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Published: 2013/09/25

String Cheese’s Jason Hann to Hold Facebook Chat

String Cheese Incident percussionist Jason Hann will hold a 30 minute Facebook chat via the SCI Facebook page at 1 P.M. today. The group recently announced their New Year’s Eve plans at Broomfield, CO’s 1stBank Center as well as an International Incident to be held at the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya Mexico. Fans can submit questions to Hann on the SCI Facebook page.


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tellsemlikeIsmellsem!!!! September 26, 2013, 14:41:20

I hope someone asks when the tipping point was for string cheese to go from making good music to. making an excuse to dress homo-erotic with sequin capes, glitter, speedos and eat too many jaw-grinders. and how bout these garbage Soundcheck Section Shpongle jams that sound like retarded robot-with-a-stutter sex that are based on two notes and 4 beats the whole way through? I call bullshit. this band used to be creative… Kang needs his voice box cut out and to stop trying to make cheesetronica and billy and kyle need to lead this band for them ever to be strong again….

tellsemlikeIsmellsem!!!! September 27, 2013, 12:23:36

furthermore…. they don’t give a fuck about their fans anymore, otherwise they wouldn’t play broomfield events center because that place is a bust and a straight cop-shop….. its no secret…. I remember jackson hole 2001(?) when billy warned us that there were under covers in the audience taking people to jail for puffing . Now their shows are always big and for profits and called “reunions?”... not to mention, Ive heard every town in Colorado called “hometown” for them from telluride to crested buette to nederland to boulder and now the shit-box that is “Broomfield?” cmon you guys…. quit beating a dead horse here…. everyone knows Kang lives in santa cruz where he gladly plugs pressies in burners butts for 3/4 of the year… jason was picked up in Los Angeles on the 04 summer wiltern show… keith is from tulsa oaklahoma…. If broomfield is “hometown” then have a flood relief benefit already….... sorry I’m so debbie downer about this but I met all my best friends in the world through this band and was at a wedding with about 50 of them a couple weeks ago and none of us that devoted years of our lives to this band will even go see them anymore other than VERY locally (and thats a big maybe) because it doesn’t even cut it on a nostalgic level anymore…. the TECHNO SUCKS!!!!!!! AND SO DOES THE BURNING MAN THEATRICS!!!!! Keep that shit to night 2 of hornings only and restore some faith in your fan base through playing good music, not providing eye candy.

brodiebruce September 29, 2013, 23:23:36

Couldn’t agree more! WTF happened to my favorite band?!?!?

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