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Published: 2014/05/01

Michael Jackson’s "Love Never Felt So Good" Available Now

The first single from Michael Jackson’s forthcoming posthumous release XSCAPE is now available. “Love Never Felt So Good,” originally written by MJ and Paul Anka in 1983, debuted last night at the iHeart Radio Music Awards and is available to purchase on iTunes as well.

Produced by John McClain, co-executor of the Estate of Michael Jackson, “the contemporized recording is a magic combination of the new and the original production that retains the track‚Äôs analog, early 80s feel, while also sounding right at home with the disco-soul inflected music of today.”

The XSCAPE standard and deluxe edition’s are available for pre-order now on iTunes and Jackson’s website. The full album is due out May 13.

As previously reported, XSCAPE will feature previously unreleased and unheard tracks from the late pop icon’s past as seen through the eyes of today’s producers. The single is also available as the solo Michael Jackson track or as a duet with Justin Timberlake.


There are 6 comments associated with this post

MarZaPhiGar May 2, 2014, 10:52:34

Oh, my BAD. I thought this was Boy, do I feel dumb! But since you brought it up, and are probably receiving some sort of, um, back-door benefit for plugging this crap, didja ever think that maybe, just maybe, this record is nothing but a pile of shit thrown together to keep Marlon and Tito from havin to give handies on skid row? After all, as broke as MJ was when he took a proper lethal injection (are u listening, Oklahoma?), don’t ya think the Kink of Pop woulda dropped it hisself???

Mole May 2, 2014, 12:41:37

Exactly MarZaPhiGar. Why is this story on It’s bad enough people troll hate about the good bands on this site, now we have to deal with this?

DJ Damage May 2, 2014, 13:06:35

Come now kiddies…every pedophile needs a companion. The inclusion of the MJ story was at the behest of one Mike Gordon…Only now can Gordo wax poetically about which scarve goes with which drill goes with which 11 year old daughter of a Hell’s Angel…Why do you think they call it JAM Bands??? Perhaps Ol Uncle Mikey can do an op-ed piece in the next Teen Beat on the virtues of sparkly lip gloss vs. a good ol’ fashioned semen encrusting delivered by Sonny Barger’s bodyguard….Go Go Gordo!

MarZaPhiGar May 2, 2014, 13:32:06

Yikes-a low blow from tha Deej- altho I guess it would have to be. Dig up Raul Duke and put HIM on it!

Dave the slave May 2, 2014, 18:38:53

Good post DJ. I like it yes I do.

MarZaPhiGar May 2, 2014, 21:11:29

“Honest, M-m-m-ister B-b-barger I was just luring, I-i mean INVITING the little darling down into the bowels of my, er, this garage to take some innocent pics of…O MY GOD PHIL HELP ME!!!”

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