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Published: 2013/08/22

An EDM Festival Will Take Place on the Site of the Original Woodstock

Mysteryland, a twenty-year-old Dutch electronic music festival, has announced that an American version of the event will take place at the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts—the site of the original Woodstock festival—in Bethel, NY during Memorial Day weekend 2014.

Mysteryland got their start in the Netherlands in 1993, and the one-day event has been held in various parts of that country annually since then, though another version incarnation took place in Picarquín Mostazal, Chile in 2011. The festival is put on by ID&T.

In a recent statement, ID&T CEO Duncan Stutterhaim said:

This location, the site of the mother of all festivals Woodstock 45 years ago, needs no further introduction. We are honored that Bethel Woods has chosen to host Mysteryland.We see the similarities between the great demonstration of community and peace that was Woodstock, and the current culture of electronic music festivals. Differences between peoples simply disappear at our festivals. Everyone is equal on the dance floor and everyone can forget their everyday troubles and come together to enjoy the music and everything else that’s on offer. And these days, it is also about the growing awareness among our visitors of issues such as solidarity, sustainability and the enthusiasm of our multi-cultural audience to create a unique moment with the organizer and the artists. It’s not about big-name artists. It’s about everything and everyone coming together to inspire and get inspired. And people celebrating life together. It would be amazing if Mysteryland at Bethel Woods could unite some of that feeling from 45 years ago with the feeling of today.

Those that are interested in purchasing tickets to Mysteyland must sign up for the ticket sale here. Only 20,000 tickets to the event will be released, and they will be sold in order of registration starting about two months from now. More ticketing details will be released in the near future.


There are 10 comments associated with this post

Paradise August 22, 2013, 15:13:49

This is just flat out awful.

zuke August 22, 2013, 15:46:41

i suppose it could be awful. or it could be amazing. i would wait until some artists/ticket info is released though.

bj August 22, 2013, 15:53:12

edm lol

Jim August 22, 2013, 16:32:45

And tomorrow we’ll be announcing 150 acts that all play exactly the same music. Crystal meth given away at the gates! Come one, come all!

Mike August 22, 2013, 18:29:26

Come on, how judgmental can you be? How many people look at the GD and Phish scenes and say, “ugh, terrible!” If its not your style of music, cool, but don’t judge a genre of music like that. We are supposed to be the open minded ones. Judge the festival after it happens.

Hettimang August 23, 2013, 07:34:02

What a disgrace! Is nothing sacred? “yea bro, this EDM fest is so sick, I ate so many bathsaltz and fingered two random slutz, yeaaaa brah!”
“Did you know the original EDM fest was held at this spot in the 60s??”
“No way brah, YOLO!!”

timmy August 23, 2013, 14:52:26

Laptops are not instruments. “Show your tits” signs are not conscious statements, and designer drugs are not mind expanding. Fuck the EDM culture. You are mostly soulless little pricks. Yes, I know I am being a cynical hater. I“m just a little bitter because I know your scene is partially responsible for the downfall of the “jamband scene”. Nobody wants to go to festivals with your peeps. Go have a flash mob somewhere if you want a festival, and never compare yourselves to the original Woodstock crowd.

Noodles August 28, 2013, 13:21:02

Wow, what is called EDM was played great by Miles Davis, check out his funkadelic period. Its evolved over the decades, from the Deep Forest style to some radiohead tracks, Yanni it can be argued. As to the EDM ‘scene’, I do here gets ugly when otherwise sober, good people get whacked out on the wrong legal designer compounds. Well, as always, its about experiences, friendships, community. This is nothing new. Be good to your friends. Who cares where the fest is held. Not my scene, I will read the reviews, hope folks have fun. The ‘jam’ scene has not fallen, you just got older, welcome to the club/ Actually, the Jam model is now the only way for most artists to make it these days. By selling seats and merch at live events, technology, studio bands are gone for now. Don’t give up, grow up! Soon, it’ll be children music fests. That’s a formula our scene needs, no pun intended.

John September 3, 2013, 16:02:04

I hate EDM but to demonized it because you don’t like it is exactly what people did to the bands and attendees at the original Woodstock in 1969. It goes against the Woodstock spirit

Guest January 20, 2014, 19:00:48

20,000 tickets only? Ok, just like the original Woodstock, I hope this place is ready to host non-ticket holders too!

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