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Momentary Setback – Marc Broussard

Ripley Records 2780

It would be easier to calculate my appreciation or dissatisfaction with
Marc Broussard and his mini-album Momentary Setback if he offered a
concrete sense of who he is. Sure, an artist is allowed to represent himself
presenting a rainbow-colored version of creative aspirations, but that
mean listening to such an endeavor produces a cohesive picture. Broussard is
that loose with his musical ways but his variations, musically and
leave me more perplexed than applauding.

The opening track, "The Wanderer," proves to be a prophetic title for
what follows. The song gave the impression that Broussard is the next in the
commercially viable Dave Matthews/John Mayer lineage. That's not to say that
doesn't exude some winning virtues — a string arrangement accents
lifelong wanderlust.

He exhibits that in song when his material moves more towards an urban
direction with "Just Like That" which mixes a taste for Stevie Wonder with
Mullins. "Blue Jeans" ratchets up the r&b flavors. Following that, it's
time on "French Caf#34; which recalls Darius Rucker as much as it does
ex-Doobie Brother Michael McDonald.

For the second half of the release's 30 minutes, Broussard gets
religious. It's not a matter that his feelings are overbearing but just that
suddenly appear and are hammered home after four secular tracks.

On the plus side, "Gotta Be More" perfectly integrates Broussard's
approach of putting together acoustic rock with R & B flavored vocals.
Although this
next statement makes me sound like some record executive, it suits him. More
than anywhere else on its eight tracks, it is here Broussard soars.

Despite the inability to figure out who Broussard is after the final
notes fade, he does exhibit appeal. Possibly on a longer record, the styles
have joined together a little better. I'll just think of this as a momentary

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