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Published: 2014/01/03

John Medeski, Billy Martin to Host Residencies at The Stone

Both John Medeski and Billy Martin will host residencies at The Stone over the course of the coming months. In addition, Medeski, Martin, Thurston Moore, John Zorn and many more will perform as part of Zorn’s experimental music-centric New York City club’s William S. Burough’s Centennial celebration in April.

Medeski will be joined by a number of special guests during his residency—which is set to take place February 18-23—including Martin, Marc Ribot, Adam Deitch, Skerik, Calvin Weston, Tony Falco, Don Pate and Tisziji Munoz. Martin will host his residency July 22-27, though the guests have not yet been revealed.

A full schedule for the Medeski residency and the Burough’s Centennial Celebration can be found below.

Select Dates at The Stone

FEB 18—23
2/18 Tuesday (RJP)
8 pm
John Medeski, Thomas Workman and Mike Rivard
John Medeski (keyboards) Thomas Workman (various instruments) Mike Rivard (bass)
2/19 Wednesday
8 and 10 pm
Red Cred
John Medeski (keyboards) Ben Perowsky (drums) Chris Speed (reeds)
2/20 Thursday
8 and 10 pm
John Medeski (keyboards) Billy Martin (drums) with special guests
2/21 Friday
8 and 10 pm
John Medeski (keyboards) Marc Ribot (guitar) Calvin Weston (drums)
2/22 Saturday (RK)
8 and 10 pm
Creating Silence!
John Medeski (keyboards) Tisziji Munoz (guitar) Don Pate (bass) Tony Falco (drums)
2/23 Sunday (KM)
8 and 10 pm
Dark Wave
John Medeski (keyboards) Adam Deitsch (drums) Skerik (reeds)

As part of a month long celebration of William Burroughs in the East Village, The Stone presents a special two week program of music inspired by and/or dedicated to the work of this radical American genius.

APRIL 8—20
4/8 Tuesday (KM)
8 and 10 pm
Secret Chiefs 3
Trey Spruance (guitar) Gyan Riley (guitar) Timba Harris (violin) Toby Driver (bass) Ches Smith (drums) Jamie Saft (keyboards)

4/9 Wednesday (RJP)
8 and 10 pm
Kenny Wollesen

4/10 Thursday
8 pm
James Ilgenfritz
James Ilgenfritz (bass)
10 pm
Dave Scanlon
Dave Scanlon (guitar)

4/11 Friday
8 pm
INTERZONE—Raha Raissnia and John Zorn
Raha Raissnia (film, projections)
Raha performs live visuals to John Zorn’s Burroughs tribute INTERZONE.

10 pm
Trevor Dunn
Trevor Dunn (bass) Saane Van Hek (electronics)

4/12 Saturday (KM)
8 and 10 pm
Laurie Anderson
Laurie Anderson (violin, keyboards, voice)

4/13 Sunday
8 pm
Jalal Toufic
Jalal Toufic (readings)

10 pm
Andrew Lampert

4/15 Tuesday (SV)
8 pm
Object Collection

10 pm
Kenneth Goldsmith
Kenneth Goldsmith (readings)

4/16 Wednesday (HM)
8 pm
Kenny Wollesen (vibes) John Medeski (piano) Trevor Dunn (bass) Joey Baron (drums)

10 pm
Kenny Wollesen (vibes) John Medeski (piano) Trevor Dunn (bass) Joey Baron (drums)

4/17 Thursday (KM)
8 pm
Medeski, Martin and Dunn
John Medeski (piano, organ) Trevor Dunn (bass) Billy Martin (drums)
10 pm
Thurston Moore
Thurston Moore (guitar)

4/18 Friday (HM)
8 pm
Anthony Coleman
Anthony Coleman (piano)
10 pm
Hieroglyphic Silence
Eyvind Kang (viola)

4/19 Saturday (RK)
8 pm
John Zorn and Bill Laswell Duo
John Zorn (sax) Bill Laswell (bass)
10 pm
Bill Laswell (bass, tapes)
4/20 Sunday (RJP)
8 and 10 pm
Hal Willner
Hal Willner (tapes) Bill Frisell (guitar) Eyvind Kang (viola) Lenny Pickett (sax)

JULY 22—27

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