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Published: 2013/09/13

Tonight’s Infamous Stringdusters Show is Now a Planet Bluegrass Fundraiser

Tonight’s Infamous Stringdusters show at Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom in Denver is now a fundraiser for the Planet Bluegrass ranch in Lyons, CO, which has been damaged by the recent flooding in that region. The Shockensaw Boys featuring Tim Carbone, John Skehan, Andy Goessling and Johnny Grubb will be the night’s opening act.

Town Mountain, who were scheduled to play the stages at Planet Bluegrass, will now be joining the Stringdusters at Cervantes’ Other Side tonight. Coral String Band will playing at The Other Side tonight as well.

Tickets to the show will include admission to both Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom and Cervantes’ Other Side. Tickets are available for $30 and $2 from every ticket will go Planet Bluegrass.


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rusty September 13, 2013, 21:04:51

Planet Bluegrass is an amazing place to see music (Rockygrass). Hopefully all is not lost due to the flooding as numerous water sources run either through the property or very near it. My thoughts are with everyone in CO especially the wonderful community in Lyons.

Just sayin' September 15, 2013, 20:55:39

I love Cervantes and The Stringdusters but only $2 out of every $30? That seems like a misprint. They couldn’t get the bands, staff and venue to donate their time for a good cause??? Every little bit helps, but $2 out of $30 is only 6.67% of ticket price. Plus alcohol sales? Seems like a drop in the bucket compared to what they could have done.

Lee Zimmerman September 17, 2013, 12:56:00

My thoughts are with you wonderful folks. You will come out of this even better!

Michael Brewer September 17, 2013, 17:12:08

Over the last twenty years, I have become so indebted to Planet Bluegrass, and the town of Lyons. You are all in our thoughts and prayers at this time. I hope much can be saved, the only overview I have seen of the flooded festival grounds and town are heartbreaking.

That's too bad September 18, 2013, 11:14:09

I’m all for helping the community but I’d like to point out that Planet Bluegrass is a privately owned property. While I’ve enjoyed many a shows there, I think a donation would be better appropriated to the open spaces that are nearby. The owners of Planet Bluegrass charge $6k to host a 5 hr wedding and are booked from May -Oct solid, at least 3x a week. I’d say they are financially competent to cover the loss and damages.

just sayin' September 19, 2013, 19:23:36

From the Stringduster’s Facebook page – “Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom is generously donating the money raised to some Lyons, CO based musicians that were displaced. Planet Bluegrass asked that we give any money raised to the community of Lyons.”

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