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Published: 2013/10/15

Umphrey’s McGee to Webcast Seven Upcoming Shows

Umphrey’s McGee will offer live webcasts of seven upcoming shows, starting with tomorrow’s concert at the Higher Ground in Burlington, VT. Each performance can be webcast for $6.99, though bundles will also be available.

The shows will be streamed on Umphrey’s McGee’s new video platform, which promises “enhanced customized chat functionality, better social media integration, live fan polls, merch giveaways, and more.” Fan can purchase the webcasts via the links below.

Oct. 16th Higher Ground, Burlington, Vt.
Oct. 17th The Klein, Bridgeport, Conn.
Oct. 18th Calvin Theatre, Northampton, Mass.
Oct. 21st State Theatre, State College, Penn.
Oct. 24th Sherman Theatre, East Stroudsburg, Penn.
Oct. 25th Stage AE, Pittsburgh, Penn.
Oct. 26th Town Ballroom, Buffalo, N.Y.

UPDATE: The band’s Creative & Business Development guru Kevin Browning has penned an open letter explaining why it’s so hard to webcast every show. The post reads:

Curious to know a bit more about how the sausage is made?

Webcasting every show should be easy in 2013, right? You’d be amazed.

Solid, reliable internet connections are the single biggest obstacle we face when trying to bring you interruption free streams on a regular basis. The lack of quality bandwidth at most venues is staggering (think AOL dial-up speeds circa ’99). As a result, we are forced to get creative and Macgyver solutions when nothing obvious presents itself. We’ve grown tired of waiting for others to improve their broadband so we’re trying to take things into our own hands.

In the continuing tradition of UM experiments, we’ll be broadcasting this run using a portable, video-over-cellular backpack. In a nutshell, we’ll be bonding together cellular service from all major carriers (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint etc.) and uploading our live stream from there. Will it be 100% perfect? Probably not. But we’re not going to let perfect be the enemy of the good on our quest to bring you more of what you want…HQ live webcasts. Thanks for joining us on the journey as we constantly strive to improve and expand all things UM. And as always, thanks for your continued support.

Pants off,


There are 4 comments associated with this post

Umphan October 16, 2013, 00:09:57

Pants off is right Brownang! It is going to be cool to see some of these bar/ venue type shows. It truly is better to have this option. I can’t travel for the boys, I get to sore!! I am totally all about the new focus on more intimate venues for the guys and trying to come up with a good album. It is rough going to weeknight shows in half full venues. By playing college towns and smaller venues you lock up 500 people a night, and we can do couch tour in our boxers. I swear being a fan of Umphreys is like riding the social networking wave into the cutting edge of the mid level touring act trying to make it.

Drubage October 16, 2013, 10:11:47

Umphan is right. I have hear people complain that these guys are “trying too hard” to make it. I think they are just really good at putting on good shows and connecting with the fan base. Sure they are trying, and with a product like they have I would be too. They are rocking it these days!

RawStewage October 16, 2013, 10:43:22

I’m getting pretty tired of these guys trying to not only get our ticket money but do anything to get our money. We all see the show sizes shrinking we get it, but why on earth do you need to put out gimmicks like the headphones or a bar party with your bass dancer for cash? I was all about UM until this stuff started. When I lived in LA I remember hearing they had only sold a couple hundred tickets. I was going to skip the show, but decided to go. They did this stupid true hollywood story thing about their college songs to try and gimmick fans to coming. At somepoint UM bowl will be 3,000 a ticket with 20 fans at this rate, but they wouldn’t mind because that would be about as much money as they are TAKING on UMonday in Denver, besides the 15 dollars out of 180 for flood relief of course.

Andrew Osborn October 16, 2013, 19:36:02

@RawStewage Think you’re way off the mark here. They’re essentially a business. Of course, they’re trying to “take our money”. They offer badass cutting-edge technology things and we enjoy the shit out of them. Don’t want to go to UMBowl or watch a 3.5 hour show for $7? Don’t. The rest of us will enjoy it while you whine. The Bill Graham show in Denver was never advertised as a charity event. It was set in stone before the floods happened. If they would have never decided and announced that part of the proceeds were going to flood relief, you probably wouldn’t have said a word about it.

yooper October 16, 2013, 19:36:08

As someone who lives 5+ hours from Umphrey’s nearest tour stop, keep bringing on the live streams!

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