting from Umphreys McGee for this and please dont ever tour with such a non creative bunch of drama QUEENS. I had my daughter at their show earlier this year. I had to leave at setbreak because the three guys on the the ground during setbreak were making out and giving each other handjobs with the sun out and their UM shirts on and Stasik’s fake Pirate’s hat. Classless as my daughter is 12 and not blind. I was so offended not by the homosexuality because most of my LGBT friends drift to UM shows for obvious reasons. Booth Love. I talked to UMs manager at the show and told him and he just said hey this is Umphreys McGee what do you expect? Hard guitars and bursting dudes. Keep it in the Porto Let perverts.

Tellsemlikeismellsem!!!! August 7, 2013, 15:20:59

THANK YOU STS9^ You are a fucking loser and should be ashamed of that comment…. not to mention, there’s a billion times the talent in Umphreys mcgee as there is in Soundcheck Section 4…. don’t take your 12 year old daughter to psychedelic rock concerts you fucking moron. Obviously people are gonna be getting knee deep in jaw-grinders at this sort of event. you are an idiot and a bad parent.

hey buddy August 7, 2013, 23:50:17

I am sorry you may not realize while 12 my daughter is in high school as a junior. We are debating skipping her senior year for her to start at John’s Hopkins where there are some advanced children. I realize you are on the other emd of the bell curve and I apologize for the reality of genetics and statistics as it seems to have limited you. Doctors suggest teens and advanced children socially mold with their classmates who were at the UM show etc. If you believe as you say “ I am a bad parent….you should expect jaw grinders at a sh I never once mentioned partying. I said we left because guys in UM gear were exposing themselves while jacking
Each other off. Most normal people any age would be disgusted, but apparently that is your bag when you are having a jaw grinding Umpbreys time as you call it. I know that is the Umphreys deal these days as my daughter said they are he Indigo Girls of Jam. Apparently you believe open felonies and public masturbation or sodimites getting it on encompasses that Booth Love Umphreys LGBT fanbase. I Just expect the law and decency toward young women. She is no infant pal and the band is in dire straights over Kris. Wake up or get filled at a show by the first hard thing you feel.

UmPhan August 8, 2013, 00:46:12

I cant believe a classless jerk condones what goes on back stage taking place in the crowd. Kris may be rubbing oil on his Chicago sugar Daddy who he clubs with but they are not glorifying each other in punlic in front of teens. Half the UM crowd is teenage bi curious chaps. Bottom line those shirts and stasik hats represent freedom in all ways. That money keeps the boys on the road and so do those fans you see with theor teenage kids. You will wake up after the break at a show with your shit pushed in for your veiled biggotry

Moveyourpeeps August 8, 2013, 01:15:51

Brahs take this to a UM thread. This doesnt represent the STS9 scene and it is a shame that so much is eroding with UM. FWIW my buddy got herpes on his lips from a pipe at Holidaze last year. It was the only pipe he tried while he was there. Mahbe Myers sugar daddy had it in his cornhole for the flight..

Tellsemlikeismellsem!!!! August 9, 2013, 06:51:55

1st off, putting your 12 year old through high school is pretty redonk as she will be the subject of ridicule and never achieve a regular social plane with her peers….. beside the point….. just trying to figure out what part of a fan of a band wearing their merchandise makes them a representative of the rest of the bands fans and the band its self ? your comment remains stupid as fuck and is an insult to a group of hard working musicians. Pretty sure they don’t promote public hand jobs in their audience and that sort of shit is completely out of their control…. furthermore, fuck you for challenging my genetics as I will easily verbally crush you like an unwanted retard baby that got left in a dumpster or a car on a super hot day. I’m sure your over-achieving kid is socially awkward as hell and it’s all your fault.(:

medicane for the people August 13, 2013, 14:43:14

oh geez people. whats with the f bombs and the verbal assaults. 12 year old kids have a place at festivals, I grew up going to these things and I still go as much as I can. Ive seen a lot of crazy things over the years, but never public circle jerks, that is just horrid thought. that has no place in society including these shows. who cares who has more talent in the band, it seems like some people have lost the entire concept of music festivals. you all need to refocus your minds and come back to earth.

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