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Published: 2016/12/19

Patrick Carney Announces The Black Keys Music Now on Spotify

Bill Kelly

Despite having a good portion of their catalog on Spotify and other music streaming services, The Black Keys have opposed some of the streaming giant’s business practices in the past. Now, however, Keys drummer Patrick Carney has announced the band’s music is available on Spotify in full for the first time.

“After five years of struggling with this we agreed to put the keys songs on Spotify,” Carney writes on Twitter “I’d rather people hear our music than not.”

As Stereogum points out, Carney went public about his issues with Spotify a couple years ago, when he said, “My whole thing about music is: if somebody’s making money, then the artist should be getting a fair cut of it. The owner of Spotify is worth something like 3 billion dollars… He’s richer than Paul McCartney, and he’s 30, and he’s never written a song.”

Carney followed up his first tweet with another, clarifying that “no advance or money was exchanged. I’m still an advocate for artists to be paid fairly. I’m still apprehensive.”

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