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Published: 2014/03/20

Ekoostik Hookah to Host Spring Edition of The Ville Music Festival

Ekoostik Hookah will host another The Ville Music Festival (formerly known as Hookahville) at Clay’s Park Resort in Lawrence, OH over Memorial Day Weekend (May 23-25). The band will play three shows at the event, which will also feature performances by Fletcher’s Groe, Tropidelic, Blue Moon Soup, Jones For Revival and more.

Advance tickets for Spring 2014 edition of The Ville Music Festival are now “on sale.”: Fans are also encouraged to bring their own beer to the event, though no glass bottles will be allowed in.

The Ville Music Festival lineup

Fletcher’s Grove
Blue Moon Soup
Jones For Revival
Glostik Willy
John Mullins
Must Stash Hat
Derick Howard
Drunken Sunday
Diesel Dog
Dead Ahead
The Subterranean House Band
Corinne Noelle & Friends (acoustic)


There are 16 comments associated with this post

Analvag March 20, 2014, 21:00:47

This is so exciting. EH represents to me a band every bit as important as Phish in Rock History. Mullins or McGee it doesn’t matter who lead them through the rough waters into Rock stardom. It was a Buckeye tradition for us Wharf Rats to drink as much Ayhuasca as we could and enjoy Hookahville. The music they create makes me realize how only a very special few of us understand that Sweeney is a top five guitarist of all time. I have seen around 322 EH shows and their expansive view of improvisation is my Shaman for lack of a better term.

AugustWest March 20, 2014, 22:45:02

I thought Wharf Rats were the sober group of deadheads?

Analvag March 20, 2014, 22:50:29

August, absolutely and thank the higher power I am sober. Ayhuasca and San Pedro are simply calming mechanisms we enjoy now and again to get to that place without drugs or alcohol. Cactai are so useful in recovery, but I have the experience to use it to my advantage to connect with the higher power and the music simultaneously.

AugustWest March 20, 2014, 23:00:58

Congrats on sobriety, AV! It’s all about the music, and I lost sight of that for a long time. It was all about the party. I’ve been sober since Nov. 8th, taking it day by day. I was confused, but now I just listen to the music play! But getting back to the story, I’ve never seen EH. Might have to make a road trip from Louisville to catch this. Always heard Hookavilles were a great time!

Analvag March 20, 2014, 23:15:30

Good luck August. Congrats take it slow and have fun.

shawn thomas March 21, 2014, 13:44:41

Ekoostik hookah.. Wow does that name Mean so much to me in my life!This is one of the bands that started it all for me….Through my music and Friends.I saw them once in 1999 and I was instantly hooked….lol…241 shows later I still love him to death.Things changed in the van in 2005.Ed McGee left, and in my opinion that was the worst thing that could have happened.So many good songs were unable to be played after that.John rejoin the band and everything was still very very cool.It just wasn’t the same as the hookah that I saw in 99.After ads 2005 New Year Show I slow down on seeing them a little bit…Then came the big bomb.. Cliff left.In my opinion he was the heart of that band.Such a talented fellow and friend.After his departure I kind of took a break all together from seeing hookah in the new line up.I have saw them a few times since then but not too much.First it was at the left and then cliff and then it seemed like there was too much gone….Too much so that left.I have the utmost respect for Dave Katz and leading that band…Along with like another person said Steve Sweeney who is by far one of the most best guitar players I have ever witnessed.That man will just blow your freaking mind everytime without fail.And I know when I say this, over time things do change and people make different choices.The whole thing kind of got bad.Heroine came in an oxy cotton came in…Ruined a lot of lives.Not unless I will always remember the memories and I will always let the stories be told…Swilly family for life!!!!!I remember the hookah bills that had the big acts…And the cost was down.Now it is close to $100 or so and it seems as though the axe along with hookah is weak.No other big name acct except for a few in the past 4 years…That is just my two cents about the band in my experience with them.But god damn it I still love them…lol.little shawn

Buckeye jam March 21, 2014, 14:31:17

I love how people know exactly how many hundreds of shows they have seen to the exact number. Lends such credibility to someone when they tell me they have seen 241 shows. Really? I don’t think EH has played that many shows in 15 years… Only Dubba would know…

ohiogrown March 21, 2014, 14:33:52

The price is back down very affordable now that there isnt a big name act on the bill. If you pay attention to comments Dave has made he clearly says they are taking it back to where it was at the beginning….where the cost is lower and they focus on up and coming more regional acts instead of the big names that cost more to bill. The last few years Springs lineup has been bigger than ever. I choose not to go anymore because they just arent the same band since pre 2005…have seen hundreds of shows between ’95 and ’05. I just feel that when Mullins left this last time he wasnt replaced someone as talented as Mcgee….they have no answer for that. It has become all Dave basically now….yes the new guys contribute but the quality is nowhere near Mullins/Mcgee quality songwriting. Dave and Sweney hold it together but without a second quality songwriter they just arent what they used to be. I gotta say there wasnt a more fun scene in the community than eH from say ’99 to about ’04 the year before Ed left. That last year they were too many rifts between the guys it seemed and they didnt seem to be having fun….that Im sure is part of why Ed and Johnny left…..none the last. The name ekoostik Hookah should be in some kind of jam scene hall of fame for what they have done in the jam community for as long as they have. Bands just dont stick around for as long as they have much anymore. Cheers,

ohiogrown March 21, 2014, 14:35:55

So true abt people knowing how many shows they have seen….ridiculous but they have played prob 3 times that…..thin about it from ’92 to present…..hundreds of shows a year in main years.

AJ March 21, 2014, 15:14:48

I agree that Mullins, Cliff, and Ed were all incredible musicians in the band but I really enjoy the life in the new lineup. Cliff was a personality and definitely the heart of the band with those harmonies and bass, I probably miss him the most. While Ed’s songs were mostly incredible I do not miss the corny ones…his vocals were great as well but I do not miss the goat sounds. It’s cool watching the band in their current state craft and perfect older tunes over time (which Mullins never did in the 06 era) and also craft new sounds. The lyrics aren’t bad by any means and I’ve noticed a LOT of improvements since Sarge and Phil joined…it’s exciting to be a Hookah fan these days IMO.

joe March 21, 2014, 16:32:54

The highlight of this bands whole career is getting RATDOG to play at their ranch in 99 a few times, and he graced the stage with them. best hookahville i ever saw? #20 i thnk, with STEVE KIMOCK, PARLIMENT, DSO acoustic, and other people. it seems like they should hang it up.
like jordan trying to make a comeback.

schwadog March 21, 2014, 22:16:19

All things hookah!! I like a lot of the comments I am ohio grown and have moved on(from oh). and seen the boys all across America and Europe and always a great time with the band they have changed a lot but will always be Sweney at the lead even back when it was mullins and fry, to this day we all go for 3 words!! and I have not got to see the new line up but lots of friends back in oh tell me its still fun and I agree it should be because of sweney and dave and eric all thro down as any GREAT jamband shood !! and for the love of hookah!! SCHWA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! miss ya cliff Cheers:}

yep March 22, 2014, 00:13:22

Must Stash Hat and Diesel Dog!!!

AJ March 22, 2014, 04:14:18

In response to Joe…it isn’t really like they’re staging a comeback…they’re just rockin the same area like they have for almost 25 years cause that’s what the remaining members do…a musician leaves and a new one enters the fray. ebb and flow.

Howie Pheltersnatch March 23, 2014, 22:15:54

Today in Schwa History As of today, the Schwa have played: ...948 different songs over the course of 2461 shows in 705 different venues in 307 different cities in 45 different states.
This is what’s on dubba’s site looks like way more then 241 shows in 15yrs

sharon thegroove March 26, 2014, 10:35:08

Did u see the lineup this year? Wow how exciting. So many up and coming acts! Thus is gonna be the year when we say….remember when we saw those dudes? Whoa I saw dead ahead and they were sick at the beachland. I saw mustach hat a few times over the last year’s at quarry and at waterfest. Tropidelic is always fun. Oh man and diesel dog…....that band is awesome. I’m so excited for thus years Ville.

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