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Published: 2014/02/02

UMBowl V To Be Held at The Capitol Theatre

As is customary during the halftime of the Super Bowl, Umphrey’s McGee announced that the fifth edition of their UMBowl will be held on May 3 at the famous Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY for the first time since its inception. The first four years were spent close to home at Chicago’s Park West. The surprise in this selection is the substantial increase in venue size, with Park West capping out at around 750, while the newly reopened Port Chester venue holds 1,800.

The quarter themes will be announced in the near future. Safe bets to return are the Raw Stewage quarter, which has turned into a quasi-songwriting session for the group, with several of the “Jimmy Stewart” selections morphing into full-fledged songs. The All Request Quarter is another popular one amongst fan, allowing the ticketholders to control the action and request some rarities or new songs/covers. Keeping with the technological aspect of the event, the Stew Art Series is another favorite to be included in the fifth edition of UMBowl. As always, stay tuned for a classic UM curveball as we near the event.

For more information stay tuned to the UMBowl website for on-sale dates and quarter themes.


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The video February 3, 2014, 01:19:28

I’ll always be thankful to Umphrey because it was at an Umphreys New Years run my wife and I got divorced and I ended up meeting my eventual husband who I married during their set at Summercamp. You just never know, but I am starting to think the guys are running out of ideas. These lame videos and trying to proclaim playing a larger venue that is less than half the size the venue they used to play in Chicago, where they are not even from as a whole is desperate. I have fun still and there are really some cool like minded guys filtering into the scene. The music just seems to be stale as a used pair of underwear. Is their a chance of a hiatus and some side projects. I’d love to see Joel with Girl Talk or OAR for a tour. I know they heavily influence him.

Rick February 3, 2014, 02:35:46

You divorced your wife and met your husband???? UM isn’t stale! Figure out what it is you are and reevaluate what it is your saying!!!

Joshua Colky February 3, 2014, 13:27:35

Highly doubtful a chance of hiatus – my belief is that they have likely taken these events to new locations due to their ever growing fanbase. As a band which just sold out two nowhere venues (Knoxville and Columbus), as well as a sold out CO run for NYE, and two sold out Beacon shows…I highly doubt the band is losing steam. I think that’s a major misstatement.

Joahua February 3, 2014, 23:46:02

Hey bro neither of the first two Fillmore shows were sold out. Actually way short one night. Who is lying to you or why are you lying? I know the numbers. Many less shows sold out last year than 2012 at the same or SMALLER venues. Do you get that trend. As a umphan I do and frankly my emotions are mixed about the more realistic future the band is settling for. Never going to be that band that sells out more than big cities on weekends or a big college campus here and there. #umreality

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