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Published: 2001/10/19
by Steven Shepard

Deuce – Psychedelic Breakfast

Sonance Records

Psychedelic Breakfast has been rocketing around the
northeast since the band released their debut
self-titled CD in 1999. Utilizing a basic jamband
set-up – guitar, bass, piano and drums – the band feed
their loyal, loving fanbase a Schlitzburger of
Zappa-colored sonics, creative hooks and rock n' roll
plutonium. Earlier this year, the band released their
second studio album, "Deuce".

"Deuce" is a dense, imperfect and engaging record.
There are Mount Everest musical peaks (Buquebus), and
lengthy, tiring misses (Tribal Funk Affliction). But
even the misses hit most of the time. The failure of a
song like Tribal Funk Affliction is not in the
playing, but the approach. The track runs to a hearty
length of just under thirteen minutes, too long for a
studio cut based primarily on a jam. Guitarist
Tim Palmieri lays down a slamming solo, but the mere
girth of time in the jam sours the experience.

Buquebus (pronounced ba-QWEE-bus) on the other hand,
is a sheer nuts-to-the-wall rock n' roll explosion.
Thick in composition and bombastic in delivery,
Buquebus features one of the finest guitar solos put
down on record in recent years. Palmieri goes off, way
off, into Wonderland while the band grooves as one
instrument behind him. At over thirteen minutes, the
song stays on point due to the grandeur of the
composition, written by Palmieri. It is decadent songwriting in the best sense of the term.

There are other bright lights on "Deuce": Beef Barley,
a playful ode to the late Chris Farley, gets into the
ecstasy department. LDZ, written by bassist Ron
Spears, sounds like an outtake from the Red Hot Chili
Peppers' "Mother's Milk" sessions, and I loved
"MotherMilk.". Question Mark and the Mind, a gentle
acoustic number, is a showcase of Palmeri's lyric
writing ("Energy is everything/And sharing is to
live."). And Phaddy Boom Baddy is an amphitheater
anthem in waiting.

"Deuce" is not perfect, but what is? Organic and
outlandish, "Deuce" is the work of a young band with
the right ideas. The jamming is tight, the ideas
enormous and the intentions honest. Psychedelic
Breakfast offer the listener a world filled with
skyballs and saxscrapers. "Deuce" by Psychedelic
Breakfast is grand.

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