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Published: 2014/01/24

Mike Gordon Says The New Phish Album Will Be a Little Different from Wingsuit

Mike Gordon has revealed a few details about Phish’s forthcoming studio album in a new interview with Rolling Stone. The bassist told the publication that the actual LP will be a bit different from the Wingsuit “album” that Phish “covered” during their 2013 Halloween how at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, saying:

We went right from Atlantic City to record, and it was a great week in Nashville, a whirlwind…What we did on Halloween was not exactly. . .it was a lot of what the album is, but not exactly the same of what it’s going to be. It might be a slightly different song selection and a slightly different title. It’s not all figured out, but since that week in Nashville, I’ve been kind of out of the loop, although I am going back for something.

Gordon also told Rolling Stone that he wrote at least two songs on the new album with longtime collaborator Scott Murawski. He also mentioned that his upcoming solo tour will utilize videos and technology in an interesting ways, adding:

I get to enjoy just working on my own stuff and other people kind of work on [Wingsuit] and send me a link and say, ‘How is this is sounding?’ [It] works out well because I’m having so much fun stuff going on with my tour and album, you know: videos and technology for the stage. I’m trying to do some groundbreaking stuff.

As previously reported, Gordon will hit the road with his solo band on February 28. The bassist also recently created a “Yarmouth Road”-themed Spotify playlist in anticipation of his upcoming solo album, Overstep, which is set for release on February 25 via ATO.


There are 24 comments associated with this post

Terence January 24, 2014, 16:51:52

Will anyone actually listen to this garbage? All you old vets trying to convince yourselves that Phish is heading in an exciting direction musically, if someone had handed you a tape of these songs in 1991, you would have never given it a second listen

LetsGoCaps January 24, 2014, 17:10:57

I like the new tunes. Now that I’m in my 40s, I listen to a lot of stiff I wouldn’t have listened to in my teens. So you might be right Terence!

me January 24, 2014, 17:25:11

Been around since 1991 and YES, w/o a doubt I would listen to it again… and I would say yea to songs such as Fuego, Wombat, 555 and probably a few more (setlist not in front of me) and I’d say okay to songs like Monica and I know there were a few that didn’t trip my trigger either… See, the band I started seeing in 1991 played stuff like Reba, Glide and My Sweet One, Esther, Contact… maybe you ate that stuff up right away (Reba I did, but it was still like “WTF is that craziness?”)... but I sure wasn’t the only one calling some of the others “pee breaks” at the time… Now I’m not saying the new tunes will reach the heights of the songs mentioned above, but I do know that hearing them once (maybe twice) and saying they suck says to me that you are not musically in touch with Phish. I heard Glide for the first time in years at NYE, and even with the flubs, I was reminded that song is amazing (same song that I could not get into in years past). Another thing to consider, IMO, bands become bands because they are young and not yet in any type of particular structure/mold which results in abundance of the BEST of their music. That’s not to say good stuff doesn’t follow, but the abundance will not necessarily be there… creativity has an initial surge, then it ebbs and flows… Do you honestly expect to have another Junta, or similar epic album with multiple 10+ minute beautiful jams? Do you expect Trey to lock himself away in a cabin in the woods for months? Do you expect these guys to practice day/night, ignore their families, not live their lives all because FuegoFluffhead? Must they stay a true jamband and noodle away for 10 in every song they write? Are they still writing at 20 years old, or are they closing in on 50? Wake up, this is a different band than it was in 1988. Just because the music has changed, doesn’t make it bad… just because it’s new doesn’t make it bad and just because you feel you got screwed in AC because you didn’t get to hear Physical Graffiti doesn’t make it bad! So first, how about we actually hear the album before passing judgement? Second, I would never expect Wingsuit to be on the same level as Junta… but with that said, Wombat was great fun at NYE and Fuego rocked that night. Garbage? Umm… you sound like my parents when I let them listen to YEM years ago… but with all of that said, music is a personal taste, so if you don’t like it I hope you find something that you do like! Sorry for my rant, but jaded fans crying about an album that isn’t even out yet annoys the crap out of me ;^)

me January 24, 2014, 17:31:00

***Fuego “doesn’t equal” Fluffhead… my greater than/less than signs were stripped out…

AJ January 24, 2014, 17:32:29

Best. Response. Ever. Nicely said “me”!

You January 24, 2014, 22:25:53

Right on “me”, I think it’s about time people stop showing how much the band means to them by constantly bitching about them. I’ve never seen “fans” hate a band so much, get over yourselves.

Dave the slave January 24, 2014, 23:02:49

A good cd from Phish???It doesn’t exist. It is a myth. Just like Bigfoot and the Lockness Monster.

Fee January 25, 2014, 08:44:05

Great response, Mr. Me..Thanks for putting it into perspective for those who have none!

A guy who loves music (a lot of it) January 25, 2014, 11:03:15

I tend to agree with ME. Look for the good and enjoy the hell out of it. OR go create your own if you have the talent. These are rules to follow in all of life. Why do so many fans compete for who the bigger fan is by putting down the new music. I feel sorry for you if you don’t enjoy the beauty of the music for why it is. Reality is that your feelings about the music (and life in general) say more about you than the thing you critique. So if you have lost your way, I hope you find your way back or find a new path because life is short. Wishing you all well. Truly. Personally, I am looking forward to seeing what Gordon has in his solo tour when he rolls through LA. I go expecting to enjoy the show and I generally do. Try it, you will be surprised how it works.

JC January 25, 2014, 12:25:35

Vlad the impaler, vlad the impaler, vlad the impaler…

Myself January 25, 2014, 19:03:26

I, myself, also agree with Me. Songs like Wombat and Fuego kind of echo that free flowing writing style of early Phish. I had no problem as a whole with them playing new music on Halloween. It took giant balls to put themselves out there like that. It could have fallen flat. I don’t think it did. The whole point of Phish and jam bands is to take music places it hasn’t been. If they stop doing that then they just might as well put together some contrived show and repeat the same songs every night. Just sit back relax and surrender yourself to the flow.

Ashton January 25, 2014, 19:08:19

I think to judge a studio album before it is even released is a bit ignorant. And I think “me” said it perfectly. This is a completely different band than 98. (Musically) all of their styles have changed and will continue to change, I’m sure the first time people heard split open and melt or dinner and a movie they were not only confused but a little thrown off (I know I was.) but I also know that “halfway to the moon” and “555” kicked ass and I’m STOKED the guys got back in the studio to do what they LOVE, play music for all of their TRUE phans. Much love to y’all

The Flesh January 26, 2014, 01:15:35

“me” – great post. Let the haters hate. Who knows how many more rounds we have with this band but I for sure have been treating every show I go to like the last one that will be played. Phish has been doing their own thing since day 1 and don’t care what anyone else thinks. Thankfully I love just about everything they have created – maybe not Time turns elastic or Snow. But those 2nd sets on 12/29 and 12/31 are incredible and make it all worth it! Thankful.

Kye January 26, 2014, 23:51:36

LOL at all this every phish record has had great stuff on it and bad stuff on it. How many people right now could have said in Boston when they debuted Light that it would be the song it is today. FREAKS! That song sucked that night now it is a monster. who knows what songs will take off. Ive been around forever and its been just like this FOREVER! People hated halloween 96 too and now those same friends of mine are like no i loved every second of that. My thing is if all you are going to do is complain stay home listen to fall 97 (even though 12/11/99 better than most of all fall 97 ) and Complain about how 555 sucks or wingsuit sucks bc who know they could be the next light!

Huge Phish Fan January 29, 2014, 10:12:54

Would anyone be interested in getting a pic of my penis emailed to them?

cookiepuss January 29, 2014, 16:38:25

Hooray, Kye! THAT was the best response ever. These guys are still the most exciting live band in the world. If that’s not a true statement, please enlighten me. Please. Same members. Never sold out. Sober. Killin’ it night after night. And in no danger of becoming a nostalgia act 30 years on down the road. A true rock and roll miracle. God bless Phish. That’s all. Thanks for lettin’ me share.

Peachhead January 31, 2014, 23:52:28

Will give it a listen, but was not impressed with very much on Halloween. 555 was ok, didn’t really like much else. Just being honest, hope I am proven wrong.

dk70 February 1, 2014, 14:03:46

If “Wingsuit” ends up being a great album, I bet every clown who dissed it at the Halloween show is gonna brag: “I was theerrrre mannn” it was awwwwwessoomme. I’m cooler than you now!”

wtf February 1, 2014, 14:50:16

Terence & Dave the slave sound like a couple JO’s that love stirring the pout and trying to throw their hate around because they’re just a couple assholes w/o a life. Probably go to stories @ WSP, UM, SCI & say hateful thing just to get a response. Why even read the articles? Why don’t you just go straight to only your favs like DMB articles & BEAT IT. In the words of the diner in Python’s meaning of Life: FUCK-OFF!

dk70 February 3, 2014, 16:21:47

“they’re wafer thin…”

tele-mon February 4, 2014, 04:54:03

This JV freakin’ loves Wingsuit! And I’m also a pretty big fan of the new TAB shit, too, especially “Very Far Away”, and a bunch of the Traveler tunes he’s playing now, as well. Yes, I’ll be there to see what new fucked-up shit Gordo throws at me at the Boulder Theatre, just like I made time to be there for TAB, and in line for Phish at Dicks, and at the Belly-Up when Gordo played last-time solo in Colorado. When the Masters call, I will be there, again and again. No time to complain, online, when I’m ready for my next headblast! Can you make it happen too, Bob?

deadhead February 4, 2014, 19:10:17

settle down lil phisheads your band will always be followers go to india see the real light you are all out to lunch

jerrys kid February 4, 2014, 19:17:51

did you ever notice there is no chicks at a phish show ? cause dudes at phish are more into the music than chics but when the dead where around the ladies packed the arena to dance smoke & get layed what do phishheads do nothing lame strait loosas

dave the slave February 4, 2014, 23:23:00

What’s the difference between Phish and a harmonica? A harmonica sucks every other note!

dave the slave February 4, 2014, 23:23:10

What’s the difference between Phish and a harmonica? A harmonica sucks every other note!

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