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Published: 2014/08/04

Phish Close Out Summer Tour with Rarity-Filled Show

Phish closed their summer tour last night with a thrilling two set show in Alpharetta, GA that featured a few bust outs along with a host of songs that have dominated the setlists this summer.

Kicking the night off with an opening “My Soul,” the band moved into a fiery Type I “Bathtub Gin” that featured some inspired riffs from Anastasio before landing on the end riff. Tour staple “555” followed before Phish debuted “Pebbles and Marbles.” While the tune wasn’t performed smoothly, it still established the notion that anything could happen on the final night of the tour.

After “The Line,” “Vultures” and “Fast Enough For You” made their tour debuts with a pair of well-played versions before a funky “Back on the Train” and a “Taste” preceded “Gumbo” which featured some rare extended improv. Led by Page McConnell and Mike Gordon, the band dipped into some funk jamming before ending the song. The set closed with a trio of familiar tunes in “Halfway to the Moon,” “Stealing Time from the Faulty Plan” and “Suzy Greenberg.”

The second set began with a popular second set opener on this tour—“Chalk Dust Torture.” The tune once again descended into Type II territory with some solid improv before expertly dropping into “Scents and Subtle Sounds,” marking its tour debut and the first version since September 2, 2011. While this “Scents” was on the short side, the “Twist” that followed featured some looser improv (and more “woo’s”). “Fuego” and “The Wedge” appeared before the next jam vehicle, “Light,” took center stage. Once again, the band flexed their improv muscle, with all four members contributing to the jam that ultimately led into “Harry Hood.”

For the final two songs, “Hood” and “First Tube,” it felt as it the band was truly emptying the tank with the finish line fast approaching. The “Hood” jam featured Anastasio visiting each member for a “face off” much like he and Gordon had done during some “You Enjoy Myself” jams on this tour. The “First Tube” was all about Anastasio as the guitarist jumped around and dug into the song with ferocity. The thrilling “Fluffhead” encore brought the night and tour, to a thrilling conclusion.

Next up for Phish is a three-night run at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Denver, CO.

Here’s a look at the setlist from last night as it appears in our Box Scores section:

Set I: My Soul > Bathtub Gin, 555, Pebbles and Marbles, The Line, Vultures, Fast Enough For You, Back on the Train, Taste, Gumbo, Halfway to the Moon, Stealing Time from the Faulty Plan > Suzy Greenberg

Set II: Chalk Dust Torture->Scents and Subtle Sounds > Twist > Fuego, The Wedge, Light > Harry Hood, First Tube

Enc: Fluffhead



There are 10 comments associated with this post

Terrible show August 4, 2014, 13:00:59

Total mailed in show from a mailed in tour, by guys that had about 1/8 of their catalog in rotation. Pathetic effort this Summer boys. Hope you pick your balls up for the fall. Epic fail this Summer with 2 or three good shows, which are really just shows with one very good set. Phish is my favorite band, just telling it like it is.

aaron August 4, 2014, 20:32:33

i’ll be honest, i haven’t been to see phish since they broke up the first time in 2000. i heard there was the webcast, so i checked out this show. i doubt i’d go back to seeing them live, but i had a fun time last night. a lot of old favorites of mine i never thought i’d hear live again (vultures being one i always liked).

really? August 4, 2014, 13:46:06

Are you one of those elitist phish fans from the 90’s? You guys are the worst, stop going to shows please.

Hendo August 4, 2014, 14:31:21

TS – mailed in show & tour ? lol what a jerk-off

me August 4, 2014, 14:46:39

I’d like to be shocked that “mailed in” type of comments could be said but knowing there will always be jaded douche bags that hover around the Phish scene, I’m not… The fact is that 30 years in, they are still kicking ass and having fun… are there fuck ups? Sure, on occasion, but then again they are a bit older, continuing to add lots of new music to their repertoire and are still flying w/o a setlist and still changing it up every night. Phish is still at the top of the game… not to say there aren’t others who are right there with them, but there is no doubt that Phish is still “THE” band in the jamband/rock world. Say what you will, and whine all you want about fine details or personal tastes, but the fact is that if you step back and look at what they are doing as a whole, then YES, they are still at the top… no amount of talking out your ass about playing a limited set, playing the same song or new material not being good changes the fact that they are NOT playing a limited set, they are pushing their new album/material (duh, should that be a surprise?) or that the new material is good, really good! Go ahead, say what you will but if you really don’t like it, then why are you around… just to spread the hate? It’s great to see a band that’s been around for 30 years and whose members are in their 50s (or very close) are still fresh, writing new/good material, healthy and caring about their fans all while showing no signs of “mailing it in” and rehashing exactly what they did 20 years ago in order to collect a paycheck!! Very few, if any, other bands can say the same!

Pine Trees August 4, 2014, 17:48:46

2014 Summer Tour will def go down in Phistory…
Imagine if everybody’s favorite band was like this!!!!

Mr Random August 4, 2014, 18:29:30

I’m a 90’s Phish guy and still enjoy seeing them whenever possible. I prefer the old school but take in the new material with an open mind. Some good, some not so good. That’s how it goes. Thanks Boys!

KB August 4, 2014, 22:11:44

I’ve been seeing them since the 90’s and I still love it. Go back and listen to the Hood/First Tube or the Gumbo and tell me they mailed it in. They were absolutely killing it. Hood/Tube was almost as rowdy as I’ve seen them and the crowd in a looooong time. It was a rager and I’m so glad I was there to see it. Fluffhead…

Jim August 5, 2014, 10:08:54

Phish is THE band in the scene? Go check out a Mule show, like the one in NOLA during the second weekend of jazzfest. They had about 39 guests and played until 3:30am. Now this is a setlist:

me August 5, 2014, 10:46:08

Relax Jim… if you quote me, then let’s be “fair and balanced”... like FOX ;^)
I also said “not to say there aren’t others who are right there with them” and I am a huge Mule fan… would have given my left nut to be at the show you mentioned… I’m also a fan of many other great bands, and, as I said… Phish is right up there with the best!

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