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Published: 2013/08/18

STS9 Joins Umphrey’s McGee for David Bowie Cover in Chicago

STS9 and the Liquid Horns joined Umphrey’s McGee at Chicago’s FirstMerit Bank Pavilion on Northerly Island last night. The musicians emerged at the end of Umphrey’s McGee’s encore for
a cover of David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance.” The members of Umphrey’s McGee and STS9 have regularly collaborated since their co-headlining tour kicked off on Thursday night.

STS9 got some help from the Liquid Horns during their set as well. The horn section took the stage for takes on “Vibyl,” “Simulator,” “Be Nice” and “King Pharaoh’s Tomb.”

Umphrey’s McGee and STS9 will continue their joint tour tonight at the Meadowbrook Music Festival in Rochester Hills, MI.

Here’s a look at last night’s setlists

Saturday, August 17, 2013, Umphrey’s McGee, FirstMerit Bank Pavilion, Chicago, IL

One Set: Le Blitz > Bridgeless > Plunger > Dear Lord > Plunger, No Diablo, Tribute to the Spinal Shaft -> Conduit, The Linear -> Bridgeless

Encore: 40’s Theme, Let’s Dance1

[1] with all of STS9 and horns

“Tribute to the Spinal Shaft” dedicated to “Quad”

STS9, Saturday, August 17, 2013, STS9, FirstMerit Bank Pavilion, Chicago, IL

This, Us, Squares & Cubes, Golden Gate, One A Day, Abcees, Vibyl*, Simulator*, Kabuki, Circus, Vapors, Be Nice*, King Pharaoh’s Tomb*, Moon Socket, Scheme

(*) with The Liquid Horns


There are 9 comments associated with this post

teeth August 18, 2013, 12:20:42

We had reserved seats and thought that mattered. We did not know they increased the size of the venue, so the venue was maybe 20 percent full so the lawn was closed and the seats were barren so it was like a ga show. Im an old STS9 fan so hearing Pharos Vibyl and the like with horns was pleasing. I dont listen to Umphreys McGee so it was weird to hear them play pseudo trance fusion as they used to plead they are a prog band. I only liked the encore because STS9 was back. A great light show is about all Umphreys offered in their home town to a venue that had to close the lawn for two bands going in different directions.

2x2 August 18, 2013, 19:10:48

For the second time in the same place the same thing happened, Umphreys who I came to see, appeared disinterested and dropped the ball in Chicago with STS9 upstaging them in the opening role. Umphreys came out of the gates in Bridgeless Plunger mode only to crash the proverbial bus in the wall with a Linear Conduit combo that left me dumfounded. It was awful and a limp 40 s theme precluded a clear nod to all the alternative lifestyle fans in the house, which they cater to more and more in 2013, with a cover of the sexually perverse and challenged, David Bowie’s, “Let’s Dance” with STS9 that brought many to the exits but plenty of the glitter crowd into a dancing orgy of ingratiation.

jon August 18, 2013, 19:38:24

waaaaah i love [insert name of favorite jamband] because they are so unpredictable…and i’m soooo angry that they didn’t play exactly what i wanted them to play. they played a first time cover and i didn’t like it. waaaaah. #hippiepeoplesproblems

The Doy Buh August 18, 2013, 20:48:01

It was a decent show overall but nothing spectacular. STS9 was handicapped by the fact that they were playing outdoors and in the daylight, but they were definitely into it energy wise. Also, the bass didn’t sound so great for the first 2/3rds of the show. Umphrey’s was playing clean (especially the spinal shaft->conduit and bridgeless transitions), but the set could have had some more fireworks. It was a good effort but I would have expected a bit stronger for how little love they have given chicago in the last 2 years. I do think Umphrey’s is aging better as a band. Or maybe its the fact that as I get older I like umphreys more and tribe less. just my two cents.

Everybody has off Nights August 19, 2013, 00:00:54

Everybody has off nights, Umphreys had two in the same venue a few years apart after the same band had a much better early set. It was like a blueprint of the last time these two bands played at the same venue, but the venue has quadrupled in size and needless to say Umphreys home town fan base has not kept up so it felt very empty with the lawn closed and seats empty. Maybe that was it or maybe these guys need that break. I have seen 100 plus UM shows this was in the bottom ten or twenty. There is a clear regression in the bands energy and creativity. Thank god the light show hides it for the teenagers who didn’t know what TTSs was, eighty percent of the crowd, and were groovin to the “linear” like it was penned by John Lennon in a trance fusion Steve Vai head on car crash sounding crash. We have four Riverside Halloween tickets for sale for face or whatever we can get. We are done.

jasen August 19, 2013, 16:06:23

STS9 to me was just inspiring causing my body to just explode with the energy i had and also from the people around me.I find them frickin amazing and I have been so blessed to see them for the 13th time and i cannot wait for the next chance i get to see them peace to all, and lets find the truths to life as a whole.

Shasta Lee August 21, 2013, 11:02:17

Does anyone know where I can locate the photographers for this show? During sts9, towards the back, I was hooping with some friends and there were pictures being taken. I’d love to find these :)

Alex August 23, 2013, 13:41:58

I have no idea what the deal with the lack of Umph Love is here. They fucking KILLED it at this show. I came to see STS9, as I have rarely been disappointed by them, and have had lackluster experiences with Umphrey’s in the past. But, I have to say, while Tribe indeed rocked, Umphrey’s stole the show right out from under them. I have never seen Umphrey’s throw down like they did at this show – it was a sight to behold.

Ryan Stasik October 19, 2013, 21:53:37

They Played “lets dance” at SummerFest in Mlllwaukee… NEVER END THE SHOW WITH A COVER! that bridgeless thoo :)

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