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Published: 2014/03/21

Poor Man’s Whiskey to Pay Tribute to The Allman Brothers and Pink Floyd

Northern California bluegrass band Poor Man’s Whiskey has announced a series of spring tour dates in the North East, West Coast, Colorado, and Utah. In addition to performing their own music, the band will be reviving their take on Pink Floyd’s classic Dark Side of the Moon – billed as “Dark Side of the Moonshine” – and they will also present “A Special Tribute to the Allman Brothers Band” at select shows. Poor Man’s Whiskey will perform in Arcata, CA this evening.

Poor Man’s Whiskey Tour Dates

March 21 Arcata, CA – Humbrews*
March 22 Sebastopol, CA – Hopmonk Tavern
March 30 Plains, PA – River St. Jazz Cafe**
March 31 Northampton, MA – Iron Horse**
April 1 Westcott Theater, Syracuse, NY**
April 2 Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY**
April 3 Sellersville Theater, Sellersville, PA**
April 4 Stage One, Fairfield, CT**
April 5 Stage One, Fairfield, CT*
April 11 Lucidity Festival, Santa Barbara, CA
April 12 Moe’s Alley, Santa Cruz, CA*
April 18 Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA*
April 24 The State Room, Salt Lake City, UT*
April 25 Quixotes, Denver, CO
April 26 Quixotes, Denver, CO*
May 15 Nectar Lounge, Seattle, WA*
May 16 Alhambra Theatre, Portland, OR*
May 17 Cozmic, Eugene, OR*
May 22 Juan de Fuca Festival, Port Angeles, WA**
May 30 SOHO, Santa Barbara, CA*
May 31 Winstons, San Diego, CA*

(*) “A Special Tribute to The Allman Brothers Band”
(**) “Dark Side of the Moonshine”


There are 7 comments associated with this post

Voracious Brontosaurus March 21, 2014, 18:31:04

This band has good original material and can play the hell out of their instruments. It’s really confusing to watch them go from writing original material, to being a cover band. If they did the Dark Side or Allman tribute once in a while, or once ever, it would have been cool and unique. Now it’s just boring.

Dr Paisley March 21, 2014, 20:59:56

I’ve seen PMW many times and always enjoyed. They play a mix of bluegrassy rock and psychedelic. It is a little disappointing that this great band is focusing so much on covers. They need to write some new material. But keep in mind they will also play original material at all these shows. If you haven’t seen them, go check them out, it is a blast!

Voracious Plesiosaur March 22, 2014, 02:30:50

Yeah, definitely worth seeing, but I think that they’re good enough to not have to rely on touring playing covers, even if they are putting a bluegrass spin on them. So I agree with you, just wanted to clarify that I’m bored with this direction but the band itself isn’t boring.

jason beard March 22, 2014, 18:30:56

Hey there this is Jason Beard from Poor Man’s Whiskey. Ya..we read the posts of fans and take them to heart. Don’t worry… we are still writing and playing new material. Playing full tribute albums is something that we have considered the dangers of being labeled as a “cover band” and something we have always wanted to avoid. We have been playing and growing as a band for over 13 years and I feel we are just hitting our stride as both songwriters and musicians. Our mission is and always will be to push our original material. We are (however) not spring chickens any more. We have wives, kids, mortgages, and other jobs that are necessary just to survive as working musicians. Every time we go on the road we sacrifice our bodies, spirit (super hard work and no sleep) and the valuable time we have with our families. After so many years of sacrifice I wish we could go out on the road and play just originals and come home with even a slight paycheck that makes since for someone 40 years old. Unfortunately we are not there…and in order to keep our dream alive we have to not only play in front of people but also not lose our shirts (uh…yes..after travel, lodging, advertising, management costs, etc. etc. you would be surprised how little money is left over).
Over the years we have developed some killer shows (Darkside, Old and In the Way, ABB set, etc). We have the option of going to new markets for us (such as the East Coast) an opening band. We would play for 45 minutes and get $200 a night (standard opening band fee). We could also go on our own without playing a cover set…and have empty rooms and get paid next to nothing. Or…we could go play a killer show…play over one hour of originals to a full room (more than an opening band)...then play one more set of a killer album or band that has inspired us and puts smiles on peoples faces when they see it. It seems like most people at the “tribute” shows leave blown away by the show we put on. And to be honest it’s nice to have people leave stoked and getting their moneys worth!
In order for us to keep our dream alive we have decided to play these tribute shows for the short term. It’s fun, helps us grow as musicians..and most importantly puts us in front of more people who will see our original music. Hopefully if you don’t have fun for the tribute sets you still come out and watch our originals and support the band. You would be shocked at how much we sacrifice in our lives just to come play for you guys (and gals).
So if you are unhappy with the idea of us doing some covers for a couple months hang in there! We hopefully will be selling out Red Rocks soon playing nothing but originals! But in the mean time…. -Sincerely, Jason Beard (Poor Man’s Whiskey)

Voracious Stegosaurus March 22, 2014, 23:13:15

If this site allowed editing I would have changed how I said what I was trying to say. First off, I’m super sorry for the negative tone of my first message. I’m not a band manger and have zero experience with the financial side of running a band. You guys get to make a living doing what you love, and in that you’ve already got most of us beat. I have seen the Dark Side show 3 times, the Allman show once. Yes indeed, they are fantastic shows and you guys are stunningly good at playing them. My favorite Dark Side show was the one you played at the Fillmore with Sean Lehe and Kang. There was something in the air that night. If you’re playing close by, I’d go check those out again, but I have to be honest: I’m a jam music fan, and so watching a band play the same set for several shows on a tour doesn’t get me as excited as a mixing up of things does. And it feels much more special (TO ME, not speaking for anyone else!) if these sorts of things are 1-time only or extremely rarely played shows. You can talk to all your friends “Remember when we went to see Poor Man’s and they busted out Dark Side that time? I can’t believe I was there to see that!” Also, I love tributes to other artists, and you play some of the best and most original that have ever been played. I don’t doubt your sacrifice and hard work, and it definitely comes out in the music, it really does. You probably work harder at perfecting it than I ever have at any single thing in my entire life. What I was trying to convey was the feeling of, “well, I’ve seen that before” that starts to creep in after you’ve seen the tribute a couple times. That isn’t to detract from the work and sacrifice that it takes to do it, though and I am so sorry for making it sound like I didn’t appreciate it, because I definitely do. You guys have to make a living however you can. You are super talented and I can’t wait for new material and new tributes, I’m really looking forward to it.

Seattle Jam Fan March 24, 2014, 01:24:01

I’ve seen the band several times and thoroughly enjoy both the originals and great takes on the tributes. It’s clear to this guy that you all take great time and effort to present not only your material, but the material you’re covering in a way that seems new and exciting to the audience. I especially love your final song of the night where you unplug and oftentimes come down into the crowd to play a quiet tune like Ripple or Wish You Were Here. In fact, those are some of my best memories from going to shows. In those moments the band really connects with the crowd in a way that’s tangible and real and anyone who is a part of PMW show can’t help but feel the magic of it.

Music Lover March 28, 2014, 16:10:13

I’ve been a fan of Poor Man’s Whiskey for years and have attended 20+ of their shows. I am constantly amazed at how they make each and every show unique and special. Never have I felt like Voracious Stegosaurus that “well I’ve seen that already,” since they are all different. It’s obvious the hard work each band member puts in to increasing their skill (Jason’s acoustic solo at the Allman Brothers show in Sebastopol last month is a clear example). As stated above, tribute shows fill the venues because people know at least some of what they are going to get and just about everyone leaves happily surprised at the quality of the originals. For any band, selling out the Fillmore (on originals or otherwise) is an amazing accomplishment and puts you in a different category of musicians. And come on, it’s not like they’re doing tributes to New Kids on the Block. These are the all time jam band greats: Old and in the Way, Allman Brothers, Pink Floyd! I have no personal connection to the band other than loving their music, but I am so proud of the work Poor Man’s Whiskey has done and I can’t wait to see what’s next for them. I look forward to catching as many shows as possible in the coming tour. To anyone unsure about checking them out, I promise you won’t leave disappointed.

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