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Beeline – Peter Case

Vanguard Records 79722-2

A photo inside of Beeline features a handful of Jesus candles
arranged in a bewildering order. One candle has the image of Jesus
resurrection, the next Hank Williams, followed by the Virgin of Guadalupe,
Jimi Hendrix, Muddy Waters concluded by the metaphorically common Jesus and
his immaculate heart image.

...which pretty well recapitulates Peter Case's musical inspirations and
aims on Beeline. Equal bits of Jimi Hendrix's psychedelic swirling
sounds meld with Muddy Waters' blues and Hank Williams' downtrodden, country
caterwauling of sincerely lost dreams. As an agglomeration, Case sounds like
the bastard son of Steve Earle, and Beeline, from afar, the
appropriately footnoted version of Transcendental Blues.

Where Earle reflected on his life's hardships for Transcendental
Blues, Case patiently examines the emotionally distraught minds of
post-9/11 world. In his prayers to Hendrix, Hank Williams and Muddy Waters,
he also prays to God for inspiration and guidance. Music can be a redeemer,
when plugged through the proper amp, with the distortion level up high

Tracks such as "Evening Raga," "Lost in the Sky," and Townes Van Zandt's
"Aint Leaving Your Love," all explore the physical and emotional lost of the
tragedy. Others show the possibilities for world betterment post-reflection,
highlighted on "If You Got a Light To Shine" and the hushed commentaries of
"First Light".

Despite the philosophical power emanating from his release, Beeline
will likely fly under the radar. Unlike Bruce Springsteen's The
Rising, which has the monetary backing to force and forge success, Case
lacks the financial support and the personal desire to have a hit record. A
shame too, considering Case gets everything right, and in a far less
blatant, cash-in attempt than the Jersey boy with his E Street Band.

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