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Published: 2003/12/29
by Jamie Lee

The Splash EP – Garfunkle


After one listen to The Splash EP, it is apparent that Garfunkle
lives in an
electronic world of his own. It is a place where he can wrestle with
computer-driven blips and beeps, inject them with his own multi-instrumental
prowess, and wrestle out smooth, ambient cuts and fresh, soloist hip-hop.
Garfunkle’s forte is keyboards, and whether fingering runs on the Rhodes,
piano or Wurlitzer, or adding texture with guitar or bass, he is capable of
churning out and mixing his sounds into a trippy, beat-happy blend.
The Splash EP, his second release, includes ten tracks created
by Garfunkle, with help from Eso Fresh, who adds hyper-speed scratching to
the maelstrom of sound. With beats-a-plenty from the comforts of his own
home, Garfunkle’s skewed musical vision and love of ambient, bass-heavy
music is evident. He riddles his tracks with off-kilter beats and awkward
time signatures that add a disheveled sound to a handful of the
compositions. "What’s More" is a multilayered piece led by funk-laden guitar
riffing and Eso Fresh’s back-scratch spinning, while "Splash" pulls at
Garfunkle’s drum and bass influences and is overlaid with an ambient
keyboard progression. "Nothing Left to Loose" and "All You Need Is" offer
the composer the opportunity to spout of his eccentric rhymes over
unpredictable beats.
A love of hip-hop and a home studio seem to be all Garfunkle needs to
impress. He is a veritable one man band, and over the course of The
EP’s 10 schizophrenic tracks, Garfunkle displays his knack for moody
instrumentals, hip-hop inflected rhymes and computer generated blends of
sounds. This music isn’t clean, but hiding under the dueling beats and fuzzy
interludes, stuck away behind his computer equipment and keyboards, is a
burgeoning, brilliant, hip-hop mind.

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