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Published: 2014/02/03

Tedeschi Trucks Band to Headline Red Rocks with Gary Clark Jr.

The Tedeschi Trucks Band have announced a headlining performance at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre for July 25. The blues-rock group, who are featured on the cover of the latest issue of Relix, will be joined by special guest Gary Clark Jr. for the show. Pre-sale tickets for the show will be available tomorrow at 10am.


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pm February 3, 2014, 16:49:11

Derek’s heading down the same path his wife did before she hijacked him..OBSCURITY

peachhead February 3, 2014, 16:56:21

He’s considered one of the best living guitarist in the world. He’s doing just fine.

me February 3, 2014, 16:59:11

Hey pm… just curious, have you ever had one good word to say about anything? I can’t help but think you do it just for the attention. Are you lacking friends… if so, you may want to consider your “Debby Downer” complex as the root cause. Regardless, I think it’s safe to assume that one of the world’s best slide guitar players will never reach any level of obscurity, even if TTB doesn’t trip your trigger… the band is tight as hell, and sounds just as good!

tampafaz February 3, 2014, 17:49:54

So obscure in fact that he is currently the cover story of Relix, has an interview asking him about ABB in Rolling Stone, TTB was just in NYC to play two songs on a CBS morning show (as well as do a brief interview), he and Susan were guests of Paul Allen, aka the owner of the Seahawks and co-founder of Microsoft, at the Super Bowl and they’re on their way to Japan to play a bunch of shows. Obscurity sounds rough…

beau g February 3, 2014, 18:29:40

no shit….. pm should take a nap! he obviously was w/ bruno and the peppers when this was posted. bg

dave February 3, 2014, 18:30:36

yea but has he played with dave grohl yet?

Pm February 3, 2014, 23:38:09

Derek Trucks is far and away the best guitarist in his 30s walking this planet PM. Those stadium and arena shows with Clapton were pretty obscure like headlining Red Rocks or playing at the White House.

spikenyc February 4, 2014, 10:01:22

Derek will become more apparent to those that are not in the know.
Saw TTB play John Varvatos (Old CBGB’s) the other night. They rocked it!
Check it out: Also, with Gary Clark Jr. you have two of the best players around these days. I hope they end up jamming together.

Jammin February 4, 2014, 10:52:15

I have seen The Allmans many times with Derek.
Really unbelievable. I’ve seen DTB many times. When Already Free came out it floored me, killer tunes, happy album, great song writing, the band had evolved into a killer unit both live and in the studio. The two TTB albums have left me cold. She sings great, plays guitar well, there’s chemistry. The band is great live. The live album “Everybody’s Talkin” has 5 cover tunes? The original songs are lacking the spark I’ve seen with DTB. I will go see them everytime I get the chance and yes I’ll buy the next album, I hope they evolve into the band live and in the studio they deserve to be. Either way I’ll be there.

M February 4, 2014, 10:55:35

Totally agree, “Jammin.” The albums don’t do much for me either. Hopefully, they’ll continue to evolve and get better in the studio.

pm February 4, 2014, 10:57:13

I’m just saying Derek gets buried in the TTB carnival of players ,the DTB he was the featured player. And I reserve all my positive words for worthy bands like Gov’t Mule, Galactic, Dumpstaphunk, Revivalists, Soulive, Grace Potter or Anders Osborne. Not DANCE bands like Phish, Panic Disco Biscuits or rip off cover bands like anything Phil Lesh is involved in.

tampafaz February 4, 2014, 12:08:32

I’m fine with all of your opinions, since they’re just that, opinions, but including Grace Potter in that list of “worthy” bands is WAY off. She’s worthy of just about nothing and so is her band. We get it, you wear short dresses and scream a lot and you waste everyone’s time with your terrible drum solos involving all members of the band. Speaking of obscurity, I can’t wait until she fades away into obscurity.

Soul Stu February 4, 2014, 12:26:34

Some ears just can’t handle the juggernaut of soul that is TTB, which is fine. More room for us true DT disciples to get down! If any of you don’t like the albums, just cue up “The Storm” and try to tell me that Derek is “overshadowed” on that tune or this is a “pop” band. TTb’s The Storm is best original rock tune written in decades and live, its a force to be reckoned with… This band is on fire and anyone who ain’t feeling it can get out the way and go rub one out to one of DTB’s instrumental albums (which are also great)

OBR February 4, 2014, 22:49:19

pm is ridiculous. DT won a grammy before TTB was formed… and then won two with TTB. By the way, you might want to check the songwriting credits on TTB albums—you might see a certain Soulive guitarist’s name in there (he’s an “honorary member). Why not go to Vegas and see Soulive with TTB play together? Or, why not ask people like Warren Haynes or Eric Krasno (since they are “worthy!”) what they think of DT, TTB or any of this silliness.

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