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Published: 2013/12/27

The Disco Biscuits Kick Off NYE Run in NYC

The Disco Biscuits took the stage at Best Buy Theater in New York City last night for the first show of their five-night New Year’s Eve run. While most bands were busy preparing for their upcoming NYE shows, the Disco Biscuits got going a day or two before everyone else.

The show started with a jam that played into “King of the World.” “Once the Fiddler Played” came next, and the second half of the first set consisted of an “Air Song” that was sandwiched between “Kamaole Sands.” The second set saw “Svengahli” transition into “Sabre Dance” on two different occasions before closing out with “Morph Dusseldorf.” The band then encored with “Barfly” and “Highwire.”

The Disco Biscuits will continue their run at the Best Buy Theatre tonight through the 29th. They will then celebrate the New Year with a post-Phish performance at the Madison Square Garden Theatre.

Here’s a look at last nights setlist as it appears in our Box Scores section

Wednesday, December 26, 2013, the Disco Biscuits, Best Buy Theater, New York, NY

Set I: Jam > King Of The World, Once The Fiddler Paid, Kamaole Sands > Air Song > Kamaole Sands
Set II: Svenghali > Sabre Dance, The Bridge, Digital Buddha > Lunar Pursuit > Svenghali > Sabre Dance, Morph Dusseldorf
Enc: Barfly, Highwire


There are 4 comments associated with this post

Barfly December 28, 2013, 10:22:40

Rough rough start boys. All in all a very sloppy show with about 30-40 legitimate minutes of Bisco. With rumors swirling of next year the band winding down or Jon getting replaced from his own band, I couldn’t help but feel that it was a perfect time for this after this show. They are really putting zero effort into this thing now and cannot sell out shows in their area without help sans the Brooklyn Bowl or Terminal. This knew coup de tat they put forward includes basically all old tunes, even the badones like Barfly and no forward direction. Clearly there is no good writing going on. I just think its time for these guys to maybe start penning articles for this site or maybe working in one of Shapiro’s clubs. My wife, friends and I started seeing these guys as Penn students. It was a fun ride, but there needs to be a reality when things have played out. Play this Kamole verse lets say a 2002 Kamole and tell me how they are doing. Maybe just tune into that encore jk. Morph was good so was Digital Buddah, but as I implied something is off in Pacifier land.

Screech December 28, 2013, 10:24:02

What the hell is wrong with Barber’s tone? This screeching crap is terrible that he fades into when he is trying to shred. You can even hear it in this intro clip. Geezus.

MarZaPhiGar December 28, 2013, 18:50:32

I just can’t look. As someone whose first show was ’96 @ Lembo Lake, I’ve seen these guys progress exponentially over the course of 10-12 years…for me, at least, it was their winter tour of ’09 when they started to really hit the wall…i kept thinking “they’re gonna turn it around, just wait,” but sadly,no. Camp Bisco? Haven’t done it since ’08. APPALLED at what I saw there. A true crying shame watching this disintegration. When i first saw the list I wanted to puke- granted, they’re stretching out over several nights, but still- COME ON, REALLY???? After all the $$$ we fans have thrown at them (hell, I did Phil tour ’01 mainly cuz of them) they should be ashamed. If they were a race horse, I’d say put up the screen and shoot them in the infield. Or us.

Love December 30, 2013, 09:45:27

Lol at haters from this site who have no clue. Or perhaps you are purposefully trying to keep people away so you have more room to groove? TDB have blown minds the last couple of days.

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