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Published: 2003/10/29
by Glenn Alexander

Live at Home – Sound Tribe Sector 9


This compilation release from Sound Tribe Sector 9 is a collection of
outstanding outtakes
from the bandmember's home recordings, and other compositions done on the
road. With 23 tracks compiled over the last three years, it is an
assortment of carefully collected elements from passed-up creative impulses. Being an instrumental compilation, and not a carefully sculpted album, it
plays more like a soundtrack from an underground movie; a film of a lost,
alluring culture of gods, mountains, temples, sacrifice, love, and

Live at Home is an exercise in the manipulative layering of sounds to
mimic the constant layers that build onto one's own life. There are
undulations, gaps, chasms, winds, rays of sunlight, hisses, and heavy clouds
of change sliding into place over deep chasms filled with never-ending
echoes, cries, and laughter. It is an album of subtle multitudes and
comforting sounds, sometimes ambient, sometimes more direct and purposeful.
"Purity Too" is one the faster paced compositions on the album — it
drives hard but has a soft underbelly, which is characterized by a reverb
and delay-drenched guitar floating over notes in the song's unbreakable
backdrop of beats. The song puts you in a trance with a sense of convicted
preparedness. "Purity Too" had me flying through an ancient forest at
break-neck speed, traveling just fast enough to see the shapes around me.
It left me with a sense of bewilderment and contentment almost

Live at Home is a lush, textural album sure to satisfy any long-time
STS9 fans, and newcomers as well. It can be comforting or energizing, and
proves to be an alarmingly textured, and subtly lurid affair with dashes of
Middle-Eastern nuance, layers of talking, laughter, and various otherworldly
sounds from an array of sources. It is a travelogue into the band's past
experiments, which will be a pleasure for those who have tracked the band's
progress through the years, and for those who have not.

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