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Published: 2013/11/01

Lockn’ Festival Announces 2014 Dates

The Lockn’ Festival has announced its return to Oak Ridge Farm in Arrington, VA. The 2nd annual event will take place on September 4th-7th, 2014. The first year festival garnered high praise from fans and musicians alike, as the weekend saw a wide variety of collaborations and one-time jams.

The 2013 festival lineup included the likes of Furthur, The String Cheese Incident with Zac Brown, Widespread Panic with John Fogerty, Trey Anastasio Band, The Black Crowes, Punch Brothers, and many more. Fans should stay tuned to the Lockn’ Facebook page for more information. Tickets go on sale next week.


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50 and counting November 1, 2013, 17:57:20

Tickets go on sale next week??? WTF!!!! Who’s going to buy tickets to something 10 months away and we don’t even know who’s playing!!! Let alone if you’ll be alive. Tickets didn’t even sell out this year, so what’s the rush!

Joshua Katt November 1, 2013, 19:55:20

That is odd. And to save $50 ?? (per the email I got) I wish them the best. I spent $2,300 on tickets last month and was treated like a felon just trying to get in (4 times). And that place was at capacity, I can’t see them cramming any more people in and not keeping up with the needs of the crowd that did show up! (entrance, cash, potties, showers, etc) Music was the best but without Furthur its gonna be a tough sell unless Led Zeppelin reforms…

mattspliff November 2, 2013, 09:12:21

There was to damn much further last year. Great time though

joseph dalton November 2, 2013, 14:21:34

OH NOOOO Futhur isn’t gonna tour in 2014.,I say we just shut festival season all together…What are you folks gonna do when Bobby and Phil dies..? Swear off music..? Lockn’ was the most awesome thing in years..and most fests these days sell pre-sale before the full line up…Allgood/Christmas jam/Wakarusa etc..if 1/2 you whiners stat home there will be more room for more of the good stuff anyway…Me and my crew will be there with Bells on,ready to help produce/carry on one of the best vibes ever…Rock On Lockn’ see ya in ’14…

matthew November 2, 2013, 23:43:38

Phish, trey loved It there all smiles

Scott Barber November 3, 2013, 16:34:34

You are right, I really got into Trey, they made you feel like you were @ a festival :-)

Jackstrawdc November 3, 2013, 19:53:02

Did the promoters ever formally explain and apologize for the complete sh1t$how about traffic, portojohns, ATMs, lack of water, and the utterly complete mismanagement? Seriously, it’s a bit of a smack in the face to ask us to buy tickets now – lineup unknown – when these other issues are still outstanding. They really do owe their fans an explanation. (But, yes, the music was stellar… and they had NOTHING to do with that at all).

Joshua Katt November 6, 2013, 10:22:03

Not to mention the $10 bags of ice and the ridiculous 10 minute per vehicle inspections. I won’t be coming back if I see one mention of “search” on the promotional jargon and I urge all to do the same…

Joshua Katt November 7, 2013, 00:54:14

PS, the traffic backups were all about the vehicle searches at the gates and the organizers refused to relent even when the local cops got pissed about the backups into the roads. I know because I was there when the sheriff got on the horn demanding to speak to supervisors about speeding it up when it first started. Had to put up with this BS 4 times since we left every night despite having VIP camping. Its going to have to be a monumental lineup for me to return this year.

Steve Drummond November 7, 2013, 22:55:18

I attended the festival as one of the worker bees when I ran into that mess of roadblocks on Rt.29. You had to drive 5 miles south before you could U-turn around. I simply asked a local where was the backway? Simply put I was in less than 15 minutes. Same as when I left. The “Officials” wanted everyone to follow like sheep so no one will sneak in a sixpack or two… Sell more $8.00 Beers!!!!!!! Music was great,once in a lifetime event. Will Return!

Kevin Moore December 3, 2013, 04:51:26

Negativity kills festivals people^^. All festivals have some issues the first year. Many festivals continue to have issues after the first year. The fact is they went big for their first year, and in the grand scheme of things, the pulled it off. The music was amazing, as were the people. The havoc getting in made for one of the most bonded and united festival crowds I have ever seen. I have a feeling year (2) will probably be the benchmark year for this festival (still young, but bugs worked out). Those that don’t go are gonna miss out. The rest of us are going to have one helluva festival. See you there. Until then, be good to one another.

aimee***red hot mamma*** December 13, 2013, 22:06:50

Oh my…what a wonderful trip…:) and oh yes I am headed there again, already got my ticket for 2014, Woo Hoo, yes indeedy… rented an RV 1st trip and bought an RV on my way home! Now I own my lil comfy home away from home, on wheels, lol. Met alot of awesome cats and I hope ta run into them again! No doubt! RV camping families*wonderful* Sept.2014…looking forward …right on!

Drew Froman December 16, 2013, 07:34:48

I bought my Lockn’ ticket already for 2014 as well. I had such a blast at the first one that it seemed silly to wait until ticket prices went up when I already knew I was going to be heading back. I understand waiting to see who is on the lineup, but I already know the lineup will be killer just like last year, and it’s one less thing to worry about the sooner you buy the ticket.

Minglewoodblues December 26, 2013, 00:48:26

I went Super ViP and there were many issues, and I think that a little discount for this year would be nice. CID did their best to make up for some of the issues.I think that while the promoters did an amazing job with the line up, but a poor job planning for a camping festival. Hopefully lessons were learned and things will go smoother this year. I have to say as far as music goes that was the best festival I have ever been to.. I loved the artists paying together. Furthur and ScI blew me away and got to see Trey for the first time. They were great and his smile was so infectious :)

timbo January 9, 2014, 17:48:40

@50 and counting
why dont you complain and cry some more.. wtf people like you just suck at life..

old schooler February 6, 2014, 14:10:52

“true cost of camping” equals we realized how much more cash we could have pumped out of these people.
GO F%&K yourself Lockn

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