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Published: 2013/11/02

Phish Delivers a "Twist" For the Ages in Atlantic City

Phish continued their run at Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Hall with a cohesive, intense show that featured some of the best Phish has to offer on the improv front as well as classic Phish humor. After covering themselves last night, performing their forthcoming release Wingsuit, the band followed up that show with a set full of familiar tunes.

Mixing old with new, The Phish slotted “Cavern” in the rare opening slot. “Runaway Jim” set the theme for the night when the band included quotes from “Shaft” adapted to Mike Gordon (“Who’s the green private dick who’s a sex machine to all the chicks? Cactus! John Cactus”), and that theme would continue throughout the night. “Sand” made a rare first set appearance, bringing the funk early on. After a pair of Phish 3.0’s more disappointing songs, “Halley’s Comet” and “Tube,” “Possum” provided a rare bright spot. “Jesus Just Left Chicago” and “David Bowie” closed the set, with “Bowie” containing some quotes from “Jesus Just Left Chicago” as well. One thing worth noting—before the performance of “Halfway to the Moon,” Trey Anastasio remarked that the band was excited

Opening the second set, “Twist” provided the highlight for the night and a highlight of Phish 3.0 (and possibly beyond) with one of the standout versions of “Twist” ever. Clocking in at over twenty minutes, this particular version of “Twist” simply exploded, with the band utilizing their interplay to expertly craft a beautiful “Under Pressure” jam along with a huge chunk of improv.

The set took on a playful vibe after Phish finished delivering the performance of the night. “Makisupa Policeman” made it’s Fall Tour debut before giving way to more serious jamming in “Light” and a rare second-set “Chalkdust Torture.” “Meatstick” started a certain song and dance section of the show, as “Boogie On Reggae Woman” kept the party going, along with “The Wedge.” Phish’s live staple “Slave to the Traffic Light” brought the second set to a close. “Sneaking Sally Through the Alley” contained more “Shaft” quotes, and closed the encore in rare, funky fashion.

Phish returns to Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Hall tonight for the final night of their Halloween run.

Here’s a look at the setlist from last night:

Phish, November 1, 2013, Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, NJ

Set One: Cavern > Runaway Jim1, Sand, Halfway to the Moon, Halley’s Comet, Tube, When the Circus Comes, Sugar Shack, Jesus Just Left Chicago, David Bowie2

Set Two: Twist3 -> Gotta Jibboo > Makisupa Policeman4 > Light -> Chalk Dust Torture, Meatstick > Boogie On Reggae Woman5 > The Wedge, Slave to the Traffic Light

Encore: Sneakin’ Sally Through the Alley6

[1] with Shaft quotes
[2] Jesus Just Left Chicago quote in intro; Beethoven’s 5th quote in jam
[3] “Get Back” tease and “Under Pressure” jam
[4] keyword: OG Kush
[5] mentions of being beneath the bush with kush
[6] with Shaft quote

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