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Published: 2003/06/26
by Ray Hogan

Amputated Feelings – Derelict Brew


A really good band exists somewhere inside Derelict Brew. Unfortunately it
only shows glimpses of itself on Amputated Feelings. The
Boston-by-way-of-Rochester, New York four-piece bills itself like an art
rock band on its web site, but is essentially a prog rock outfit with an
affinity for the heavy. The guitars crunch, the drums snap in different
meters of rhythm and the keyboards whirl and swirl. The sometimes abstract
lyrics are handled with authority and an author's tone. If it weren't for
the keyboards, which occasionally don't fit, this band would be a power trio
in the manner of classic Rush.

In fact, the opening cut "Toxic Candies" sounds like something that
could've lived comfortably in the Canadian power trio's catalog before they
lost their muscle somewhere in the 1980s. Huge Black Sabbath riffs fit
nicely into the Derelict Brew's sound as well. "Memory Kill" hits like a
sledgehammer and gives the impression that these guys grew up idolizing the
same records Gov't Mule. Like Mule, the quartet does something new with

Either "Amputated Feelings" or the band's site list the group's personnel,
which makes it difficult to point out its weakest link: their keyboardist.
While talented, the sounds he coaxes out of his 88 electronically enhanced
keys often sound out of place and sometimes downright ridiculous. Other
moments miss the mark too: the female orgasm that serves as the coda to the
otherwise impressive "Beelzebub Blues" was seemingly plucked from a porno
movie and doesn't serve any purpose at all. This is also a short CD with
four of the nine tunes serving as either interludes or ill-conceived
soundscapes. It is more like an EP actually, which in the CD era equates to
being a demo which, despite some bright spots, Amputated Feelings
proves itself to be nothing more than in quality.

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