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Published: 2014/08/19

Phish to Webcast Colorado Run

Phish will offer a live webcast of their upcoming three-night run at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City, CO on Labor Day weekend (August 29, 30, 31). The the 10-camera shoot will be broadcast in both high and standard definition with high-quality audio. Fans will be able to stream via PC, Mac, Apple TV and iOS platforms.

The webcasts are now available for pre-order.


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I bent my Wookie. August 19, 2014, 17:07:14

thats cute. WSP streams all of there shows for free.

Dave the Slave August 19, 2014, 17:10:13

That’s because WSP is awesome. Phish is just out to steal your money.

Nastyfoot August 19, 2014, 17:18:53

Ahhhhh, here we go. The “Panic vs. Phish” barbs. Both are are pheominal bands. I am a huge Panic fan but Phsh get’s it done for me as well. Both should be appreciated by “both sides”. By accomplishing such you are making the proclomation that you are a balanced music fan. Time to grow up kids.

Tellsemlikeismllsem!!!! August 19, 2014, 17:35:07

There’s an old saying that goes “you get what you pay for.” You couldn’t pay me to watch a widespread slapdick concert on the internet. They prob offer them for free to promote internet in places that don’t have it, such as where most of their hilljack toothless fan base is from.

Pine Trees August 19, 2014, 17:41:24

I find it hard to believe the Panic’s stream is the same quality as Phish- but I’m not a big Panic fan so I wouldn’t know…But it will absolutely be worth the 30+ bucks for all three nights of the Dicks run… And It can’t be that hard to find a few friends and throw down together to watch- christ back in the day we used to do that for WWF and then Tyson fights and it was much more than 15 bucks…

gabriel bloxom August 19, 2014, 17:56:55

Well if you want to listen to a song that has actual meaningful lyrical content listen to panic. If u like romper room music carini fluffhead tweezer well you know where to go. Get with the program.

Greystar August 19, 2014, 21:33:01

Now, now, children. Both bands suck.

me August 19, 2014, 21:48:24

Dave the Pussy sits idle… until another mention of his favorite band… bet your wrist is sore from waiting for 2 weeks… If you have to hate on a band, any band, your life has got to suck… just too much good out there to worry about what you don’t like…

BC August 19, 2014, 22:16:42

Both bands have their merits and these arguments are silly. Like the lyrics one. Phish does have some silly lyrics, they also have some meaningful ones. Same with WSP. Not everything they write is in depth and meaningful. Both bring it live and are a great time. Like what you like. No reason to hate.

dc August 19, 2014, 22:17:08

WSP couldn’t get people to pay

Partieface August 19, 2014, 22:17:25

Too bad that’s opening weekend for college football. The only moving I’m gonna do is to grab a beer or shovel food into my mouth.

Umphan August 19, 2014, 23:13:09

Look at you delusional little girls. Panic and Phish are soooooo beat and I can’t believe you waste your money on that. Since UMBowl this year music, and mainly live music changed forever. If you missed it Umphreys took the torch as Phish dumped out another square ass album and Widespread had to share bills across the country to even have a tour. I feel bad for some of you and I know our whole scene just laughs as we see true musician ship and improvisation through the music and the lighting. Look at the covers we have had thrown at us this tour. Did that drunk John Bell have to read the lyrics to Mr. Soul again this Summer or did Trey tease Sly and the Family Stone in every jam on that weak ass tour? Get with it and go see some real music. Umphreys is about to drop its 2000 tour BOOOOOOM. Stay off my swag you drugged out bitches.

Tombanjo August 20, 2014, 02:22:20

I love both bands. Music is my life. I went to college for music. One cant compare phish and wsp. They are totally different and both are amazing on many different levels. Come on guys, don’t be close minded. Panic isn’t for everybody and neither is phish. Ive always been able to catch at least 2 to 3 panic shows and 2 to 3 phish shows every year for the past 15 years (minus breakups and hiatuses). A few years I’ve caught 10 or more shows of each. Its all about getting to that place musucally… you no what I’m speaking of. Both bands take me there, just on different levels.

solidrock August 20, 2014, 09:09:02 both bands, but on a programming note, wp streams audio, not video, of every show. And phish should do that as well. Panic charges for video stream just like phish. To the umpher’s, your guys do not exist without phish, so slow your roll.

SNOOZE August 20, 2014, 09:15:18

DOES THE WEBCAST COME WITH A PILLOW! BOOOORRRINNNGGGGG!!!!! There mite be a god cause i am just so glad i don’t like this band. And all the fucking hooopladoo ! Yes i have seen them live but fuck are they fuckn boring boring boring ! Katy fucking Perry is more entertaining and better looking ! And she fuckn lipsyncs!

Umphan August 20, 2014, 09:41:47

Solid Rock, I would argue that in 2014 Widespread and Phish need UM more than anything. Every cool idea Phish and Widespread get is just ripping off UM. Trey has heard and seen Jake play and knows he’s simply not on that level and I was at the show where Jake came up and blew Jimmy all the way back to Dukes of Hazzard. It’s kind of cool that the most cutting edge act in Rock and Roll gives ideas to these old guys who have pumped to much junk in them. You guys are funny little babies crying about some bands that are finished. Go see a real band and push that big boys.

Johnny August 20, 2014, 10:43:06

Anybody check the net worth of these guys? Yes, they should be compensated for the joy we receive from their misic but cripes, how much is enough?

Son of the Ditch August 20, 2014, 10:48:53

Stay in your basement where you feel safe. I’ll be at moe.down enjoying life. Sticks and Stones.

Umphan August 20, 2014, 11:16:49

No money is enough when you know most of your fanbase is planning for fall UM tour. We took over the scene. Pretty soon you will see Widespread or those Hula Hoop pansys open for UM. There isn’t enough room for all the talent in UM in this scene, so bands will start to fall away. The new album is almost Platinum I am hearing from management.

music lover August 20, 2014, 11:21:10

Umphreys and the fanbase still cant decide whether they want to play the untz or shred- we all know they are at their best as a prog rock band that can improv better than anyone…was anyone at Hampton Ballroom and see them ruin that Scofield tune- it was ugly- that being said PHISH is a level up on UM and WSP on all levels…30 years don’t lie kids

Umphan August 20, 2014, 11:25:59

We don’t play prog rock, we shred and jam at a level Phish never did and never has. The songwriting on a something like Wellwishers or 2×2 are something that Robert Hunter or Bob Dylan would have killed for at that age, yet they dished out some garbage like Days Between and Tangled up in Blue. Some of you need to adapt like you do with a new device. Music changes, we can help you.

Pine Trees August 20, 2014, 11:30:25

what are you even talking about Umphan!? and seriously – that Hampton Ballroom show had a disappointing first set with a terrible cover of a go go -and 2nd set was fire and rocking…

yada yada yada August 20, 2014, 14:32:54

@Umphan…..hate to break it to you buddy but Umphrey’s sucks. I’ve been able to catch a few of their sets over the years and every time I end up getting really bored, really quickly. They may be good musicians but their product stinks of trying to hard to be technical with zero room for soul. It’s totally uninspiring.

Spinman August 20, 2014, 14:47:02

Widespread Panic offers free AUDIO streams but not free VIDEO webcasts so the lame comparison is not even comparing apples to apples.

People of Columbus August 20, 2014, 16:55:56

Just a heads up for you broke haters out there. Woodlands Tavern in columbus will be showing all nights for free

mb August 20, 2014, 23:01:10

@ Umphan. If you think Hunter and Dylan would have “killed” to write songs like Umphreys McGee you need to come off the road and get out of the direct sun. You loose all credibility when you call a song like Tangled Up in Blue “garbage.” Talk about hyperbole! How old are you anyway. You sound about seventeen.

UmPhan August 21, 2014, 09:13:29

mb, I’m 27. It’s just a simple reality that you will look back on in a decade or two. You will hear one of our albums on a Classic Rock channel and remember how you could have liked a better band than some old tired acts like Panic and Phish. It’s not my fault you don’t get it. I just know a lot more about music than you. Tangled up in Blue has the simplest musical transformation. No improv, the band is disconnected to the point that no hand signals can save them and Dylan has no virtuousos playing with him. Over the years he has had makeshift acts like the Band or whatever he can peice together to save him, but overall the guy is writing non cohesive crap. Check out the lyrics from every new song on UM’s new album. They tell a story of man through out history. UM FTW!

HaveMercy August 21, 2014, 14:46:21

Sorry, but one loses ALL credibility when they even suggesting that UM has the same songwriting abilities as Dylan and Hunter. Both have scribed tomes of quality 20th century American poetry. We get it-you love UM and their surgical shredding onslaught. That’s great-enjoy your band! But there’s no need to try to convince others of their superiority. Love for music comes from the soul, not a scorecard.

lack of music knowledge August 21, 2014, 14:54:33

umphan clearly only knows one band has no intrest in real music and sadly picked the wrong band to choose for his one band but hey if he just wants to be with a bunch of sloppy rude club drug kids i guess his choice was right

mb August 21, 2014, 16:58:17

It’s the folly of youth to believe that their generation has somehow re-invented the wheel. I ain’t gonna dis UM. From what I’ve heard, they definitely play their asses off. Apparently some of their fans think that that alone is the end all and be all. Their are plenty of painters today who are technically better than Da Vinci. That certainly doesn’t mean they are greater. The bands that I love have always inspired me to seek out their influences and check out what they learned from them. It’s the height of arrogance to believe that you have it all figured out. Wake up de head!

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