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Published: 2014/04/07

Page McConnell and Jon Fishman Join Mike Gordon For "555"

Mike Gordon and his band wrapped up their Overstep tour last night at Higher Ground in South Burlington, VT. During the show, Phish bandmates Page McConnell and Jon Fishman jumped on stage to perform “555” from Phish’s upcoming Wingsuit album. The Gordon/Scott Murawski original made its Phish debut during the band’s Halloween set and has been in solid rotation throughout this year’s Mike Gordon Band tour.

Friday night saw the fourth members of Phish sit-in with Gordon, as
guitarist Trey Anastasio joined Gordon for a performance of “Cities” and “Tiny Little World” at the end of the band’s first set.


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Dave the slave April 7, 2014, 10:30:45

So cool, I wish I could have been there to see this. Was too busy slamming meth and drinking faygo with my juggalo brothers. I need to get my priorities straight, that’s for sure.

The time has cum April 7, 2014, 10:39:53

Wow 555 was unearthed like plane 370 from the floor of the Indian Ocean. All I have ever hoped for was the dynamic this band began creating in 2013, by far their best year. From that slamming Taking Care of Business at Hampton, to the amazing “The Line” at Atlantic City to the truck set where they just lure some of is into being able to see a Gamehenge set, when that set was nowhere close to Gamehenge this band is changing lives one song and night at a time. Once again we notice, this has nothing to do with Trey. We could put Scott Murawski in there and ticket sales and the music would probably get better. The self righteous indignation shown by the fans shall be rought with a path to an untimely death. I think when the time comes, and we are called on this summer that we all will stand at attention. Leo, Bob Weaver and Cactus
are the triumverate that saved Phish from a mountain of meth and underage pornographic photo taking. 555 really has developed into what Bathtub Gin used to be with crescent like manageries inside of the womb of the jam. As the bass gets louder the womb begins to shake like one of Beyonces butt globes, and the song comes pushing out wet from the creative anvil that is Mike Gordon’s supple lips.

cj April 7, 2014, 10:50:33

scott should have saved this one for creek! i could definitely see mark nailing this one.

dave the slave April 7, 2014, 10:51:09

I would rather go see ICP than any of the hacks from Phish. To tell the truth I don’t like ICP but even the worst band in the world is a step above Phish. ICP writes better songs and that is the problem with Phish. While I will admit they are good musicians they could not write a good song to save their miserable souls. Stay strong Phish fans

Tomd April 7, 2014, 10:59:04

Pathetic Troll is pathetic.

ICP April 7, 2014, 11:00:19

Phish really jumped the shark in Atlantic City. I would have said that they did years ago, but I still love the band. They just went from a certain product to a product you may be able to get in layaway at a dollar store. The writing from the songs they have put forth in 3.0 is absolutely shameful. I can’t actually believe that I do not have set tickets for Randall’s Island a half hour from my house and am going to play it by ear and skip shows if they are playing like they have been. It’s just reality. I think critical analysis of Phish has gone to adoring college kids and 20/30 somethings that feel like they have to like what the band is doing. Trust me, this is the worst period of creativity for the band. At least in 03-04 we could point to the Oxy Captain for those pleasures, but now a cliff bar and cold grean tea brings us Hands on a Wingsuit.

Dave the slave April 7, 2014, 11:24:35

I’ve listened to and thoroughly enjoy the Wingsuit tunes. I have no idea what these haters are on about. Wingsuit is good stuff. Phish 3.0 is better than any band on the face of the earth, I’ve come to realize. Their crowds, though, lack the 300+lb trailer trash girls that I crave.

circumcised? April 7, 2014, 11:34:01

Davey when you take that JEMP dong out of the guzzle hole let me know if it’s uncircumcised or clipped nice ok? Seems like its down in there at the moment.

Jimbo Trout April 7, 2014, 13:26:04

Dave the slave,
Your thoughts are timeless. Do you have a blog we can read?

Solargarlic April 7, 2014, 13:34:50

Wingsuit from AC is very good. Really looking forward to the studio effort. It’s amazing the people that hide behind a keyboard and judge. Phish is in a great place right now.

Fido McGee April 7, 2014, 13:40:23

Dave the slave, can you reveal to all how you make ends meet?.

dave the slave April 7, 2014, 14:08:44

I sing the national anthem at cock fights.

Goods April 7, 2014, 14:46:11

Help get Goods break on to the scene!!
Go Gordo too!

Paco April 7, 2014, 14:51:11

So much better than the Trey sit in. At least Fish and Page seem to practice their instruments from time to time

Audie Murphy April 7, 2014, 17:19:36

I just knew Dave the slave was from South of The Border!. There are a lot of Phish fans down there where he sings “Himmo Nacional Mexicano”.

DJ Damage April 8, 2014, 08:40:27

Listen forth bros and brajettes the DJ has proclamations to be made that none want to hear. But you will absorb my knowledge anyway, renounce the false gods of phish and BF McTwatt, and join us juggalos. Who needs acid when you have faygo amirite?

Dave the slave April 8, 2014, 10:10:06

RIGHT. Phish and Buttfuckles have better music, but the Gathering of the Juggalos has piles of meth and mosh pits where you get to get bounced around between a group of marauding, obese, unwashed vixens like a pinball. I don’t shower or wash my clothes for weeks after the Gathering just so I don’t end up washing off their sexy body oils and scents. Between that, the piles of meth, huge availability of food stamps and EBT cards, it’s hard to beat the Gathering.

Richy rich April 8, 2014, 12:25:48

I keep going to phish shows now because I am 34 and successful which makes me the minority at most shows. I only have time to read this dumb website on the crapper cause the comments make me dump. Hahaha

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