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Published: 2014/08/27

CashorTrade Announce iPhone App announced today the release of their new iPhone app, now available for free download. According to a press release, the app offers push notifications as well as increased user functionality compared to the previously released web app.

The ticket trading platform also recently redesigned their website, which now offers city, venue and festival pages to supplement ticket listings by performer. Another new function includes the Gold Membership, released last year. Users can now utilize Trade Tracker, a function that sends mobile notifications regarding suggested trades and featured listings, among others.


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me August 27, 2014, 15:13:57

@ejb: I hear what you are saying but do me a favor and reread your post but think of a scalper as you say what you do… “full time job”, “site could not be where it is today”, “recognize the hard work involved”... I’ve worked in the computer field for over 20 years, I understand the cost full well just as I understand everyone needs to make a living. Being a part of this scene for longer than I’ve worked in the computer field, I also can understand the “fellow heads” vs. “scalper” sentiment… but there is really no difference if you take the emotions out of the equation. You are paying a premium to get tickets. As I said, I use the service and I think it is generally a good thing but in order to have an equal chance at tickets, you have to pay… so how is that different than having to buy a ticket that has a markup on it, other than semantics? I’ve been a taper since the 80s, it cost me thousands of dollars for equipment and it took up an enormous amount of my time but I never devised a way to supplement the cost of my equipment in order to further the cause. I understood what I was getting into and accepted the circumstances. In fact, many bands that allowed taping would not allow websites that offered shows for only B&P if that site had any type of advertising that the taper was making money from. Understand that I’m not trying to talk S*it about them, it’s an honest question… I know their heart is in the right place!

brando August 27, 2014, 22:54:28

Hi there. Brando from I was very surprised to see some of the comments on this post. There is a large misconception here…one that you need to pay to score tickets. The number of successful face value transactions of non gold members is astounding. Thousands each month. Also, being gold doesn’t guarantee the ticket either, only access to better tools. In either case, members are saving hundreds, and some, thousands of dollars each year by scoring tickets on and avoiding scalper sites. The price of the gold membership (a cup of coffee a month) is minuscule in comparison to their savings. Many are happy to contribute and honored to be part of a great community for a good cause. (Now, I had written more, but honestly, the concept of needing funds to progress an idea successfully….with increased developers, customer service, merchandise, marketing, servers, etc….need explaining.) Stay tuned. We are building a movement and this is only the beginning. #embracetheface

me August 28, 2014, 10:25:42

Hey Brando… First, I want to be clear, I think your heart is in the right place and your site, overall, is great! But on this particular topic (Gold membership/fees/donations/ however you want to word it) I respectfully disagree with you… your site posts tix to gold members (ha, ha… not Austin Powers) before they post to the general list, correct? If so, then it costs money to have a better shot at a ticket, it’s really that simple regardless of your rational behind the option to pay a fee. It may be only 5 minutes, but that first 5 minutes is probably when most sales are made if the ticket is “really” desirable. Nowhere did I say that everyone must pay. Once you decide to go in the direction of a “...concept of needing funds to progress an idea successfully…” (a nice way to define “business”) you have now turned “free” into “cost”. Somehow, you managed to run your site for at least a few years w/o funding. It would appear that at some point you decided it would be a business, not just a site you administered simply out of passion. This is the where my comparison to being a taper fits perfectly. I needed DATs and equipment upgrades over the years (moving from cassette to DAT to digital SD drives, upgrading mics, computers/HD space/audio cards for transfer, etc) and at some point maybe I could have hit up all my friends and those I met at shows and said “hey, if you donate money to me, I’ll get copies of the show to you first. Since there are so many of you, I’ll only need about the equivalent of a cup of coffee each month, a drop in the bucket compared to buying bootlegs from eBay. But if you can’t, no worries however it will be a bit longer before you see your copy” I would have been making money off of my recordings, regardless of how I tried to explain it! You are now making money off of tickets. I appreciate what you are doing and you are correct, it is less expensive than going to a scalper but your comment there makes my point, you are making money off of your endeavor. As I mentioned, I am not trying to talk S*it about you/your site but I believe my point is valid, whether you want to accept it is your choice.

brando August 28, 2014, 11:55:54

@me. is not bootlegging shows. Major difference. If this is only a volunteer concept it will not be as effective as it could be…nor could it compete against the corporate scalper giants. This idea needs a team and a sustainable business structure! A strong, educated, tech savvy team, with lawyers, publicists, developers, etc. This is not free and requires funding. Its ok, we can agree to disagree. We appreciate all feedback and will take this into consideration when progressing the concept. Thank you.

me August 27, 2014, 12:24:59

I like and use the website… however, the Gold thing is shady IMO... site started as a way to get face value tix but now those who’ve paid get first crack at the tix. Seems to be a new design on scalping. I understand that they need an infusion of cash to keep the lights on but Gold seems to go directly against why the site was started…

ejb August 27, 2014, 13:30:52

Me – I disagree completely. I live in Burlington and know the brothers who started COT. This is literally their full time job, this site would not and could not be where it is today without their full time dedication. So recognize the hard work that goes into making this a success that gives you access to a network of like-minded people who are trading face value tickets and getting you tickets to see your favorite live music. Creating an app to give you greater access is not free, it cost thousands of dollars in development and the app is offered to you at no charge. Think of becoming a Gold member ($2/month is little to become a member) as being part of the support system to keep this thing going. I’m a gold member and I love the rewards of supporting this good cause and keeping it rolling – thanks COT! Pumped about the app!!!

AK August 27, 2014, 13:50:57

I’m with you ejb. Believe it or not, I’m a Gold member and have never actually bought or sold a ticket on the site – just trying to support a righteous cause.

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