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Published: 2017/04/18

Rich Robinson and Marc Ford Talk Reunion and Moving Past Old Wounds with The Magpie Salute

Rich Robinson’s new band The Magpie salute reunited him with former Black Crowes bandmate and guitarist Marc Ford, and the two musical partners recently talked with Relix for a new feature on the band’s upcoming album.

In the piece, both Robinson and Ford address how they’re moving past some of the issues they experienced with that band. “When it comes to people who get what you’re doing musically,” Robinson says, “Marc was someone I enjoyed playing with. When we played together, it was like having a conversation on a whole different level. To have a musical relationship like that is a gift, you know?”

“The more time Marc and I spend together, we realize that years ago my brother Chris had such a huge personality and sometimes it quashed everything else in the room,” he says. “Marc and I never really got to hang out and see where we were, except musically. There was always kind of a filter there with Chris. To be able to talk, be this way and see this thing grow has been great, too.”

For his part, Ford says he has grown a lot since the mistakes he may have made during his time with the Crowes. “Humility comes from being humiliated, you know?” he says. “Having and losing it once—and realizing it—is humiliation. ‘What did I do to blow it? I had something that was so beautiful and lost it—What was my part in it?’ That’s the healthy way to go. ‘Let me fix my part and not worry about other people.’ Not laying blame. How great it is that we all got to a place where we could make music together again. I just want to do what it takes so that this can live.”

Read the full feature here.

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